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Toronto Star: High on a hill
May 15 2003
Pot-legalisation fan John Turmel puffs on a joint - barely a sliver of the three kilograms of marijuana   he said he had with him - as drug policy was discussed on Parliament Hill in Ottawa yesterday. (He was soon arrested.) U.S. involvement was cited as possible changes in pot law were delayed.
Frank Magazine article on why the national media and   Ottawa Citizen, Sun and Le Droit, where Turmel runs for mayor, suppressed the story aired on CTV National News.

Canadian News articles:


First after-Oct7 2003 charge dropped
List of people with charges dropped so far
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(CP) Meanwhile, one ordinary Canadian took matters into his own hands. John Turmel, a self-described professional gambler and perennial fringe candidate who has run in 54 unsuccessful campaigns for political ofice showed up on Parliament Hill to light up a joint. He then tried to take a duffle bag - which he said contained seven pounds of marijuana - into the Parliament Buildings, saying he wanted to deliver some to Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Turmel was arrested by the RCMP and charged with possession for purposes of trafficking. He said he will fight the case in court.

Free fight-all-charges forms
for the POLCOA (Parliament Only Legislates, Courts Only Abrogate) defence so anyone charged after Aug 1 2001may fight their charges or appeal late for free to overturn their conviction and get their fines back.

Csomor Brothers TURMEL DVD
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On Oct. 7 2003, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled in Parker and Turmel-Paquette v. The Queen that the prohibition on marijuana in s.4 of the CDSA had no longer existed since Aug. 1 2001 forcing the Crown to stay all pending charges resulting from that time period. That's not good enough. I have made available Free forms for anyone to make a motion to "do-it-yourself" and have their stayed charges dismissed and convictions from charges laid between Aug. 1 2001 and Oct 7 2003 overturned.

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I'm John C. "The Engineer" Turmel, leader of the Abolitionist Party of Canada. I am the longest-running registered party leader to have advocated the abolition of the prohibition against drugs. I've bought Marijuana Victory bonds worth an ounce of recreational hemp when legaland wrote the Laughing Grass Poem for the 1994 Toronto Marijuana Rally (VIDEO).
I have been listed in the 1997-8 Guinness Book of World Records and Anthology of Great Canadian Characters for having contested more elections than anyone in history, 52 before I turn 50. 
I have been called  "Bank-Fighter Extraordinaire," "Guerrilla Lawyer" and "Interest-Rate Protestor" for my efforts helping foreclosure victims fight off their evictions in court.
As Canada's top professional gambler, the "Project Robin Hood" Raid on Casino Turmel in Ottawa Canada with 28 tables and 122 full-time employees was the biggest in Canadian history and my 10th case to the Supreme Court of Canada. I brought my guerrilla lawfare techniques to fight marijuana prohibition in the Courts.

By John C. "The Engineer" Turmel

Aug. 16, 1994 Hemp Rally in Toronto Canada
(To the tune of "Glory Glory Halleluiah")

Throughout all history, hemp's been a plant of great repute,
Four months to grow a mini-tree of twenty foot from shoot,
More oxygen converted from dioxide-carbon smogs,
Four times more wood than forestry can chop trees into logs.
A hardy plant, insecticides and fertilizers, not,
It grows so tall the shade kills weeds for fertile garden plot.
With petro-fuels with sulfur being burned into the air,
A fuel of bio-mass would help environmental care.

Hemp protects human environment,
Hemp provents human defilement,
Hemp promotes human achievement,
God's gift for certain life.

Hemp fuel, hemp paints, hemp varnishes, hemp fibers, cloth and rope,

Hemp fertilizer, oil and plastics, medicines of hope.
It's source of protein primary for man and beast alike,
The best plant used for finger in environmental dike.
While alcohol debases, vibes of negative grow strong,

God's laughing grass makes calm and jolly, wishing no one wrong.
There's never been recorded death from using hemp, they say,
It's sedative that fits receptors in our DNA.

The industry of dirty petro-chemicals may fear,
It's nature's agri-chemicals we'll substitute, it's clear.
For crops of untold uses which can soon be realized,
Our greatest source of bio-mass must first be legalized.
The chance that we may yet evade environmental doom,
With planet's fastest-growing vegetable, no need for gloom.
The Abolitionists charge that "On lies are based these laws."
Abolishing hemp prohibition is our second cause.

John C. Turmel
37 Colborne St. East #8
Brantford N3T 2G3
Tel/fax: 519-753-0645

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