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Jct: UNILETS (United Nations International & Local Employment-Trading Software) Timedollars that are Better-Than-Bank money.

WHO: John Turmel: Anti-Poverty Engineer
WHAT: UNILETS (U.N. International & Local Employment-Trading System)
WHERE: UNILETS Timebank Facebook Groups and Pages
HOW: With Do-It-Yourself Person-to-Person Timedollar IOUs!
WHY: Facebook ID solves Timedollar verification
WHEN: Right now.

WHO: Engineer to debug malfunctioning money program

In 1984, John Turmel financed the development of Michael Linton's first LETS timebank freeware (Local Employment-Trading System in Dbase III) and in 2000 introduced the Time Standard of Money at the United Nations reflected in the UNILETS Millennium Declaration C6 to restructure the global financial architecture with a "time-based currency."

WHAT: UNILETS (U.N. International & Local Employment-Trading System)

The first LETS Timebank software provided a Directory of members' Goods & Services Offered & Wanted ("Wish List"). For example, I free you up one night double-duty baby-sitting your kids with mine and you then free me up another night double-duty baby- sitting mine; and members phoned in their hours owed in Greendollars by phone. Most LETS timebanks peg their volunteer HOUR to the national currency. Over the past 20 years, an Hour of volunteer time is valued in Canada at 12 Timedollars; a US Ithaca HOUR is T$10, T#6 TimePounds/hour in UK, TF60 TimeFrancs/hour in France, TM20 TimeMarks/hour in Germany. But outside trading is accounted with HOURS no matter what local LETS members pay themselves in the national currency.


Skilled trades and professions may charge more HOURS/hour, whatever they can command in such a Free Market; and may also charge part-Cash part-Timedollars to cover their cash costs while taking their profit in LETS.

Some think youth shouldn't get the same T$12 rate as adults for an hour of Volunteer Time. But they clean the same parks, weed the same lawns, replace adults doing the same jobs, and when they're adults, they'll be accepting those T$12 1-HOUR notes they signed for longer back than you will. Accepting Timedollar IOUs back by Youth are the surest long-term investment.


The central database let you verify members were putting back what they were taking out and not abusing the network. But France LETS (SEL System d'Echange Local) found phoning in every transaction too much tedious data entry and started the JEU (Jardin d'Echanges Universelle [Universal Exchange Garden]) using personal "bankbooks" in which members endorsed the trade in the other's JEU-book. Being able to see their transactions meant you didn't need to check with a central computer to verify they had put back what they had taken out. Anyone with a JEU-book could now trade with anyone else with a JEU-book anywhere; and do.


So I posted my JEU-book of transactions online! My Do-It-Yourself online JEU, a Person-To-Person Timebank account with easily verifiable Facebook ID wherein I could record sending an email IOU for HOURS to anyone anywhere in the world.

http://facebook.com/john.turmel/info   (About) is my public UNILETS timebank account where I recorded emailling an IOU for a night back in Canada worth 5 HOURS to each host for 39/40 nights I was accommodated during my 1999 European tour.

Transactions are reflected at their page. For example, someone's page where one of my debts is shown: 20100605 http://www.facebook.com/Buds4Life?sk=info Doug N Laurie for help with the booth at the Toronto Expo 2010 = -20Hrs owed.

http://johnturmel.com/uniset  has instructions on how to set up your own Facebook Timebank account with some suggested uses:

Register any volunteer work you have done like I do for my nursing home accordion concerts. Every volunteer should have their useful time registered like I do. If you owe a friend a favor, email him an IOU for time worth with a copy posted to your Info page. If someone owes you or authenticates your contribution to society posted on his page, you can post it on yours. It's up to you to imagine new ways to use your account by contacting existing LETS groups and by inviting anyone to do time trading. So that is how you can set up your own personal online Timedollar account and thank anyone you owe in a tangible way.

There are many different LETS-compliant timebank softwares out there that automate your transactions though they don't have scope of my simple P2P account with the addition of paper Timedollars to the design.


