This is for the Victims affected by the Mar 21 2014 Order and Dec 30 2014 Amended Order of Federal Court Justice Manson not to grandfather some patients' possess with their grow permits and not to allow any amendments to survivors. is the template you use to move the Federal Court of Appeal for immediate interim relief.

You only add personal information to the Affidavit. The Notice and Memorandum are just entering ID and the odd signature and your local Federal Crown office address. So fill in the forms and amend the Affidavit to suit your info.

Print out 5 copies, 1 for Crown, 3 for Court, 1 for you.

Sign the 5 Notices and Memorandums, not the Affidavit.

Go down to the FCC-FCA Registry where a clerk will swear your affidavit. The clerk may commission all 5 kits if there is time. I usually swear one and make 4 copies of that "commissioned" page and insert one commissioned page copy into each of the other 4 kits. I mark the Original kit.

Deliver another kit to your local Ministry of Justice Crown office where they'll stamp on the back of the Original kit that they "accept service" of the document. 

Bring that Original kit with proof of service with 2 more kits to file at the Registry. Get your kit certified too. 

The clerk will refuse to file your kit and instead take it for a Direction. Or give you a Court Order that your motion may not be filed. You need that refusal for the next step to the top with the Supreme Court of Canada kit for Leave to appeal that refusal at

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