Thousands of LETS timetrading systems in 64 nations
(Last major update in 2002)

I am John "The Engineer" Turmel, B. Eng. I have spent 25 years engaged in Banking Systems Engineering. I wrote the Millennium Declaration Section C6 to Governments on restructuring the global financial architecture with a UNILETS interest-free time-based currency. http://www.un.org/millennium/declaration.htm  
My professional credentials at http://www.turmelpress.com
See http://www.turmelpress.com/uniset.htm   for information on how to set up your own UNILETS Internet Timecurrency bank account. It's rudimentary but it's honest and it works.
Travelling the world using LETS Internet banking system is absolutely new so read this very closely. Most everyone understand how a Local Employment-Trading System helps the butcher, the baker, the dentist, trade their employment back and forth with a local currency. And most have seen the advantages of a network for intertrading between the world's thousands of independent LETS branches. But more and more people have seen the vision of intertrading between the world's millions of independent LETS web page accounts so timecredits earned in one place can be spent anywhere else.
The following is a list of ALMOST 2,700 LETSystems with as many email addresses as possible of local currency members who hold LETS accounts in their local branches. All of them are familiar with converting to the Time Standard of Money.
Most are familiar with the operation of their local LETS systems. If you are not familiar with timecurrency, please go read about "Ithaca Hours = $10 bills" in the U.S. section of the list or visit: http://www.lightlink.com/hours/ithacahours   or mailto:hours@lightlink.com 
Here's how I used my personal LETS web page account to travel to Europe last year. I consulted the list and wrote to the LETS people who lived in cities on my itinerary. At the suggested European rate of 5 Hours per day, I lived as guest in pent-houses to tents indebted for IOUs worth equivalent accommodations back home in Ottawa Canada. I posted my acknowledgment at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UNILETS-turmel-jc which registers my emailed IOUs to my accommodations providers with a few other simple but valid transactions.
I have built myself this list of the first 1800 to 2000 places I can shop to find my InterLETS trading partners. You can shop with your timecredit line there too.
Just announce your own personal LETS timecurrency bank account address in public and offer to start timetrading. Every email address on this list is a potential trading partner and any agreement between two LETS email addresses is a valid edocument.
Record your transactions with links to fellow traders on a page posted on a public web site or even emailled out upon request. Keep all your own public records and don't even bother me. I don't have to watch, everyone else is. Everything you do yourself is free!
The SEL-JEU LETSers are using InterLETS accounts in France. They see a network of public independent 1-member notebooks to keep LETS accounts as a great improvement over sending info to a central node for validation. A network of independent 1-member public LETS web-page accounts is an even greater improvement which has now germinated on the internet. Anyone with an Email address is to be trusted to redeem a year's worth of his publically pledged timedollar IOUs. Focusing on international accommodations trading as the easiest product to barter with at this early stage. Intellectual products and books next. Almost anything else next.
So if you are about to surf this original LETS network of timebarter systems, realize that most of them will accept your Hours should you choose to visit and contribute to local tourism. The bigger our list of connections, the better we are all served. To really improve our little home-made interLETS Travelmarket, if you don't see your town on the list or you know a LETS that isn't listed, please send me the name of the town and the links so that out-of-town LETS shoppers may refer to them with offers. Not having a LETS in your town may someday prove to be a major drawback when most tourists have timecurrency to spend.
Finally, the Argentinian Provinces have taken to issuing no-interest or low-interest bond currency. No interest is time-currency. Low interest is close. They should be valued by all.
Again, I make no promises other than the people on this list have all had experience with time trading with local interest-free currencies and should be more amenable to trading than any other groups of random people in the world.


"Dir" indicates the system has an online Directory.
"Map" indicates the nation has a map of LETS in the country.

Prof. Panteleo Rizzo helped start some there: pantaleo.rizzo@libero.it

ARGENTINA [AR] (3000+)
Leeds University Reporter Issue 473 19 November 2001 http://reporter.leeds.ac.uk/473/s4.htm  
Bernal http://www.eirelink.com/trueque/index.html E: trueque@eirelink.com
Buenos Aires http://trueque.hypermart.net/ E: webmaster@trueque.hypermart.net Dir
Global Barter Network http://visitweb.com/trueque E: trueque@clacso.edu.ar
Latin America, Asia, Africa, http://ccdev.lets.net/ E: stephen@lets.net
Red Global de Trueque (400,000 members)
  http://www.truequeclub.com E: primaver@clacso.edu.ar E: Horacio_Covas@geocities.com E: desanzo@abaconet.com.ar

