John The Engineer Turmel's Bus Bucks Campaign 2014

There are now 23 municipal Bus Bucks candidates in 7 Ontario cities proposing to pay youth with bus tickets for community service, especially shoveling snow.
Bus- Bond-Bucks & DIY P2P Money
Jct: Vincent Ball of the Brantford Expositor interviewing 2014 mayoral candidate John Turmel on
1) LETS Bus-Bucks to pay students to shovel the snow
2) LETS Bond-Bucks from the Argentine Solution to pay municipal employees;
3) UNILETS Timedollar community currencies set up in time-barter networks.

141017 Bus Bond Bucks Highlights from New City Church Brantford Mayor Debate

141016 Highlights at CFUW Brantford Mayoral Debate
Jct: Oct 15 2014 Turmel highlights from mayoral debate at Laurier Univerisity hosted by the Canadian Federation of University Women of Brantford.
Complete debate

141010 Laurier U. Brantford Mayor Debate Turmel clips
Jct: Turmel clips from the Brantford Mayoral candidates held at Laurier University Brantford campus on Oct 8 2014. See   for the complete debate.

2010 Brantfor Mayor Bus Bucks campaign

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"I'll work for Bus Bucks - Vote John Turmel" flyer 

"I'll take Bus Bucks" Participating Merchants:

Youtube Video Playlist:  

Sep 9 2010 Brantford Mayor 74th election race starting with bust?  
Sep 10 VIDEO#1: Open campaign asking kids at bus station if they'd take bus rides for community service

Sep 11 BrantNews: Report on Turmel Mayoral Campaign
Sep 11 Video of Bus Station politicking
Sep 13 Mayor Campaign for Bus Bucks at Brantford Bus Station
Sep 17 Brant News okays Brantford Bus Bucks
Sep 18 Brantford Mayoral Candidate Questionnaires
Sep 18 Seeking Brantford Council candidates' Bus Bucks support
Sep 18 Phuhrer Philp Phormat Phoments Phight on Rogers Debate
Sep 19 Banker Pat Kawamoto dismisses Brantford Bus Bucks video
Sep 19 Hamilton Municipal Candidates on Bus Bucks Hook
Sep 20 Cambridge Municipal Candidates on Bus Bucks Hook
Sep 20 Kitchener Municipal Candidates on Bus Bucks Hook
Sep 20 London Municipal Candidates on Bus Bucks Hook
Sep 20 Sep 28 Laurier U. debate may need cops
Sep 24 Brantford Expositor covers Bus Bucks

Sep 25 Rogers & Laurier Brantford Mayoral debates
Sep 28 Laurier calls cops on Tomorrow's Debate
VIDEO#2: John Turmel clips at Laurier debate
VIDEO: Whole Laurier debate
VIDEO: Brant News: Protest over debate format
Sep 30 Laurier debate; I got most questions!
Oct 2 VIDEO Brant News video on protest over Laurier debate format

Sep 29 Freedom House TV debate
VIDEO#3: The John Turmel Freedom House clips
VIDEO: The whole 2nd part of the Freedom House debate
Oct 2 Freedom House TV mayoral debate and cafepoker story
Oct 3 Older Turmel videos back to 1984

Oct 3 Rogers wants consent to defamation!
Oct 6 Greg Vezina cost us right to see all candidates
Oct 6 Community service paid with Bus Bucks?
Cake Poker: Pro Poker Player Contests World Record 74th Election
Oct 6 Professional Poker as legit as Professional Hockey
Oct 7 VIDEO : Brant News Profile

Oct 7 VIDEO#4: Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Meeting
Oct 7 Excluded from Chamber of Commerce debate?
Oct 9 Chamber of Commerce lets me in on debate
Oct 7 Boots put to Brantford Yahoogroup Censor Tim Chambers

Oct 8 VIDEO#5: Rogers TV pre-debate Turmel clips  
Oct 9 VIDEO#6: Rogers debate Turmel clips
Oct 10 City run City Hall debate, kick Rogers out of the control room
Oct 11 City Hall Debate to kick Rogers controllers out
Oct 12 Bus Bucks Jobs Campaign Focus on Youth   

Oct 13 VIDEO#7: Brantford Inventors Club Speech
Oct 14 Brantford Inventors' Club Bus Bucks Speech
Oct 14 VIDEO#8: Brantford Collegiate Institute Students:
Oct 15 I'll work for Bus Bucks" Brantford Collegiate Institute Stu  
Oct 15 Need Candidates to build Ontario Bus Bucks Timebank

Oct 14 VIDEO#9: Round-Table on Poverty Turmel clips
VIDEO: Whole meeting with bummer anti-poverty movie "Poor No More" with no solutions:
Oct 16 Turmel makes 'mockery" of RoundTable on Poverty meeting

Oct  15 VIDEO#10:  Brantford Collegiate Institute & Laurier students

Oct 19 VIDEO#11: Busted at Pauline Johnson High School for "cause disturbance" and "utter threats"
Oct 1 Spent 3 hours in Brantford Jail today
Oct 19 Causing a Disturbance and Uttering Threats?
Oct 21 Motion to go back to Pauline Johnson Collegiate

Oct 20 VIDEO#12:  Branlyn Grade 5 Kids: "We'll work for Bus Bucks"
Oct 20 Branlyn Grade 5 Kids: "We'll work for Bus Bucks"

Oct 25 VIDEO#13: Speech to Martin Sitko election party
Oct 25 VIDEO#14: New Mayor Chris Friel's son Connor will work for Bus Bucks!
Oct 26 New Mayor Chris Friel's son Connor will work for Bus Bucks

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