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081027 kotp01 Quadruple Elections Campaign
John The Engineer Turmel's campaigns for "Prime Minister of the Planet" President of US election between Barack Obama and John McCain, Presidential election between Matt Santos and Arnold Vinnick, member of Parliament in Guelph Canadian federal election. Richest Pauper's Prayer to Richest Man (Gates) poem.

080825 Guelph police oust King of the Fringe from Rogers debate
Social Justice Guelph byelection debate
Guelph University byelection debate

Guelph University election debate
081001 Guelph CVI highschool debate exclusion
Guelph U. Grad Students debate
Amber Lea Nursing Home Guelph election concert
Mercucy-Rogers Guelph election debate #1/2    Part 2/2
St. James High School Guelph election debate
081012 Best of Turmel in Guelph byelection
Best of Turmel in Guelph election

081102 kotp06 "Fixing polls" - Yes Prime Minister
Sir Humphrey shows Bernard how to plan questions for a poll on reinstituting the "draft" which will come to the direct opposite conclusion as a previous poll! This explains how they can "fix" polls so that some have Obama up 13% and others have him up 3%.

081103 kotp07 Abolitionist Party of Canada Programs
Interest-free financing; $1000 monthly dividend; large database self-insurance; abolition of hemp prohibition, 

usel00 INEWS3 Turmel for U.S. President TV report
INEWS3 Television Report on the Turmel race for President of the US in my Quadruple campaigns with Guelph M.P., West Wing US President, P.M or President of the Planet.
081106 usel11 1/9 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate
Canadian John Turmel answers the same Obama-McCain questions in the Saddleback debate on 1) America's greatest moral failure; 2) when they voted against party lines; 3) when they flip-flopped over the past 10 years.

081106 usel12 2/9 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate
4) their most gut-wrenching decision; 5) Christian beliefs.
081106 usel13 3/9 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate
6) abortion
081106 usel14 4/9 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate
7) warring on evil

081106 usel15 5/9 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate
8) gay marriage; 9) define "rich" Obama-Turmel

081107 usel16 6/9 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate
9) define "rich" McCain-Turmel; 10) Merit pay for teachers

081107 usel17 7/9 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate                                                                                                                        
11) What's worth dying for? When to fight against genocide

usel18 8/9 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate
12) adoptions; 13) religious persecution

081107 usel19 9/9 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate
14) human slavery (debt bondage too?); 15: "Why I want to be president?"

081215 kotp052  Fuhrer Philp Federal Court "banned button" hearing Part 2/2
My appeal to Federal Court against CRTC inaction in letting Tim Philp have police eject me from a televised debate for wearing my party button.

090221 kotp118 Obama picket by 69th election candidate
Feb 19 picket Obama in Ottawa: "Get out of Afghanistan,otherwise, welcome." My picket signs say: -Jesus, Mohammed, Nehemiah said: "Do not lend money at interest." -Don't Cancel Debt! Cancel Debt Growth First. Abolish Interest Rates. - Interest-Free UNILETS Bank. Anti-Poverty Engineer. -KingofthePaupers wants UNILETS "Time Standard of Money." Stories about the Reagan, Gorbachev, Queen pickets

090226 kotp120 69th Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock byelection contested
An Ontario byelection was created when a Tory resigned to let as-yet-unseated John Tory, leader of the Tories, to get into Queen's Park. Time to tell him about Provincial bond currency.

09226 kotp121 1st Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock byelection debate
Haliburton Echo: Sparks but no flames at byelection debate; debate videos;

090227 kotp122 Chickenshit John Tory lets police take Turmel off debate
Lindsay Chamber of Commerce had police remove independent candidate John Turmel from a debate at Weldon High School to which he had not been invited  for failing to confirm his attendance before the debate. First they said Elections Ontario did not have my phone number then that when they called, no one answered (as if my invalid 80-year-old one-legged mother who lives with me had gone for a walk?) So they misdialled at best, lied at worst, and the candidate gets excluded because booking in advance was written in stone. Had Conservative leader John Tory refused to stay without all his opponents, I'd have been on. As the officer took me away, I shouted to Tory to protect my right and "show some balls... chickenshit." When he loses, he can go back to  municipal politics. John Tory might be trusted to take care of my garbage but I know he can't be trusted to take care of my rights.