Australia LETS http://www.auslets.org/
LETS-Linkup http://www.LETS-linkup.com
LETS in Australia http://www.lets.org.au E: alex@lets.org.au
LETS Travel Aust Accommodations Guide E: drlets@hotmail.com
Adelaide New Hills  E: NHLETS@2-ewe.com
Adelaide Urban EcoLETS E: bsheppard@ozemail.com.au
Alexandra Hills T:0738242701
Anglesea T:52636034
Apollo Bay T:52376034
Australia LETS links E: pfelix@vision.net.au
Armadale WA   E: armadale_lets@hotmail.com
Armidale E: info@countryway.com.au
Atherton Tablelands E: creations@cyberwizards.com.au   T:0740958410
Barossa Valley E: brianph@merlin.net.au
Beaches Weblets http://www.lets.1337.as/sunshinecoast/ E: WebLETS@hotmail.com
Bega Valley prparker@smartchat.net.au
Blue Mountains E: d_martin@mountains.net.au
Bon Beach T:95870534
Borderlands http://www.borderlands.org.au/LETS/Lets.htm   E: lets@borderlands.org.au T:0398193239 DIR
Brisbane E: brislets@lets.org.au Dir
Buderim "Sunshine Coast" Qld http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BeachesLETS E: beacheslets@hotmail.com T:075476 5242
Bullsbrook E: ccurtis@ois.net.auibc@ois.com.au
Brunswick E: alberowl@yahoo.com  T:93808773 T:93872609
Byron/Mullum/Tweed NSW
: http://www.mullum.com.au/bmt_lets E: bmt_lets@mullum.com.au DIR
Caboolture E: mick.dea@bigpond.com.au   T:0732032411
Canterbury http://www.glasswings.com.au/GlassWings/utopia/lets.html E: avatar@aus.xanadu.com
Central Coast LETS: http://www.centralcoastlets.org/
Cessnock/Maitland E: rharding@hunter.net.au
Church Point NSW E: kaarenp@peg.apc.org
Clarence Valley E: cvlets@tpg.com.au  E: cesjc@nor.com.au  T:0266431863
Coburg T:93542210
Corio T:52721463
Creswick T:53458078
Dandenong Ranges E: drlets@drccc.org.au
Daylesford SpaLETS T:53483034 T:53483569
Diamond Valley Northern Suburbs LETS E: jennymillar@hotmail.com  
East Armidale LETS Net E: paris@mpx.com.au  E: laurent@mpx.com.au
East Coast LETS E: ECLETS@hotmail.com
East Gippsland E: eglets@yahoo.com.au   T:0351553027
East Perth WA E: lselwyn@carmen.murdoch.edu.au
East Victoria Park WA E: bronson@wantree.com.au
Elwood Vic E: SARAHJ@its-menz.cc.monash.edu.au
Fleurieu E: flLETS@granite.net.au
Frankston E:fclets@start.com.au E: 100233.2617@compuserve.com  T:97861445
Freemantle E: databasys@acslink.net.au
Garden City T:96452324
Geraldton E: mwilkins@ois.com.au
Gladstone E: mikexeliane@hotmail.com   T:0749781090
Gold Coast Hinterland E: deacon_christine@hotmail.com *Accommodations
Gosnells WA E: wwpskath@wantree.com.au
Greensborough T:94381909
Greensborough   T:94381909
Gympie T:0754827917
Hastings T:59797477
Highvale Tawny T:0732897176
Hunter E: rharding@hunter.net.au
Illawarra LETS:  E: letsill@hotmail.com Dir
Kalamunda WA E: gnr@perth.dialix.oz.au
Kalgoorlie WA: http://pub1.ezboard.com/bkalets E: ennordaw@gold.net.au Dir
Kincumber E: croyston@ozemail.com.au
Kirribilli NSW E: catepe@peg.apc.org
Kurrajong NSW E: gmorris@peg.apc.org
Kyneton T:54223537
Leederville WA E: bernard@cleo.murdoch.edu.au
Logan Qld http://www.active-green.com/logan   E: jhint@mail.com E: LoganLETS@bigpond.com E: jessiescott@bigpond.com  T:38087675 T:38087990a/h
Mackay E: bettyh@mackay.net.au  T:0749530808
Maleny E: letsmaleny@pop.peg.apc.au E: pammentp@mpx.com.au T:0754943113
Mansfield E: manslets@hotmail.com  T:5775 1088
Margaret River WA E: chamgal@griffin.bis.net.au
Maryborough: E: marylets@hotmail.com T:0741235876
Melbourne T:94446332 E: billmac@abi.com.au
Melbourne (Quollity) Vic E: mickey@netspace.net.au
Mirboo North Grand Ridge LETS E: janetbatch@hotmail.com
Mirrabooka WA E: cshaw@perthpcug.org.au
Moreland E: morelandlets@yahoo.com.au   E: lets@ceres.org.au
Moruya E: moruya_lets@globalfreeway.com.au E: davndale@dynamite.com.au
Mt Evelyn T:97361457
Murtoa E: slaamurt@netconnect.com.au T:53852785
Nambour E: letshine@powerup.com.au  E: rescott@squirrel.com.au  T:0754417988
Nambucca Valley  E: nvlets@key.net.au
NET (New England Tablelands) http://www.bu.aust.com/buzhaven/ldt/lets/barter.htm E: ldt@buzhaven.bu.aust.com
Nimbin http://www.nimnet.asn.au/ E: info@nimnet.asn.au E: smithi@nimnet.asn.au
Newstead Goldfields LETS T:54762430p
Paddington NSW E: alanm@peg.apc.org
Pakenham T:59426339
Permalets E: artimissjo@yahoo.com.au
Phillip Island T:59566701
Pimlico T:0747752332
(A) Pomona "Sunshine Coast" Qld (Beaches) E: wow@hotkey.net.au  E: donjo@spiderweb.com.au
Queensland LETS:  E: QLETS@hotmail.com
Ringwood North E: qed@hard.net.au  T:97249115 T:98790536
Rosebud, Vic Southern Peninsula (SPLETS)judyo@alphalink.com.au T:59820945
Rosneath Farm http://www.rosneath.com.au/design/lets.html E: paustin@rosneath.com.au
Rushworth E: rushcomh@campaspe.net.au   T:58561077 T:58561295
Saint Kilda E: mickey@netspace.net.au   T:95250404
*South Australia LETS E: salets@olis.net.au
South Burnett E: grant@ic.org T:0741572759
Subiaco WA E: p.austin@cowan.edu.au E: fresh@psinet.net.au
Surrey Hills EAGLETS http://www.glasswings.com.au/GlassWings/utopia/lets.html
Swan-Hill LETS Kalamunda WA 6926
http://swanhillslets.org/public/ T:9 3776643
Sydney Inner E: innersydneylets@yahoo.com.au E: jrn@ihug.com.au
Sydney Nth E: wendy@hare.net.au  E: wvb@clairvision.org
Sydney http://www.lets.1337.as/sydney 
Sydney & Kllawarra http://www.auslets.org/sydney/
Tableland LETS (Transition Far North Queensland) http://lets.clearwater.com.au/?
Tamborine Mountain E: tm_lets@hotmail.com E: jaycey21@yahoo.com.au T:0755450701
Teesdale T:52815254
Toowoomba RangeLETS E: tamara_h@optusnet.com.au E: armit@t130.aone.net.au    T:0746362040
Torquay E: lillyputlets@yahoo.com.au   T:0402008493
Unley E: salets@olis.net.au
Upwey Dandenong Ranges E: alu@alphalink.com.au   T:9752 5272
Vermont T:98987732 T:98032335
Wangara WA E: edward@iinet.net.au
Winchelsea T:52672383
Wonthaggi PowLETS E: bcaec@ompac.com.au   T:56744563 T:56723115
Yea T:98731080

LETS Austria-Germany-Switzerland http://www.talent.ch/adr/lets.htm
Gallneukirchen E: talent.ooe@magnet.at
Graz E: wienerra@bkfug.kfunigraz.ac.at
Innsbruck E: Michael.Graf@uibk.ac.at
Salzburg E: wolf@earthway.org E: rudolf.gruber@magnet.at
Tirol http://homepage.uibk.ac.at
Wien E: talente.tauschkreis.wien@magnet.at

Antwerp City (All 22 Flemish LETS)  http://www.letsvlaanderen.be  E: lets.stad@antwerpen.be
Antwerpen Provincie (Flemish) E: Hans.Cools@Advalvas.Be
Brussels (Flemish) LETS: http://www.inti.be/ecotopie/seladres.html#w E: cauris@skynet.be
CESIUM SEL Savoirs: http://club.ib.be/olivier.evrard/cesium.html E: Olivier.Evrard@infoboard.be Dir
Ecotopie http://www.inti.be/ecotopie/sel.html E: pdeneyer@inti.be
Gent (Flemish) http://letsgent.tripod.com/ E: sandra.fauconnier@rug.ac.be
LETS MAP:  E: robrecht.siera@advalvas.be
Mol (Flemish) E: lets-mol@vranken.org
Waterloo: http://www.sel-waterloo.be/
Economia Popular Solidaria http://www.ecosol.org.br/
LETS connection E: email-esp@notmoney.com  

