UNILETS Print Timedollars

HOW: Make your own T$700 DIY P2P Timedollars!

There are 2 pages for each denomination serial numbered 1 to 0. You add the Tens or Hundreds columns with a preceding dash. I did the Tens, Twenties, Thirties up to -40 T$1.

I've chosen colors close to Canadian money colors. You can use color printer or colored paper.
Green: 1/12 Hour (1 Timedollar),
Blue: 1/2 Hour (6T$),
White: 1 Hour (12T$),
Red/Pink: 4 Hours (T$50).
???: 2 Days (T$200) If you happen to need them
???: 1 Week (T$500) If you happen to need them.

As long as the color stands out, it doesn't matter whether you use Black Ink on Green paper or in Green ink on White paper. If you don't have color, still okay, US is all Green.

CANADA (also at LET$ Timebank Facebook Group Files)

http://johnturmel.com/t$ca.doc  or http://johnturmel.com/t$ca.pdf  is the main template. You'll find my Timedollar ID "CA-Brantford-ON/john.turmel" and Replace it with your own: US-Ithaca-NY/paul.glover (?) It can be inscribed by hand as well.

Then Search yy/mm/dd and Replace with your date of issuance. You'll want to know. Also may be inscribed by hand.

To sign up new Brantford members with ID inscribed by hand on the spot, I saved it to a t$cabr page then Searched CA-Brantford-ON/john.turmel and Replaced with CA-Brantford-ON/

So I created a LET$ Timebank paper IOU anyone can use anywhere in the world too. There's a Country Code in the ID so I can take some Green Hours from any LET$ Timetrader from anywhere.

http://johnturmel.com/t$us.doc or http://johnturmel.com/t$us.pdf reflect the US $10 Dollars per Ithaca HOUR. Other countries can create their own templates and post them at their group

Page with Serial numbers 1-5 has to be printed on the back of page with 6-0 to create 10 denominated notes.

Print two Green sheets = $ 20 Timedollars = $ 20
Print one Blue sheet = $ 60 Timedollars = $ 80
Print one Black sheet = $120 Timedollars = $200
Print one Red sheet = $500 Timedollars = $700

I've included 2-Day and 1-Week notes in case anyone would need them.

I've prepared a generic template for Brantford that can be used on the spot for write-ins at http://johnturmel.com/t$cabrantford.pdf or http://johnturmel.com/t$cabrantford.doc
Minuteman Press will add your ID (where your T$ selfie is posted) to the template and print up your pages on colored paper
T$700 (1 red, 1 white, 1 blue, 2 green) = $2
T$1,400 (doubled) = $ 3
$1 per T$700 pack more.
Send your ID to minman@execulink.com or call 519-759-1515

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