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080522 Abolish Marijuana Prohibition #1/4.;/ by King of the Paupers   Part #2/4    Part #3/4    Part #4/4
Canadian court challenges to abolish marijuana prohibition ...

081231 kotp062 Marijuana kills cancer
2006 Dr. Tashkin study shows marijuana prevents cancer reversing his presumption it causes cancer!

081231 kotp063 Marijuana regrows brain cells for Alzheimer's
Dr. Wenk (U. Ohio) 2006 study says marihuana's anti-inflammatory benefits help Alzheimer's; Dr. Zhang (U. Sask.) 2006 says neurogenesis (new brain cell growth)

081231 kotp064 POLCOA defence to marijuana charges
POLCOA Parliament Only Legislates, Courts Only Abrogate

090101 kotp065 Parliament Hill bust holds back marijuana bill
Possessing a life-sentence 7 pounds of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking to Prime Minister Chretien that deterred introduction of new legislation while the Crown had not yet admitted and the court had not yet declared that the old prohibition was invalid and only Turmel and none of Canada's judges or lawyers knew.

090104 kotp073-5 PeePee Power for Poor People Part 1,   Part 2,  Part 3.
Kidney Milk: Sister Dorothy Peart, Dr. Beatrice Bartnett, Harald W. Tietze on urine therapy

090214 KRFP 1/2 Radio interview on marijuana prohibition and banking  Part 2/2
From: Idaho with Adam Assenberg; Part 2 has Derek Francisco

090219 kotp116-7 Judge Tulloch reserves on Parker medpot return   Part 2/2
MedPot Engineer before Ontario Superior Court Justice Tulloch for Terry Parker's S.24 claim for the return of cannabis seized by Canada Post on Feb 17 2009 in Brampton. Right to tape record; Hitzig ruling wrong.

090329 kotp126 Health Canada jumps for medpot exemptee Kathy Lewis
Health Canada complies with 30-day ultimatum by Kathy Lewis threatening judicial review with judicial reviews by Derek Francisco and Gord Strictland engineered by John Turmel behind the scenes. Maybe complying with Francisco and Strictland too

090329 kotp127-9 3-Years Probation for medpot Parliament Hill bust over  2/3  3/3
Part 1: I dare gamble life-imprisonment. For almost 6 years since May 2003 I have had to report to authorities while on bail or, after conviction, on probation after going on Parliament Hill with a life-sentence amount of marijuana, 7 pounds, 3.3Kg for the Prime Minister to prove the prohibition on marijuana had become invalid on Terry Parker day 2001.
Part 2: In the belly of the beast: RCMP bust. Though Ontario Superior Court Justice Rogin ruled in Windsor two days later that the prohibition on possession of marijuana had become invalid on Terry Parker Day, I was eventually convicted of possession of something legal "for the purpose of trafficking" and have lived under the double threat of being charged with breach of bail or probation if arrested on any other matter like trespassing at political meetings since then. It ends today March 29 2009.
Part 3: Frank Magazine: Hill hacks sleep through drug bust. How the media suppressed the "law became invalid on Terry Parker Day" story.
Part 1/3
Part 2/3
Part 3/3

090425 kotp131 CanWest misrepresents Sfetkopoulos medpot victory
Janice Tibbetts: Top court ends government pot monopoly, Apr 23, 2009 when the real story is Top Court ends Prohibition since Dec 3 2003!

090502 kotp133-5 Sfetkopoulos Marijuana Ace at Supreme Court of Canada
Part 1/3:
Memorandum of the Attorney General cites fear of s.4 invalidation:
"33. The judgment in this case may create confusion concerning the constitutional validity of the prohibition against the possession of marihuana as set out in S.4 of the CDSA and therefore compromise existing prosecutions under the CDSA. In R. v. Poelzer, for example, a prosecution currently underway in B.C. Supreme Court, defence counsel has argued that, by virtue of the Ontario Court of Appeal's judgment in R. v. J.P. the invalidation of s41(b.1) of the MMAR retrospectively invalidates s.4(1) of the CDSA in respect of marihuana. The Court in R. v. JP ruled that the combined effect of Parker and Hitzig meant there was no constitutionally valid marijuana possession offence between July 31 2001 and Oct 7 2003, the date the MMAR were constitutionally rectified by the decision in Hitzig. Courts may construe the Federal Court of Appeal's decision as creating a similar period of retrospective invalidity dating back to December 3 2003, the date that s.41(b.1) was re-introduced into the MMAR."
Part 2/3 B.C. Justice Koenigsberg declares 2nd flaw in MMAR!!
"[134] ..these provisions, unduly restricting DPLs from growing for more than one ATP or growing in concert with two other DPLs, are hereby severed from the MMAR. Koenigsberg J. Feb 2 2009"
Part 3/3 Lapse of Sfetkopoulos stay means lapse of Krieger stay!!
Crown Attorney David Frankel argued the Krieger invalidation never took effect because the stay pending further order continued after the Final Order dismissing their appeal and still needed to be lifted when, once an appeal is dismissed and the court becomes functus officio, no further motions may be made at all. So Frankel's Foible results in the Krieger invalidation being stayed forever and now here, does the stay pending further order of the court mean is stayed until it is somehow lifted?
Part 1/3
Part 2/3
Part 3/3