*Varna http://www.infocentrebg.com/eng1.html Varna E: jnk@telecoms.bg Dir

CANADA [CA] (56)
Calgary Dollars http://www.calgarydollars.ca   E: bcbc@calcna.ab.ca E: gasca@freenet.calgary.ab.ca E: employmn@cia.com E: Sarah_Kerr@becgy.com E: bdownton@mcca-ed.org Dir
Cartierville-Bordeau QC SEL T:5148563326 (Anca Niculicioiu)
Charlevoix QC La Ruche T:4186657459 (Anik Simard)
Christina Lake BC E: hayseed@sunshinecable.com
Comox Valley http://gmlets.u-net.com E: lcs@mars.ark.com
CUSO Thai Community Currency Project http://www.cuso.org/coops/powell/e-cuso.html E: luc.girard@cuso.ca
X Edmonton http://www.ecn.ab.ca.lets E: lets@ecn.ab.ca T:780-477-6333 DIR
Farnham QC Entraide Action T:4502932655 (Peggy Wallis)
Fredericton NB E: caitlyn@fallsbrookcentre.ca   T:5063754310
Grand Forks BC: http://www.sunshinecable.com/~eisehan E: silviog@sunshinecable.com
Guelph E: whulet@uoguelph.ca
Halifax Maritime Hours E: bob.cervelli@dal.ca
Hamilton E: ad263@freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Hawkesbury E: johnturmel@yahoo.com
Kingston Hours E: ds21@post.quensu.ca
x(emailed)Kitchener Waterloo http://www.web.net/~barterworks/ E: barterworks@web.net E: wpirg@watserv1.uwaterloo.ca DIR
Knowlesville NB E: fbc@nbnet.nb.ca
Kootenay Hours Nelson E: kbarter@netidea.com E: ecocent@netidea.com E: lionhrt@netidea.com
Laval E: seve@moncourrier.com
X London Barter http://www.freeyellow.com/members/londonbarter/ E: brwright@home.com E: londonbarter@freeyellow.com E: cdfacilitaror@yahoo.com Dir
Magog Qc. Ressource d'ECHange E: echos__magog@hotmail.com   T:819868-0492
X Maritime Hours http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Commerce/RATNA/RATNA-Home.html E: bob.cervelli@dal.ca E: srosenba@is.dal.ca E: ab580@chebucto.ns.ca DIR
Montreal Echange http://www.facebook.com/montrealechange DIR online
Montreal BECS Banque d'echanges communautaires de services, http://selbecs.org   E: becstroc@hotmail.com
Montreal Bonte des Savoirs-Faires femmes d'ici et d'ailleurs T:5144957728
Montreal Cote-des-Neiges SEL Genese T:5147384584/405
Montreal Est Donnant-Donnant  (Myriam Grisi)
Montreal JEU http://www.jeu-game.com  E: allactaga@hotmail.com 
Montreal La corde a linge http://www.chez.com/vraireve
Montreal Petite-Patrie T:5142774993 (Veronique Dumoulin)
Montreal Plateau Mont-Royal (BECS) Banque d'echanges T:4502727708
Montreal Pointe-St-Charles E: sel_pte@cam.org E: ci411@torfree.net T:5145276528
Quebec JEU: http://www.jeu-game.com   T:4188325322 E:moralesbruno@yahoo.com.mx T:4185242744
Muskoka E: hearth@vianet.on.ca
Nelson Kootenay Hours Tel: (604) 825-9372
X emailed))Niagara http://people.becon.org/~letsniagara E: eigg12@cogeco.ca E: lwhite@NiagaraNet.npiec.on.ca DIR
Nippising East E: neco@vianet.on.ca
X Ottawa ON http://www.candelman.ottawa.on.ca/lets/ E: ottawalets@hotmail.com E: nomad@on.aibn.com DIR
X email))Ottawa ON http://www.thirdmarket.net E: tom@cyberclass.net DIR
Parrsboro NS E: 101B@parrsboro.ednet.ns.ca
Peterborouth ON http://peterboroughlets.yuku.com/
Prince George BC Hours E: venture@techcentre.bc.ca E: tnthomas@indy1.pgweb.com
Salmon Arm B.C. Shuswap Hours E: bartnet@jetstream.net E: eirkh@sunwave.net
X using phone/mail))Saskatoon SK http://freenet.sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca/business/lets E: aa254@sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca E: lets@sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca Dir
Saltspring Island BC http://www.saltspringdollars.com/
South Gulf Islands E: sheridan@gulfislands.com
St. Georges de Beauce QU http://www.geocities.com/selbeauce/ E: gilgam@globetrotter.net
St. John's NF E: letsbarter@ecomail.org   T:709-579-5455 / 709-738-7542
Salt Spring Island BC: http://saltspringdollars.com Dir
Sudbury ON E: geode@tyenet.com
Thunder Bay ON E: glaws@foxnet.net
Toronto ON E: lets@web.net
linked to huge site))Toronto ON Dollar http://www.web.net/~tordoll/ E: tordoll@torontodollar.net E: 103005.255@compuserve.com Dir
Val-David QU Heures E: abellay@polyinter.com
Vancouver http://www.alternatives.com/lets E: lets@vcn.bc.ca Dir
Victoria BC http://www.lets.victoria.bc.ca/ E: s._garden@telus.net E: brian.grant@gems9.gov.bc.ca
Waterloo-Wellington http://www.waterloo-wellington.ourcommunitycurrency.com/
info@ourcommunitycurrency.com Tel: 519-593-2281
Winnipeg MN LETS http://www.letswinnipeg.com/

CHILE [CL] (1)
Santiago http://www.iepe.org E: wautiez@entelchile.net E: iiep@reuna.cl  by Dept. of Economics, Inst. of Political Ecology
E: nodocalahuala@egroups.com

Medellin http://ccdev.lets.net/altamir.html E: trueque_medellin@hotmail.com

Brno Rozmarynkovy E: vlas@mendelu.cz  T: 05 / 4123 7949
Letokruh http://www.volweb.cz/enviro/letokruh E: letokruh@email.com  E: pmach@telecom.cz T: 038 / 731 41 98
Prague E: collineva@volny.cz
Praha http://www.ecn.cz/gaia  E: gaia@ecn.cz T:  02 / 2251 9734

LETSlinkNorden Byttering  +45 86862144
Copengahen  http://www.paradisco.dk/byttering.htm E: byttering@paradisco.dk Dir
Farvang JAK, Inger-Marie Ebbesen, Thorsovej 92, Tel.:0045 86871095
Solvognens Byttering E: k-i@vip.cybercity.dk E: jorgen.krogh@vip.cybercity.dk E: k-i@vip.cybercity.dk

Dili E: stephen_dem@yahoo.com  E: stephen.d@undp.org

ECUADOR [EC] (>100)
Quito http://ccdev.lets.net/rumieng.html & http://concentric.itgo.com/toctieng.html
Toctiuco http://ccdev.lets.net/toctieng.html E: jschuldt@upacif.edu.pe

Enterprise Exchange Network http://concentric.itgo.com/reteng.html E: fademype@navegante.com.sv
San Salvador Red Empresarial de Trueque http://www.conamype.org/fademype   E: fademype@navegante.com.sv T: +503-225.94.15


Finnish book on starting LETS E: visio@kaapeli.fi
Helsinki, http://www.freenet.fi/periferia/3_96/juttu10.html T: 358-0-7011722
Hukipiiri Tampere http://www.uta.fi/~el58738/huki/ E: el58738@uta.fi E: er63674@uta.fi E: ik57579@uta.fi E: jv63355@uta.fi E: kluoto@cult.tpu.fi E: mt63672@uta.fi E: mv88609@cs.tut.fi E: mn62989@uta.fi E: mt59119@uta.fi E: ss61336@uta.fi E: ts53744@uta.fi E: tl61227@uta.fi E: kk63067@uta.fi
Joensuu (Finnish) http://kansalaistalo.jns.fi/sopu.htm
Kyrnmaa, (Finnish) http://www.uwasa.fi/lst/kyro/kyro.html
*Savonlinna http://hammer.prohosting.com/~msurakka/index.html E: mindelf@yahoo.com E: stephen.condit@joensuu.fi E: markku.kuutti@sli.savonlinna.fi
Uleaborgs Bytesring E: virvat@student.oulu.fi Vaasa (English) http://www.stbl.fi/gamla/9901/11.htm E: red@stbl.fi

