Great Canadian Gambler, "Taj (Mahal) Professor" of Poker Systems Engineering

Lesson #1 081022 twostepy Play Holdem Poker like a Bookie
Turmel-Two-Step Holdem Poker Call Odds system for counting outs to know required pot odds with Poker Power Tool #1 Outs-Odds Array and Poker Power Tool #2 Hand feature values.

Lesson #2 090206 tajleak1 Holdem Poker's Biggest Leak
Why the Rule of 4 is Holdem Poker's biggest leak and would be better renamed the "All-in Rule of 4."

Lesson #3 090206 tajapri Two-Card Hands Odds System
Poker Power Tool #5 for determining percent of groups of two-card hands.

Lesson #4 090206 tajstay Playable Hands System
Poker Power Tool #6 for determining the dogs of poker which never break even and can never be played.

Lesson #5 090207 tajdang Board Danger Odds System
Poker Power Tool #3 for determining the odds of someone beating you given different board features

Lesson #6 090207 tajoppts Board Danger Odds for 8 opponents
Poker Power Tool #4 for detetermining the odds of being beaten for different boards for 1-8 opponents

Lesson #7 090210 tajequa Board Danger Odds System for 3-8 opponents
Poker Power Tool #9 an incredible !!! equation for quickly getting danger odds vs 3-8 opponents

For Jobs, Beat The Computer Dealing Holdem  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hionztEIAPs

INVERTS OF UNITY: Missing Dimension in Math

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