Recording smaller transactions is also a tedious chore so many LETS use paper Timedollars notes!!

"Argentina Creditos" http://youtu.be/EO79TevS5Jc   is my video reporting on 7 million who joined thousands of barter clubs each with thousands of members using paper time creditos to trade when they couldn't get their money during their bank crash. Like huge yard sales, people could drive a car-load of their goods to one location to borrow new interest-free paper "creditos" for equivalent goods and services promised to the network. People were paid in product and went to barter fairs to trade. Flash Auto Barter Meets formed during the Russian bank crash of the 1990s!


Paper LETS community currency organizers have the same concern as a casino bank where patrons sign an "IOU marker" to borrow casino chips as the accepted medium of exchange for the game: verifying the chips. To verify Argentine Creditos, organizers provided serial numbered notes with all the attendant central administration costs.

"Friendly Favors" in the US put everyone's picture on their own Timedollars which, like Travelers' Checks, became good when they were signed. Anyone could then take and pass them along like Travelers Checks.

Mexico City Tlalocs had 10 endorsers backing each note. When you sign your check over to someone, they endorse the back to deposit. When signing over your Tlaloc for the first 10 trades, you endorsed the back. I can endorse your note to the next guy taking it that I verified you as he verifies me. And the fourth endorser can certify he got it from a previous endorser. You're sure 10 members will take that Tlaloc back! So I've added spots for 3 endorsements on the back of each note. That's 4 people who will redeem that Timedollar IOU for sure, not 10 like Tlalocs, but good-enough backed when my online transactions are only backed up by me and they're the larger ones.

Someday. the money-collectors will love the diversity of quadruple-endorsed notes! Community currencies are already collectors' items. You might get one with some future great name!


Africa's Bangla-Pesa reports how giving the unemployed a chance to offer goods or services to the network has proved empowering. "Even the bad boys who used to be thieves have changed completely!" http://www.deeps.tv/1XowXxGZCYWP8   at 2:50.

At a Timedollar market, say I put out two untended jars before my goods offered for both Timedollars and national dollars. Sadly, it's often too much temptation for anyone to be near an untended jar of scarce Mammon. But who's going to steal from the jar of sufficient Timedollars when they have plenty of their own? Get how abundant LET$ Timedollars have different effect from the corruption of Mammon scarce Dollars?


Being able to check my Facebook ID works as well as a picture on the IOU!! I traveled the world emailling IOUs to my hosts for a night back in Canada, I'm sure I could have sent them printed IOUs too. As my Facebook picture ID validates my online Timedollar IOUs, it can validate my paper Timedollars too.


So John The Engineer's UNILETS Timebank works the same as any regular LETS with one big difference: each runs our own online account for large transactions and prints our own Timedollar notes for small ones. They're as good as our Markers for someone else's chips, right? Why represent our collateral with their chips for a fee? When we can represent our collateral with our chips for free?

HOW: Print and issue your DIY P2P T$700 Timedollars!


http://johnturmel.com/t$  has doc or pdf templates with instructions to print your name on your own Timedollars wherever you are. Templates may be adapted for anywhere. Just Search and Replace my Location and ID with your own, Find yymmdd and Replace with your date of issuance, print and sign.


Post a Selfie with your Timedollars and their serial numbers at your Info (About) page like mine records my issuing T$1,400:

20140801 Issued T$1,400 worth almost 120 HOURS Serial #:1-40 40 Green T$1 (1/12 HOUR) = T$ 40 Serial #:1-20 20 Blue T$6 (1/2 HOUR) = T$ 120 Serial #:1-20 20 White T$12 (1 HOUR) = T$ 240 Serial #:1-20 20 Red T$50 (4 HOURS) = T$1,000

It took me 10 sheets of paper to print up my T$1,400 Timedollars. If I spend them all, I owe the UNILETS network $1,400 worth of goods or services. Yes, Timedollars by the KingofthePaupers are rudimentary but still always they're worth the MINUTES you said they are!! Note people waving their little chits around in the Argentina video too. And just as someone else signing your name on your check is fraud, someone else signing your name on your Timedollar IOU is also fraud.