FRANCE [FR] (317)
Selidaire network of all France SELS with full info http://www.selidaire.org
Old list of 405 SEL at http://johnturmel.com/letsfro.htm some gone connections may be good?
AIGUES-VIVES - 30 - Du SEL et des Nèfles
AIGUILHE - 43 - SEL-Echonature - Echo du Velay
ALBI - 81 - SEL d'Albi
ALBIEZ MONTROND - 73 - Petit Ramoneur SEL de Maurienne
ALENCON - 61 - SEL d'Alençon
ALES - 30 - SEL Ales
AMIENS - 80 - Potes en SEL
AMIENS - 80 - SEL amienois
ANDREZIEUX - 42 - SEL du Forez
ANGERS - 49 - SEL Angevin
ANGLES - 81 - Asso-SEL
ANNEMASSE Cedex - 74 - SEL du Genevois
ANNONAY - 07 - SEL Vivarais-Pilat
ANOST - 71 - REEL Morvan SEL du Morvan
ARCHIGNAT - 03 - La Pompe Bourbonnaise
AUBAGNE - 13 - SEL de l'Huveaune
AULNAY les Bois - 61 - SEL du pays d'Essay Trocaucoeur
AURILLAC - 15 - SEL Cantal « Fouchtra! »
AUTERIVE - 31 - Les Fleurs de pastel
AVIGNON - 84 - SEL du Pont d'Avignon
BARIE - 33 - SEL du Mascaret
BASSE TERRE - 971 - SEL de Basse Terre
BASSIGNAC - 15 - Pierre à Sel
BEAUGENCY - 45 - Grenier à SEL
BEAUMONT LES VALENCE - 26 - Monbeausel
BELFORT - 90 - Grain de SEL 90
BERGERAC - 24 - SEL du Périgord Pourpre
BERGESSERIN - 71 - SEL Clunisois
BERULLE - 10 - SEL du Pays d'Othe
BESANCON - 25 - SEL de Besançon Redécouvrons l'échange
BIDOS - 64 - SEL du Piémont
BILLOM - 63 - SEL de Billom
BIOT - 06 - Nature Sciences et Traditions - SEL de Biot
BLOIS - 41 - SEL de Blois
BONDY - 93 - SEL 93 Centre - SEL de Bondy
BONNOEUVRE - 44 - SEL d'Erdre et Loire
BOURCEFRANC - 17 - Esprit de SEL
BOURG en BRESSE - 01 - SEL Bressan
BRACON - 39 - L'Echange SEL Amitié
BREST - 29 - Breiz-I-SEL
BRETIGNY - 91 - Troc en SEL - Juvisy
BRIEUIL SUR CHIZE - 79 - SEL Sud Deux Sèvres
BRIVES - 19 - SEL St Mexant
BRUE AURIAC - 83 - SEL de L'Argens
BUSSET - 03 - Source Bourbonnaise
BUYSSCHEURE - 59 - SEL des Saules
CAEN - 14 - Guillaume Sel
CAHORS - 46 - Troc-Lot
CASTRES - 81 - Troc SEL de Castres
CERELLES - 37 - SEL 37 Racan Choisille
CERGY - 95 - SEL Cergy Pontoise
CHADENAC - 17 - Ponsel
CHALON SUR SAONE - 71 - SEL de Saône
CHATEAU ARNOUX - 04 - Carrefour du Troc
CHATILLON - 92 - SEL de Chatillon
CHEROY - 89 - SEL du Bocage du Gatinais
CHOUVIGNY - 03 - SEL des Gorges de la Sioule
CISAI St AUBIN - 61 - SEL de la Touques
CLAMART - 92 - SEL de Clamart
CLEDEN POHER - 29 - SEL du Poher
CLERMONT FERRAND - 63 - SEL de Clermont Ferrand
CLOHARS CARNOET - 29 - SEL des 3 Rivières
CONDOM - 32 - SEL en Gascogne
COUDEVILLE sur mer - 50 - SEL'IN
COULONGES - 86 - SEL de la Benaize
COURNONTERRAL - 34 - SEL de la Vallée du Coulazou
CRAN-GEVRIER - 74 - SEL d'Annecy et sa région
CREST - 26 - CrestSEL
CRETEIL - 94 - SEL de Créteil
CRUZILLE - 71 - SEL du Maçonnais
DEVILLE Les ROUEN - 76 - Arc en SEL
DIJON - 21 - Le SELlier
DIOZIEUX - 42 - SEL Dorlay
DONZAC - 82 - ECHANGES en Brulhois
DRAGUIGNAN - 83 - SEL'Avenir
DUNKERQUE - 59 - SEL des Flandres
ECHIROLLES - 38 - SeQ des Granges
ECKBOLSHEIM - 67 - BELLE d’Eckbolsheim
ELBEUF - 76 - SEL d'Elbeuf
EMBRUN - 05 - SEL Embrunais
ERMONT - 95 - SEL d'Ermont
ETAULES - 17 - SEL Nacre et SEL
EVRY - 91 - SEL Patates Douces
FECAMP - 76 - SEL de Caux
FIGEAC - 46 - SEL Figeacois
FLAGNAC - 12 - Néflier du bassin
FONTENAY aux ROSES - 92 - SEL La Claire Fontaine
FONTENAY sous BOIS - 93 - SEL Est de Montreuil 93
FONTENAY St PIERRE - 78 - SEL du Mantois
FORCALQUIER - 04 - TrocOlives
FORCALQUIER - 04 - Banque du Temps
FOUGERES - 35 - SEL de Fougères
FOUSSAIS-PAYRE - 85 - SEL du Marais Poitevin
FRAISSINET de Lozère - 48 - SEL de Florac
FRONTIGNAN - 34 - SELaroute
FRONTIGNAN - 34 - SEL Céli-Bath
FRONTIGNAN - 34 - SEL de la Gardiole
GAP - 05 - La Belle de Gap
GRAND-CHAMP - 56 - SEL du Golfe du Morbihan
GRENOBLE - 38 - Entre 4 Roues/entre 4 roues 38
GRENOBLE - 38 - SEL de Grenoble
GUYANCOURT - 78 - SEL Service de St-Quentin-en-Yvelines
HIREL - 35 - SEL des 2 Marais
HOUILLES - 78 - SEL de la Boucle de Seine
HOUILLES - 78 - SEL Ovillois et Voisins
ISLE - 87 - Stelo-SEL 87
ISLE-ADAM - 95 - SELVOS Vallée de l'Oise et du Sausseron
ISSY LES MOULINEAUX - 92 - SEL d'Issy les Moulineaux
IVRY SUR SEINE - 94 - S.E.L. CIEL - Collectif du SEL CIEL
L’ISLE JOURDAIN. - 32 - SEL Lislois
La CAILLERE - 85 - SEL de Saint Hermine
LA HUNAUDIERE - 44 - SEL de la Mée
La RICHE - 37 - SEL Touraine
La ROCHELLE - 17 - L'Arbre
LAMALOU les Bains - 34 - SEL des Hauts Cantons
LAMBESC - 13 - La Boite à Sel
LARAGNE - 05 - Le Galet du Buëch
LAVAL - 53 - SEL Rit
LE COTEAU - 42 - Grains de SEL du Roannais
LE FIED - 39 - SEL-Est Jura
LE FRAYSSE - 81 - Lets des monts d'Alban
LE HAVRE - 76 - SEL du Havre
LE MANS - 72 - SEL du Maine
LEPINAS - 23 - Carrou'SEL
LES PLANS HAUT - 34 - SEL des vallées de l'Orb & du Jaur
LES VANS - 07 - SEL du pays des Vans
LIBOURNE - 33 - Grains de sable de Libourne
LIGNIERES - 89 - SEL 9.9
LILLE - 59 - BaraSEL
LILLE - 59 - SEL de Lille : RijSEL
LIMOGES - 87 - UniverSEL87
LIMOUX - 11 - SEL de la Terre
LOCARN - 22 - SEL de Hte Cornouaille
LOIR les Marais - 17 - SELoir
LORMES - 58 - MorvanSEL- cyberSEL
LOUGRES - 25 - SEL Nord-Doubs
LOURDES - 65 - SEL 65
LURE - 70 - SEL de Lure
LYON - 69 - SEL de Lyon Croix Rousse
LYON - 69 - SEL de Lyon Rive Gauche
LYON - 69 - SEL de Lyon sur Sâone
LYON - 69 - SEL de la Maison des Entrepreneurs
MANDUEL - 30 - SEL des Picholines
MARSEILLE - 13 - SEL de Mars
MAYENNE - 53 - Agita'SEL
MAZEROLLES - 86 - SEL des Fadets
MENDE - 48 - SEL de Loz
MENS - 38 - SEL du Trieves
MERIGNAC - 33 - SEL Terre
MÉRU - 60 - SEL des SEListes Internautes
MIEUSSY - 74 - SEL de la vallée du Giffre
MIMIZAN - 40 - SEL de la Cote d'Argent
MIREPOIX - 09 - SEL Pyrénéen
MONETAY /Allier - 03 - C.E.P.
MONTLUCON http://seldemontlucon.fr/

