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The Pauper Party of Ontario was founded on Sep 14 when John Turmel and
Mike Spottiswood registered as candidates in the Ontario General election.
Our programs are based on the Argentine Solution and Abolitionist Party of Canada Programs

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Videos on how Argentina saved themselves with bond currency:
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20110923 Pauper Party of Ontario Pitch  

20110915 Brant 2011 Provincial Election Debate Highlights on Rogers

20110924 Turmel: Highlights fromBrant Rotary Club election debate

20110926 Turmel: Highlights of Brant election Laurier debate (tax credits explained)

20110929 Turmel: Parti Pauvre de l'Ontario Programmes

20111002 Turmel: On TVO Ontario Leaders Debate Jct: Sure, the high-tech leader of the Pauper Party of Ontario didn't get any time but I've made time here to heckle the low-tech major party candidates more than if I'd been invited to participate. If you haven't seen the debate, it's a bore so you may as well see it with a few yuks thrown in.

20111002 Underfunded health workers react to pay with Provincial Bonds

20111015 Tax Credit for Occupy Toronto on "Argentine Solution"
Jct: Pauper Party of Ontario founder John Turmel offers a 75% tax credit for restaurants donating food to the Occupy Toronto Protestors and explains the Argentine Solution where paying workers with small-denomination provincial bonds anyone can use to pay Hydro, taxes, medical and license fees allowed them to go from broke in 2001 to all foreign debt paid off in 2006. Index of videos at  or soon 

20111016 Occupy Toronto ready to work for Provincial Bonds like Argentine Solution
Jct: Pauper Party of Ontario founder John Turmel ask protestors if they would take small-denomination provincial bonds anyone can use to pay Hydro, taxes, medical and license fees like in Argentina where they went from broke in 2001 to all foreign debt paid off in 2006. Index of videos at or soon

20111023 James Arthur Jancik radio interview from Chicago 1.5 hours

20111027 Pauper Party at Occupy London
Jct: John Turmel & Michael Spottiswood bring the Pauper Party message of the Argentine Solution paying people with small denomination government bonds rather than layoffs and how our new party can give Occupy supporters a 75% tax credit for their out-of-pocket expenses.

20111029 Pauper Party Engineer saps Tobin Tax Economist at Occupy Toronto
Youth In Solidarity - Occupy Toronto - John Turmel Rant
Lori Connor: Interest: the "death gamble"

20111105 Turmel: Pauper Party Accordion Serenades Occupy Toronto
Jct: Serenading the Nov 5 2011 Occupy Toronto marchers with   homeless Gypsy music on my accordion. Hungarian Rhapsody 2, Dance 4&5, Two Guitars, Czardas, Espana (Hot Diggety Dog), Grenada, Crocodile Rock, Clarinet Polka, Cancan, I've Been Working on the Railroad.

20111112 Pauper Party meets Michael Green Occupy Toronto
Jct: Meeting Michael Green at Occupy Toronto who put the LETS Greendollar software on the 1988 Green Party of Canada program until some bankster moles removed it and more accordion: Espana Cani, Two Guitars, Hungarian Rhapsody, Dance #4, Czardas, Crocodile Rock, Relative Samba, La Cumparsita, La Paloma, El Relicario, Anniversay Waltz, CanCan.
Other videos:

20111116 Pauper Party Occupy Toronto on Usury-Free Day at Conspiracy Culture Nov 13
Jct: John Turmel speech to Usury Free Day for Occupy Toronto at the Conspiracy Culture bookstore in Toronto. is Index of topics with time codes.

20111126 Pauper Party Occupy Toronto Branch of Bank of Canada March Nov 26 2011
Jct: John Turmel at St. James Park warming up the crowd warming up the crowd with accordion for 18 minutes before the requested "rant" and first march to picket the Bank of Canada branch in Toronto whose program needs debugging to save us all with debts banked on Earth as in Heaven, interest-free!

20111217 Turmel: Occupy Mayan Prophesy for Heaven by This Christmas!!
A 30-year old TV program "In Search of" the Mayan Prophecy with Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) said it was due on Dec 24 2011, Christmas Eve This Year!!! So I wondered what would have to happen that could change this hell of a mess our world is in into as Heaven of a place by this Christmas? With the world's seemingly insoluble problems plaguing humanity, could it all be fixed by Christmas 2011? Pauper Party 10th Occupy Toronto March to Bank of Canada for Argentine Solution.
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