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081112 kotp009 How Argentina beat the bankers
John Turmel arrested at the 1982 IMF-World Bank conference in Toronto handing out program on using small-denomination interest-free provincial bonds to pay for government services and how six provinces in Argentina did do that in 1984 and all that new currency created brought down inflation! (If inflation is Shift B)

081121 kotp021 Argentina provincial bond currency
From an article "Argentina resorts to UNILETS "bond-currency" about the issuance of Patacons by Buenos Aires province which foretold the nation's recovery. We can do it too.

081121 kotp022 Argentina provincial bond currency #2
More on Patacons provincial bond currency used in Argentina to spring the country out of bankruptcy.

kotp023 Argentina back-tax better
An explanation of the difference between a government front taxing (tax up front and we hope they don't waste it) and back-taxing (tax at end of year for what they show they spent it on).

081121 kotp024 Argentines barter to weather recession
New York Times article May 2001 "To weather recession, Argentines revert to barter" explaining the local time creditos community currency system used to save Argentina

kotp025 Argentina Leeds U. 2001 Report
Leeds University Reporter on Barter Time Trading causing Argentina resurgence after bank crash from

kotp026-9 Report 1/4 Argentina Surge 02Aug22
Francis Huertas "Seven years of troc in Argentina" "Argentina saves some of its credit with barter" reporting 80% of all money is private creditos

081123 kotp027 Report 2/4 Argentina Surge  02Aug22
Francis Huertas "A new life for trockers"
Florent Latrive "Money that doesn't lose anything to change."

kotp028 Report 3/4 Argentina Surge  02Aug22
Jacques Amalric Editorial "Survival" from magazine

kotp029 Report 4/4 Argentina Surge  02Aug22
Vittorio De Filippis "We want a law to legalize troc" so Carlos de Sanzo can pay his taxes!

kotp030 Reuters: Ford, GM take Argentina farmers' grain bucks
Reuters Nov 24 2002 reporting on how large corporations forced to accept farmers' IOUs for sales because the banking system was closed down.

kotp031 Argentina debt cancellation
Incredible Argentina Debt-free? explains cancelling of all overlapping debt

kotp032-3 ISCA Argentina problem video Part #1   Part #2 Problems created by the Argentina banking system crash from a transcript from French to English of the video MONEY by

kotp034 Social Currency in Argentina 2004
Spanish report translated by alejandro@ "New-trueque en America Latina

kotp035-6 Heloisa Primavery Argentina Report #1,  Part #2
Presentation made to the World Social Forum by founder of Argentina's Red Global de Trueque on the development of the network over the years

kotp037 "Nobel" Stiglitz on Argentina
Joseph Stiglitz: Lessons from Argentina's debacle and why Turmel's Miracle Equation for inflation and unemployment (I/(P+I)) will get the last Nobel Prize in Economics. Once the riddle's solved, why keep giving prizes for coming close.
kotp038-9 Keith Hart: Argentina tale of 2 currencies  Part #1Part: #2
Keith Hart's report Part 1 on Argentina's "tale of 2 currencies"

kotp040-42 Argentina's Economic Rally #1,    Part #2,     Part #3
New York Times Dec 26 2004 article "Argentina's Economic Rally Defies Forecasts" tries to explain the Financial Miracle without explaining how they did it.

081129 kotp043 Argentina pays off debt 2 years early; Chavez sees
American Free Press: "Argentina Massive Debt paid off two years early;" "Chavez proposes alternate social currency"

090131 kotp108-9 Hugo Chavez Engineers Sweet Sucre Trueque Part 1/2    Part 2/2
Youtube clips of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez explaining Trueque Barter; The Economist - Tokens of Utopia; 7 Alba nations set up "Sucre" regional currency, can't we join too?

090205 kotp114 Girlie-man Governor loses to Macho-man Governor
Salta Governor Roberto Macho-man Romero pays state employees with provincial bond currency while California Governor Arnold Girlie-man Schwarzengger remains impotent

090723 kotp167 Interest-free Palma currency in Fortaleza Brazil is the Reuters UK article about the Palmas local currency saving Fortaleza Brazil.

090723 kotp168 Argentina: Hope in Hard Times video article by Ben Dangl about the video Argentina: Hope in Hard Times detailing the barter helping people surrive.

090724 kotp174 Chavez will pay for expropriations with bonds!! Zmag Manuel Sanchez article Venezuela Confronts Capitalism's Crisis with More Revolution

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