MONTPELLIER - 34 - SEL de Montpellier
MONTREUIL - 93 - SEL'Aventure du bas Montreuil
MORDELES - 35 - Envie d'échanges et de savoirs
MORTAGNE - 61 - SEL des Forets

MOSELLE http://www.seldemosellecentre.fr/index.html
MOULINS - 03 - B.O.I.S.
NANTERRE - 92 - Nan'Terre de SEL
NANTES - 44 - Association SEL Nantais
NANTES - 44 - SEL Les Rigolettes de Nantes
NARBONNE - 11 - Unis vers Sel
NARBONNE - 11 - SEL Fou Narbonnais
NEMOURS - 77 - SEL de Nemours
NEUVILLER la Roche - 67 - SEL de la Bruche
NICE - 06 - SEL 06 de Nice
NIEDERBRONN les Bains - 67 - SEL Niederbronn
NIMES - 30 - NîmeSEL
NIORT - 79 - SEL Niortais
NOAILLAN - 33 - SEL du Ciron
NOISEAU - 94 - SEL de Noiseau
NOUMEA - 988 - SEL de Montravel - Cyber-base
NOUMEA - 988 - SEL de Nouméa - Fleur de Niaouli
ORVAULT - 44 - SEL d'Orvault « Les Rousinettes »
OSTHEIM - 68 - PotoSEL - SEL du centre Alsace
OULLINS - 69 - SEL Cailloullin
PARIS - 75 - 13ème SEL
PARIS - 75 - SEL On-line
PARIS - 75 - SEL du Faubourg
PARIS - 75 - SEL de Paname
PARIS - 75 - SEL de Paris
PAU - 64 - SEL Camin Salier
PELUSSIN - 42 - Le PelusSEL
PEROLS - 34 - SELidarité34
PERTUIS - 84 - SEL en Durance - Pertuis
PESSAC - 33 - SEL Gabare
PESSAC - 33 - SEL des Voisins
PLESTIN les grèves - 22 - SEL du Trégor
PLOUGASTEL DAOULAS - 29 - SEL de Plougastel
POITIERS - 86 - SEL Poitiers "Le Chabis"
PONTARLIER - 25 - Haut-Doubs-SEL
PONT-EVEQUE - 38 - SEL de Pont Evêque
PORTO VECCHIO - 20 - SEL du Maquis
PRIVAS - 07 - Fric'assez Privas
QUIMPER - 29 - Fleur de blé noir
REDON - 35 - SEL de Vilaine
REMALARD - 61 - SEL du Perche
RENNES - 35 - SEL Amitié - Rennes
RENNES - 35 - SEL de Guérin
RENNES - 35 - SEL Tournesol
RIANTEC - 56 - SEL de la Bernik de Lorient
ROCHEFORT - 17 - Clef de SEL
ROGNES - 13 - Crocosel
ROMANS / ISERE - 26 - SEL du Pays de Romans
ROUEN - 76 - SEL de Seine
ROUSSILLON - 38 - SEL de Roussillon
RUEIL MALMAISON - 92 - SEL de Rueil 92
SAINT AGATHON - 22 - Sel du Pays de Guingamp

Saint Antonin Noble Val LetsSel http://www.letssel.net/lets/aboutusuk.html
SAINT CHAMANT - 19 - Sans Argent T'as Troc
Saint CLET - 22 - SEL de l'Argoat
Saint ETIENNE du Bois - 85 - SEL de la Vallée de la Vie
Saint GELVEN - 22 - SEL Kenec'han
SAINT HERNIN - 29 - SEL de Menez-Du
Saint JOUAN - 34 - SEL de Rance
Saint JOUAN - 35 - SEL de Rance
Saint MALO - 35 - SEL Malouin collectif
SAINT MARCELLIN - 38 - SEL du Pays de St Marcellin
Saint MARTIN - 971 - SELsoualiga de Saint Martin
SAINT NAZAIRE - 44 - Fleur de SEL
SAINT PANCRASSE - 38 - Le SEL des Petites Roches
SAINT-CALAIS - 72 - SEL 72 - Saint Calais
Saint-DENIS - 93 - DionysSEL
SAINTES - 17 - Sel de Saintes : La Fleur de SEL
SALON de Provence - 13 - Provensel
SALVAGNAC - 81 - SELvagnac
SAVIGNAC DE MIREMONT - 24 - SEL Relation 3000
SCY-CHAZELLES - 57 - SEL du Val de Metz et Val de l'Orne
SENS - 89 - S.E.L du Senonais
SERIGNAN - 34 - SEL Sud Bitterrois
SEVRES - 92 - Faire Bleu
SIONIAC - 19 - SEL Bellocois
SISTERON - 04 - Le grain de sel de Sisteron
SIZUN - 29 - SEL des Monts d'Arrée
SOUCIEU en Jarest - 69 - SEL Sans Soucis
ST AMBROIX - 30 - L'Arbre Cévenol
St ANDRE de Sangonis - 34 - SEL centre Herault
St AVIT ST NAZAIRE - 33 - SEL du Pays Foyen
St BAUDILLE de la Tour - 38 - SEL Eclipse
St ETIENNE - 42 - SEL des 7 collines de Sainté
ST FERME - 33 - Troc ta Bille
St FLORENT sur Cher - 18 - Pas seuls en SEL
ST GALMIER - 42 - SEL des Monts du Lyonnais
St GENIS l'Argentière - 69 - SEL des Monts du Lyonnais
St GEORGES sur Layon - 49 - SEL Sud Saumurois Tuffe et Faluns
St HIPPOLYTE du FORT - 30 - SEL Cigalois
St JEAN d'Angély - 17 - SEL d'Y
St JUDOCE - 22 - SEL de la Marelle
ST JULIEN DE LAMPON - 24 - SEL du Pays de Fénelon
ST JULIEN DE MAILLOC - 14 - Au temps du Sel
St JULIEN-la-Genète - 23 - SEL Bec
St MARTIN la PLAINE - 42 - SEL du Pays du Gier
ST OUEN Des Alleux - 35 - SEL du Couesnon et de la Minette
St PAUL la Roche - 24 - SEL Périgord-Limousin
STRASBOURG - 67 - SEL de Strasbourg
TARBES - 65 - SEL de Bigorre
TARNOS - 40 - Clair de lune
TAVERNY - 95 - Grain de Sel
TONNOY - 54 - SEL Mirabelle
TOULON - 83 - SEL Toulon 3000
TOULOUSE - 31 - Poivre
TOULOUSE - 31 - SEL Cocagne
TROYES - 10 - SEL de Troyes – Aube
TULLINS-FURES - 38 - SEL du Voironnais
UGINE - 73 - Le Baoud
VALENCE - 26 - VivantSEL
VALOJOULX - 24 - SEL 24 Terre
VAUREAL - 95 - SEL de la forêt de l'HAUTIL
VAZERAC - 82 - SEL de  Grésigne 
VELAUX - 13 - SEL en Provence
VENCE - 06 - SEL des Baous
VILLEFRANCHE sur Saône - 69 - SEL Calade
VILLEJUIF - 94 - SEL de Villejuif
VILLENEUVE LES LAVAUR - 82 - SEL de Monclar de Quercy
VILLENEUVE SUR LOT - 47 - La Claie d'Echanges
VILLEPREUX - 78 - Harmonie Sel
VILLIERS LE BEL - 95 - Cristaux de SEL
VIRE - 14 - Le SEL du Bocage
VISAN - 84 - SEL Visanais
VITRE - 35 - SEL du Pays de Vitré
VIZILLE - 38 - SEL de Vizille
YVETOT - 76 - SEL du Pays d'Yvetot