090503 kotp136-7 Alan Young & CanWest distort Sfetkopoulos medpot win
Part 1/2
National Post May 2 2009 by Shannon Kari: Legal Haze: Canada has "obstructionist approach" over medical marijuana with Alan Young and Philippe Lucas helping spin the government/media line.
Part 2/2 National Post Shannon Kari spin on Sfetkopoulos starts.
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

090505 kotp138-9 Crown's Sfetkopoulos Memoranda to Judge Tulloch
Part 1/2
Showing Crown fears of prohibition invalidity back to 2003:
The Court in R. v. JP ruled that the combined effect of Parker and Hitzig meant there was no constitutionally valid marijuana possession offence between July 31 2001 and Oct 7 2003, the date the MMAR were constitutionally rectified by the decision in Hitzig. Courts may construe the Federal Court of Appeal's decision as creating a similar period of retrospective invalidity dating back to December 3 2003, the date that s.41(b.1) was re-introduced into the MMAR."
Part 2/2 Relief Sought for hundreds of thousands of victims of Justice Ministry incompetence or evil.
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

090612 kotp144-6 1/3 Parker Reply to Crown's attempted defence to Sfetkopoulos
This is a hilarious series of Crown contradictions and misinterpretations in a serious shot at proving marijuana prohibition has been invalid the past 6 years like it had been invalid during the Parker 2 years. Rick Lacanne uses 30-day ultimatum to get 28gm marijuana exemption(short)  Part 2/3   Part 3/3
Part 1/3
Part 2/3
Part 3/3

090623 kotp149-50 1/2 Court treats Martin and Turner appeals differently
Real Martin, like Parker in earlier years, must perfect his appeal before it can be heard but the Crown managed to skip the transcripts, a factum from both sides and the Certificate of Perfection and get the appeal booked irregularly. Part 2/2

090707 kotp156-8 Judge Lalonde won't prohibit James Turner's marijuana charges
James Turner's application to prohibit his marijuana chargesdismissed Dec 1 2008 by Ontario Superior Court Justice Lalonde as "frivolous and vexatious." Part 2/3 Part 3/3

090815 kotp178 James Turner won't be railroaded by Court of Appeal
Unperfected appeal of the dismissal of James Turner's motion to prohibit marijuana charges is going forward without any documentation. Maybe. Turner demands proof of Certificate of Perfection or Order dispensing with the court's rules in his case.

090910 kotp193-4 "Guards can't find inmate Turner" case to Supreme Court
Sep 11 2009 James Turner files application to Supreme Court of Canada for leave to appeal the Ontario Court of Appeal decision dismissing his "inmate appeal" when he had refused to appear before Inmate Appeals Court because he wasn't an inmate.
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

100721 Toronto Hemp Expo Turmel interviews:
Terry Parker
Robert Neron
Doug & Laurie Nielsen
Real Martin & Pierre Drouin
Derek Francisco
James Turner
Crocodile Rock on Accordion by Vicki Fleming

101018 Ottawa Marijuana Demonstration  

110204 VTV Pierre Jean Seguin report on Turner Quash Marijuana charges

110329 The Engineer's Dream Team for General Election
Videos chronicling the campaign with the nuclear catastrophe from John Turmel's Facebook Wall at to scare Canadians into voting for The Engineer's Dream Team of political candidates who'll let me reprogram the Bank of Canada's computer to give us interest-free loans to mass produce marijuana to fight our upcoming nuclear cancers.

20110603 Justice Cronk grants Sean Maloney Bail pending appeal
Montreal medical marijuana user Sean Maloney was convicted after getting his prescription signed for 18gm/day by a doctor and sentenced to 30 days on weekends in Ottawa and after spending 1 weekend jailed, his motion for release on bail pending appeal was granted for no bail.

20110606 BENO "Bad Exemption = No Offence"  to Treating Yourself Hemp Expo 2011 Youtube:

20110609 DEPO "Defectueuse Exemption = Pas d'Offence" a Treating Yourself Hemp Expo 2011 at Toronto
Pourquoi il n'y  a Pas d'Offence contre la marijuana quand il y a une Defectueuse Exemption DEPO depuis Dec 3 2003. Youtube 1/2   2/2    

20110609 Crown withdrawing Louis Howard medpot charges Jun 14
Interview with Wayne Robinson who helped Louis Howard prepare and file his BENO (Bad Exemption = No Offence) Quash Application on Monday and witnessed the proceedings. Louis applied for MMAR exemption before but got it after being busted. On Tuesday, the Crown offered an absolute discharge for a guilty plea of mere possession but Louis held out for withdrawal or quash by judge, no guilt. On Thursday, the Crown informed Howard they will withdraw charges next Tuesday Jun 14.

20110614 Louis Howard charge withdrawn, files for pot back Jun 28   Youtube:
Louis Howard wants like Derek Francisco who got an exemption after bust to prove Hitzig 170 medical need at time of bust to get pot back, or if it's destroyed, like exemptees Gerard Faux and Mark MacDonald who had charges withdrawn and are now moving to get cash for destroyed substance. Wayne Robinson, Kathy Lewis, Mike Spottiswood from London also witnessed.

20110622 Taliano BENO decision in Mernagh stayed Youtube:
Crown says they'll patch-work a program to encourage doctors that will fulfill the Taliano requirement on not enough doctors by July 11 if they don't get a stay pending appeal. That's why I'm glad that despite losing a stay in the Parker-Hitzig precedent, they got their stay here. While it's alive, Mernagh helps our argument that no doctors should be able to opt out of either treatment okayed by Health Canada, herbal or chemical if not enough opting in makes the MMAR flawed.
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