My info (About) FB page has not only my record of transactions and my Wish List of Goods and Services Offered or Wanted priced in Timedollars or part-Cash, part-Timedollars. The Wish List has:

OFFERS Goods: Books, CDs, DVDs, comics, VHS tapes, clothes, tools, machinery, anything you want to move. If you can make or bake things, Services: you can do for others and how many HOURS per hour you want: editing, proofreading, translation, rides, plumbing, auto repair, baby-sitting, dog-walking, cleaning, sewing, entertainment, you name it.. Put it on your Skills Shingle and hang it out for all to see.

WANTS Accommodations in travel, baby-sitting, editing, proofreading, translation, plumbing, auto repair, you name it..

HOURS EARNED Register HOURS earned from others or even community service you are proud of. All useful hours to your community count as HOURS. Salvation Army, Humane Society, St. Johns Ambulance, volunteer HOURS count like mine. Just document them proudly like I did. Make up your own civic job cleaning a park, your nearest, with your friends.

HOURS RECEIVED HOURS owed to people from whom you received goods and services.


Post it at your FB Info (About) page and it's official.



1) Start or join a "UNILETS Timebank Yourtown" Facebook Group and Page and post your Selfie and Wish List there.

2) select a spot where a lot of cars can park to meet

3) Share to friends who have printed up their own Timedollars and posted their own Wish List to the page when and where meet for swapping surpluses.

4) Take up a collection or charge a fee to pay someone to clean-up.


Announce a Timedollar Yard Sale with an invite to all the neighbors on the block to put out their spare for a simultaneous yard sale whether they have set up to take Timedollars or not.


Announce a simultaneous Timedollar "Yard Sale" in your apartment building or condo, maybe get the party room for a buffet of food trading. Collection for Disk Jockey and Clean-Up?

Bigger and better-organized swap market parties will arise.


The African Salongo custom was used in a Belgium LETS where one family hosted several others for a day of repair and upgrade with a party at the end when payment was made in HOURS owed. Next family's home next weekend.

Say a retired lady needed a lot of home repair, had little pension but could do lots of baking. If she put up a Salongo Notice looking for painting, carpentry, plumbing, general clean-up, could she get 5 guys to come over on one day for 8 HOURS if she could handle the cost of the materials and maybe a lunch & supper thrown in? So she'd print up one extra page of 10 $50 Timedollar notes to pay them with. Then start baking the first batch they can take home.


With food being one of the greatest concerns afflicting single-parent families, single parents call Timedollar pot-luck parties in turn and then buy all the left-overs. Specialization of labor adds efficiencies too.


You can use your FB account to send a 1 Hour Thank You credit to whomever you want.

WHEN: Why wait?

Why wait until the banks crash. The videos explain people cope with crashes better if they've set up an anti-poverty LETS network.

If government opened an account and offered to accept theirs back Hydropower, Tax, Medical and License payments, would you take their IOUs? I would? It's called the Argentine Solution when the government does it too. See my playlist as candidate for Premier of Ontario explaining it to Grade 4s, as elementary as it can get:


WHERE: Anywhere you want

Your FB ID is good at Timebanks around the world. Everyone in the world may now accept your P2P DIY Timedollars. Or not. Just ask. I did, everyone said yes.

WHY: Timebarter network insulates from poverty P2P

Trading surpluses and skills with alternate community currency helps when there's not enough money for trading at all. Every need you can satisfy with your own time-trading leaves more of your scarce national cash in your bank account for the national bills. If the financial crash hits, you'll have your own financial lifeboat to allow you to barter your time for that of others. Don't expect anyone else to do it for you. It's DIY time for your own UNILETS Timedollars. Earn as many Timedollar IOUs from your neighbors as you can because they'll be the only ones around when things break down who'll have the time to pay you back when your savings account has disappeared.


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