GERMANY [DE] (297)
Smaller list of  German Tauschrings with addresses http://www.tauschring.de/d0402add.htm E: Michael.Wuenstel@t-online.de
LETS Austria-Germany-Switzerland http://www.talent.ch/adr/lets.htm
Aachen http://www.souvignier.com/talente/index.html   T:0241/88914-33
Achern T:07841/28750
Amberg E: Thomas.Ehbauer@asam.baynet.de T:09621/86272
Augsburg http://members.tripod.de/LETSAugsburg   E: callesan@gmx.de T:0821/591628
Bad Aibling E: Rainer.Vieregg.MEC@t-online.de T:08061/721
Bad Hersfeld T:06621/61910
Bad Oeynhausen E: nauerth@teuto.de T:05731/751196
Bad Wurzach http://tauschring.mysite.de   T:07564/749
Baden-Baden T:07221/24712
Bamberg http://www.chr.mergler.bnv-bamberg.de/bamberg_tauschring.htm E: ba3124@bnv-bamberg.de  T:0951/44775
Bergisch Gladbach T:02204/1074
Batzen http://www.my-time.de/batzen/auswahl1.htm E: Angelika.Kell@t-online.de Dir
Berlin, AFT T:030/2945284
Berlin, Charlottenburg http://metropolis.de/tauschring-charlottenburg.html    E: tauschring_charlottenburg@yahoo.de   T:0175/5177555
Berlin, Environments Association, T:030/6072528
Berlin, Friedenau E: InesTil@AOL.Com   T:030/7986780 T:030/85986635
Berlin, Friedrichshain T:030/2918348
Berlin, Heller village T:030/5612082
Berlin, Hellersdorf T:030/5612082
Berlin Kiez E: w-wolff@pol.de T:030/3942563
Berlin, Kotti T:030/6157991
Berlin Kreuzberger E: dillqueag@sp.zrz.tu-berlin.de T:030/6922351
Berlin Lankwitz http://www.steglitz.de/tauschring E: lankwitz@lankwits.de T:030/76680894
Berlin, Mitmachbvrse Moabit T:030/3932975
Berlin, NBH Schvnhauser Allee T:030/6097948
Berlin, Neighbourhood House T:030/8114011
Berlin, Netzwerk Selbsthilfe T:030/6913072
Berlin, Neue Lebenswelten T:030/6072528
Berlin, Nominal living, T:033878/60206
Berlin, Oasis E: Tauschoase@gmx.de   T:030/21730202/3
Berlin, Pfefferberg T:030/443717-81
Berlin, Prenzlauerberg T:030/4445634
Berlin, Restaurant Agency http://www.total.de/afa   E: afa@pol.de  T:030/44340103
Berlin, Schoeneberg http://www.tauschoase-schoeneberg.de   E: Tauschoase@web.de T:030/2175-2882
Berlin, Schoenhauser T:030/6097948 T:030/44371781
Berlin, Self-help Association, T:030/6913072
Berlin, SIEMIA T:030/3827399
Berlin, Tempelhof T:030/75503122
Berlin, Treptow Koepenick, T:030/6717121
Berlin, Wannseebahn, T:030/8114011
Berlin, Wei_ensee T:030/92799463
Berlin, White Lake T:030/92799463
Berlin, Wirtschaftsring http://www.total.de/afa   E: afa@pol.de  T:030/443401-03
Berlin T:030/45381-70
Berlin T:030/24063245
Bichl http://tauschzeit.esmartweb.com   E: tauschzeit@gmx.de  T:08857/1814
Bielefelder http://www.brinkjost.de/zeit.punkt/ E: zeit.punkt@brinkjost.de T:0521/31298
Birstein T:06054/2642
Bodnegg T:07520/91201
Bonn E: uzs5ek@uni-bonn.de T:0228/635094
Bonn-Beuel T:0228/4798941
Braunfels T:06442/31346
Braunschweig http://bs.cyty.com/tring E: RainerGriese@welfen-netz.com E: hansdippe@welfen-netz.com T:0531/85528
Bremen TauschWatt e. V., T. 0421-70 65 78, E: tw-vernetzung@gmx.de
Bremerhaven http://people.freenet.de/tausch275/start.htm T:0471/40798 DIR
Buch E: Hunsrueck-Tauschring@gmx.de   T:06543/1664
Buchholz T:04181/97686
Burgdorf E: otto.feurer@t-online.de T:05136/81101
Burgwedel T:05130/6491
Chemnitz http://www.in-chemnitz.de/hut/ E: druide@gallien.in-chemnitz.de T:0371304470
Celle T:05141/31566
Clenze http://www.wendland-tausch.d4f.net   E: wendland-tausch@t-online.de T:05844/976582
Coburg E: andreas_meier@talknet.de  E: mailto:wildfang_co@gmx.de  T:09561/37417
Cottbus T:0355/791293
Darmstadt E: schleiss@muk.tu-darmstadt.de E: m_simon@hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de T:06151/424752
Deggendorf T:09905/1589
Dessau E: tauschring.dessau@topmail.de T:0340/2206180 T: 0340/6508240
Detmold http://www.tauschringlippe.de  E: buchungszentrale@tauschringlippe.de
Dieburg E: NHDieburg@gmx.de  E: kheinric@di.ladadi.de  T:06071/25192
Donnersdorf http://www.beimir.de/tausch/tausch.html/ E: tauschring.sw@t-online.de T:09528/981170
Dortmund Gib und Nimm-Zentrale E: freewohl@planet-interkom.de T:0231/4461273
Dortmund NETZ NRW T:0231/144676
Dresden E: tauschring_dresden@hotmail.com E: praestud@rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de T:03514943316
Dresden, Studentenwerk http://rcswww.urz.tu-dresden.de/~schmidts   E: Tauschring@swdd.tu-dresden.de   T:0351/4697741
Duisburg T:02065/502226
Duren E: tauschring.dueren@web.de T:02421/201274
Dusseldorf http://www.zakk.de/stattbuch/gibnimm E: ofbeck@aol.com T:0211/3035304
Ebenhausen E: baukhage@pm-magazin.de E: mb@pm-magazin.de T:08178/397
Ehningen T:07121/87784
Eggenfelden http://www.team-grotjahn.de/talentboerse E: rottaler-talentboerse@team-grotjahn.de T:08721/911105
Eisenh|ttenstadt T:03384/750553
Emden http://www.emden.de/umwelt/agenda/lebensw.htm
Emmendingen T:07641/570571
