anyone affected by the Dec 30 2014 Order of Justice Manson not grandfathering
some patients' possess with their grow permits and not allowing any amendments
to survivors.

Once the Federal Court of Appeal rejects your Amend motion saying you have
no standing even though you are in the group affected by the Manson judgment,
then you file in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Jeff Harris is the first of 17 Amenders who have been refused by the Federal
Court of Appeal so far to file for Leave. The Crown should respond by the middle
of August, he has 10 more days to Reply and then it's sent to the 3 judges in
September to decide if it gets in to the nine judges. has your Application for Leave to Appeal

In filling out the kit, you have to add the 4 court judgments and number their
pages then insert the page numbers into the Index on Page 2.
After you have filled out the kits, make 7 more copies.
The front and back "RECORD" covers have to be on grey paper.
The text pages have to be on the left had side! Here's how:
- Place the grey front RECORD cover face down.
- Place the index page on it face up.
- Place pages 3, 4, etc on it face up.
- Place the grey back RECORD cover face up.
Turn kit over and staple side.
Text is now on the left hand side.

If you have financial difficulty, you may print and send SEPARATELY the 2-page
FEE WAIVER REQUEST asking them to skip the $75 filing fee. They may call to
verify but two of our Gold Stars have already had theirs granted in the past. So if
you're poor, they have a form to skip the fee. If you're not that poor, drop that form.


Bring one copy of any document to the Crown's office and ask them to sign
accepting service on the back of another copy. Only one service copy is needed
for the Court, on the back of one Record.
Send 6 copies, one with service, to the Supreme Court of Canada Registrar at
301 Wellington St. Ottawa K1A 0J1with a check to the Receiver General for Canada
for $75 or the FEE WAIVER REQUEST

Then wait. The Crown will serve a letter in response and then you'll have 10 days
to come and download a REPLY though only a few will need Reply for the group.

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50 Brant Ave. Brantford N3T 3G7 Tel: 519-753-5122 Cell: 519-717-1012


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