090302 kotp123-4 1/1  Turmel at John Tory byelection debate   Part 2/2
Feb 28 2009 Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock byelection debate to seat John Tory at the Lindsay Legion where John Turmel gets to brace John Tory onwith my 1985 CBC Quote of the Year for politicians who let their opponents be taken away. Complete 2-hour debate 
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

090310 kotp125 Guinness Record 68th election loss to loser John Tory
68 "most elections lost" of 69 "most elections contested" but John Tory lost by 2.5%, 900 votes. How would have his making the news showing some leadership in protecting my rights have changed that? Remember that all the candidates were too chickenshit to speak up, not just John Tory. Too trained to rely on handlers to tell him what to do, when faced with a moral dilemma, he blew his big chance to play the hero. All those Tories who stayed home because he was a parachute candidate would have come out if he'd shown up the Liberal by showing some leadership. It could have been the opportunity to win the election, blown.

090507 kotp142-3 1/2 CRTC lets Fuhrer Philp deny equal time  Part 2/2
Federal Court of Appeal initial ruling on inequitable broadcast time for wearing party button, CRTC decision on final complaint okaying inequitable time in debate for dress code violations.
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

090623 kotp147-8 1/2 Reply to CRTC on excluding candidates democratically
Seeking leave to appeal the CRTC ruling that candidates may be excluded by the media from debate program to the Federal Court of Appeal. Part 2/2
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

090904 kotp189-90 CRTC letting media exclude candidates to Supreme Court
Part 1/2 Turmel v. CRTC Facts and Issues challenging CRTC reliance on an Ontario Court ruling to let media exclude candidates from debates.
Part 2/2 Turmel v. CRTC Arguments
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

090910 kotp192 70th election contested has equal time problems
Rogers televised debate with Big Four Favored candidates in formal debate and others getting 1 minute at the end; Town Crier debate questions to 4/11 candidates.

090913 my001 St. Paul's Town Crier Fracas debate highlights 
St. Paul's Reports on debate fracas YOUTUB

090914 kotp195 St. Paul's mob scene from byelection debate
Sep 10 2009 Town Crier moderators were warned not to let questioners to exclude candidates from answering and resistance made some blow their cools.

090914 kotp196 St. Paul's mob scene news reports
Sep 11 2009 Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun reports on police called to St. Paul's byelection debate mob scene

090914 kotp197 St. Paul's mob scene online news reports
Sep 11 2009;;;;   reports on police called to St. Paul's mob scene; Chris Tindal "hope he's banned from further debates"

090927 kotp198 CRTC case why debates don't need all candidates 
From 17 Sep 2009 CRTC Memorandum to Supreme Court: "A partisan broadcast is one intended to favor one candidate over the other or others, in an election... The Commission issued Public Notice CRTC 1995-44 which revised its policy set out in Public Notice CRTC 1988-142... The Commission noted that the Ontario Court of Appeal had ruled in R. v. CBC that debates were not programs of a partisan political character, and therefore, were not covered by the Commission's regulations regarding the equitable allocation of time during election periods. In light of this decision, the Commission stated that it would no longer require that debate programs feature all rival parties or candidates in one or more programs.

090927 kotp199 Reply to CRTC on why debates need all candidates
From 25 Sep 2009 Reply to CRTC: "we have the illogical proposition that candidates may be excluded from debates because, while broadcasts intended to favor one candidate over the others are improperly partisan, broadcasts intended to favor two or more over the rest are not improperly partisan.

100130 abo1001 Streaming Video of the complete all-candidates debate at Regency Park in the Toronto Centre byelection.

100208 kotp200 2009-2010 Update on political-legal combat engineering
Recap of Turmel operations: Turmel v. CRTC at Supreme Court of Canada; R v. Jim Turner at Supreme Court of Canada; Ken Surgent wins POLCOA in Windsor prompting more POLCOA motions; Terry Parker Crown wants to go civil, Swine Flu & ClimateGate hoaxes; suing Dragons' Den for misrepresentation and defamation for making the 15 minutes where I beat them up look like 1 minute where they beat me up.

100209 kotp201-2
1/2 Turmel in Toronto Centre byelection
Jan 26 2010 Regent Park all candidates debate for Toronto Centre provincial byelection from Streaming Video of the complete all-candidates debate.
Part 2/2

100922 Expositor: Campaign to centre on Bus Bucks
100910 Brant News: Turmel enters mayoral race
100910 Brantford Mayor campaign at bus station asking kids if they'd take bus rides to shovel snow after a storm. Or clean a park.

100928 Laurier Debate
The John Turmel clips
Brant News: Protest over debate format

100929 Freedom House TV debate
The whole video of the 2nd part of the debate
The John Turmel clips
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