Emsdetten E: tauschring.emsdetten@gmx.de   T:02572/97666,
Eppstein T:06198/8668
Erfurt T:0361/7315025
Ering T:08122/91341
Erlangen http://www.patentrezept.de E: goldring@t-online.de T:09131/771577 T:09131/22126
Ermstal http://www.jofe.de/tring/ E: Tauschring-Ermstal@gmx.de E: JoschaFeth@gmx.de
Eschwege http://www.eschwege.de/regional-netz E: gerhard.mueller-lang@kassel.netsurf.de T:05651/96157
Essen http://www.tauschkreis.purespace.de T:0201/58131
Feldkirchen-Westerham T:08063/7867
Flensburg http://www.lets-flensburg.de  E: lets.flensburg@gmx.de  T:04636/976007 T:0461/50326-21
Frankfurt Bockenheim http://www.tauschringbockenheim.de E: mail@tauschringbockenheim.de   T:069/7077301
Frankfurt Nordwest T:069/574201
Frankfurt Bornheimer E: O.Lauberger@LINK-MZ.rhein-main.de T:069/465371
Frankfurt Nachbarschaftszentrum Ostend T:069/439645
Frankfurt Oder T:0335/524714
Frankfurt PaySys E: 069523600-0001@t-online.de
Frankfurt Peanuts http://www.b-online.de/ffm/luther/kuw/peanut.html   E: bk@bewak.rhein-main.de   T:069/437319
Freiburg, Kitab T:0761/73045
Freiburg, TARI T:0761/7086330
Freiburg, Plumi T:0761/709233
Freiburg, ReWIR 2000, T:07665/95922 E: BaierNorbert@t-online.de
Freiburg, Rieselfeld T:0761/4781243
Freiburg, Talent E:office@talent-experiment.de T:0761/7075302
Freiburg, Weingarten T:0761/49078-40
Friedberg T:06031/13319
Freising E: carmelo.leone@t-online.de T:08161/919414
Furstenfeldbruck T:089/801319
Fulda T:0661/77637
Gelnhausen http://www.geocities.com/vita_tauschboerse E: noxi@lycosmail.com E: vita@lycosmail.com
Gelsenkirchen E: ispage@t-online.de T:0209/1798-211
Gera T:0365/8001379
Gladbeck TL02043/28373
Goppingen E: barnickel@netzprojekte.de T:07161/71560
Gotha E: Nico.Schiewer@t-online.de   T:03621/703203
Gottingen http://www.zeittauschboerse.com   E: info@zeittauschboerse.com T:0551/3709670
Greifswald T:03834/815468
Halle (Saale) Doemak http://www.anhalt.net/doemak E: doemak@top.east.de t:03455511698
Hamburg Altona Nord E: LOGHOPP@aol.com T:040/435871
Hamburg Barmbek http://www.singmann.de/ghs/ghsweb/tbb_web/tbb_home.htm E: G.H.Singmann@t-online.de E: gguenther@debitel.net T:040/6306099
Hamburg Bergedorf T:040/7213171
Hamburg Dulsberger http://members.aol.com/tauschringdulsb   E: tauschringdulsb@aol.com   T:040/68911980
Hamburg Hamm-Horn E: Tauschring-Hamm-Horn@gmx.de
Hamburg Harburg tauschring.harburg@nikocity.de T:040/765402
Hamburg Jenfeld T:040/6731109
Hamburg Kreuz & Quer T:040/731727
Hamburg HH-Ottensen E: D.Hebben@t-online.de   T:040/8805072
Hamburg Paulinenplatz T:040/4305100
Hamburg Schnelsen T: 040/5504163
Hamburg St. Georg T:040/246666
Hamburg St. Pauli T:040/3172920
Hamburg Steilshoop, T:040/6317692
Hamburg TauschRausch E: AWagner789@aol.com
Hamburg Walddvrfer E: TauschWald@web.de   T:040/6033367
Hamburg Wedel T:04103/13488
Hamburg Winterhude-Eppendorf E: Tauschrausch-Winterhude@gmx.de   T:040/460905-00
Hamburg Wissensbvrse T:040/897258
Hamm E: hanswitt@t-online.de T:02381/71450 E: cdwi@gmx.de   T:02381/599243
Hameln T:05151/576113
Hammelburg http://www.tauschring-hammelburg.de   E: tauschring.hammelburg@cc.online.de   T:09732/780259
Hamminkeln T:02856/1344
Handel http://www.tausch-handel.de/ E: chef@tausch-handel.de E: nomis@bluewin.ch
Hannover http://www.tauschring.wille.mops.net & http://www.tauschring-hannover.de E: RolfSchroeder.H@T-ONLINE.DE  E: tauschring@wille.mops.net T:0511/2101022
Hannover Misburg http://www.johannis-misburg.de   E: tauschring@johannis-misburg.de   T:0511/9584470,
Hannover Talente T;0511/575838
Heidelberg T:06221/834077
Heitersheim E: Lebenshaus-Heitersheim@t-online.de T:07634/551769
Hemmmoor E: rothauscher@t-online.de E: netzwerk_cuf@privacy1.ohz.north.de
Hiddenhausen T;05221/64577
Hildesheim E: F.M.Tiedt@t-online.de T:05121/132504
Horn-Bad Meinberg E: ulrich.niehues@t-online.de
Icking E: mb@pm-magazin.de T:08178/5082
Idar-Oberstein E: Umweltwerkstatt_Idar-Oberstein@t-online.de T:06781/41203
Ihlienworth http://www.cux-land.de/netzwerk   E:Netzwerk_CuF@PRIVACY1.ohz.north.de
Ingolstadt T:0841/484547
Iserlohn T:02378/2053
Karlsdorf-Neuthard http://www.tauschring-bruchsal.de   E: talentbuero@tauschring-bruchsal.de   T:07251/348270
Karlsruhe http://home.t-online.de/home/tauschring.ka E: Tauschring.KA@t-online.de E: Helfried@OLN.Comlink.apc.org T:0721/9553541 Dir
Karlsruhe-Gruenwettersbach E: StiffelW@aol.com T:0721/451511
Kassell E: Miles-Paul@ASCO.nev.sub.de T:0561/713811
Kempten E: RappGerhard@aol.com   T:08374/25454
Kiel http://www.talente-system-kiel.de   E: webmaster@talente-system-kiel.de   T:0431/680863
Kirchberg T:07954/8696
Klettgau-Grie_en T:07742/1276
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GHANA [GH] (1)
Accra Timebank http://www.charityusa.org/sites/timebankgh/ E: timebankghana@hotmail.com E: elijah027@yahoo.com T:233-27-534632 Accs*

Athens E: grweb012@attglobal.net   T:+3(010)6846009/2 8272 T/F
24100 Kalamata, New Humanity Centre, Emmanuel Petrakis, Eleonon Road, Akroyali Avias
???pe?a ?????? http://time-exchange.gr


http://ccdev.lets.net/rgthonduras.html & http://concentric.itgo.com/ceceng.html

Kor Talentum Circle http://www.etk.hu/talentum/kalaka.htm E: fidusz@zpok.hu
Gazdasag: Gaia Sajtószemle http://foek.hu/gaia/gaia360a.htm
Szolnok E: kor@mail.ngo.hu  E: unomig307@hotmail.com

INDIA [IN] (3)
Dehradun: E: environics@vsnl.com
New Delhi: E: mariatm@hotmail.com
New Delhi (Tribal Welfare Society) E: mariatm@hotmail.com T: 0091-11-5089856

Indonesia Community Currency Systems ICCS http://ccdev.lets.net E: iccs@indosat.net.id
Jakarta Yappika E: yappika@indosat.net.id

Banbridge E: mal@ireland.com
Bantry http://www.westcorkweb.ie/lets/ E: cfizz@hotmail.com E: hot@weberin.com T: 027 52136 / 027 51333
Barataria Project http://www.barataria.org E: gerardmcgarry@tinet.ie
Beara T: 027 74203
Carlow E: dreddy@tinet.ie
Coleraine E: hcaskey450@aol.com
*Cork City Meitheal Nua http://indigo.ie/woz/claire/lets/homepage.htm E: woz@indigo.ie
Cork North E: tedbradley@tinet.ie
Donegal N.E. E: ev@esatclear.ie
Dublin E: vmacdowe@iol.ie
Dublin North E: dcorgrn@iol.ie
Inishowen LETS E: ev@esatclear.ie
Kerry S.W. E: mheavey@tinet.ie
LETSLINK Ireland: - www.iol.ie/~ptempan/letslink/ E: ptempan@iol.ie
Mayo T: 098 28423 or T: 098 27730
Omagh E: bkirrane@talk21.com T: 0801 662 246252/0801 662 250365
Shankhill Swapskills T:012821432 or 012829798
Sligo E: sligol@indigo.ie T: 07146069
Tralee Meitheal Bhreannain E: ptempan@iol.ie

Haifa Arab-Jewish LETS http://planet.nana.co.il/haifalet E: shayneese@hotmail.com
Israel "Machrozet" LETS http://www.bdidut.com/machrozet   E: hayahatsav@yahoo.com
Jerusalem, MA'An Development Ctr, Allen Howard T:0109722815703
Timebank E: ayala_tiser@yahoo.com

ITALY [IT] (322)
Abruzzo Sede centrale, Porta Nuova- Zona Stadio, Via Benedetto Croce n. 135/137 Pescara(Pescara) E: banktime@tin.it
Agrate Brianza  Sede c/o Abitazione privata Agrate Brianza(Milano) 
Alba Via Manzoni n. 8 12051 - Alba(Cuneo) Fax: 0173/282731 E: m.peruzzi@ciaoweb.it 
All Terme  C/o Comune, Via Francesco Crispi 98021 - All Terme(Messina) Fax: 0942/710132 E: st.micalizzi@tiscalinet.it
Altavilla Vicentina  c/o Biblioteca Civica, Piazza Libert` n. 1 36077 - Altavilla Vicentina(Vicenza) Fax: 0444/370150 E: biblioteca.altavilla@golonet.it  
Ancona  C/o Centro per le Famiglie "L'isola che non c'h" Via Redipuglia n. 35/a 60131 - Ancona Fax:017/203146 
Anzola Dell'Emilia  C/o Ciop Via Grimandi n. 1 40011 - Anzola Dell'Emilia(Bologna) Fax: 051/731598 ciop@anzola.provincia.bologna.it  
Arcore  C/o Spazio InformaGiovani, Via Gorizia n. 20 20043 - Arcore(Milano) Fax: 039/6083306 
Arese  c/o Incontri ravvicianti del Quarto tipo, Viale Resegone 14 20020 - Arese(Milano) 
Arezzo  c/o ssociazione Nuove economie, Campo Marte, n. 20 52100 - Arezzo(Arezzo) Fax: 0575/901330 E: assonec@tint.it
Ascoli Piceno  c/o Circ.ne Centro Storico, Via del Trivio n. 52 63100 - Ascoli Piceno(Ascoli Piceno) Fax: 0736/259832 
Ass. Banca del Tempo di Roma  Lungotevere de Pierleoni, 1 - Via Inverigo, 28 00188 Roma. Tel. 0039. 0039. E: f.colosi@comune.roma.it
Ass. Ne Banca Del Tempo Di Trieste  c/o scuola Bergamas, Via dell'Istria n. 45 34100 - Trieste(Trieste) E: altrotempots@libero.it
Ass. Ne Comasca Banca Del Tempo Di Como  Sportello c/o Circosc.VI, Via Grandi 21 Como(Como) Fax: 031/270320 
Ass. Realta'  Futuro  Via Bernini n. 5, Rotondella Due 75026 - Matera(Matera)  
Ass. So Modena Via Emilia Ovest n. 101 41100 - Modena(Modena) Fax: 059/828446 
Ass. Solidarie` Tra Nuclei Familiari (A.S.A.F.) Bellusco  Sede c/o Abitazione Bellusco(Milano) E: asafbellusco@hotmail.com
Bari  C/o S.I.M. Circoscrizione Madonnella, Via Arcivescovo Vaccaro n. 47 70100 - Bari(Bari) 
Bassa Lodigiana  Lodi(Lodi) Fax: 0337/66277 
Basso Sarca - Dro  C/o Biblioteca comunale Basso Sarca(Trento) E: banca.del.tempo.basso.sarca@virgilio.it
Bazzano  C/o Biblioteca comunale, Piazza Garibaldi n. 1 40053 - Bazzano(Bologna) Tel. 051/831426 Fax: 051/831426 
Belluno  C/o Polizia Municipale, Via Foro Boario Belluno(Belluno) Fax: 0437/915031  
Belpasso  C/o Assessorato Pari Opportunit` del Comune, Piazza Municipio 95032 - Belpasso(Catania) Fax: 095/912482 
Bergamo Conca Fiorita;  C/o IV Circoscrizione Comunale 24100 - Bergamo(Bergamo) Fax: 035/246826 
Bergamo-Campagnola  C/o nuovo Centro Socio Religioso 24100 - Bergamo Campagnola(Bergamo) Fax: 035/312544 E: imasche@tiscalinet.it
Bergamo-Centro  C/o Terza Universit`, Via Nastro Azzurro n. 1 24120 - Bergamo-Centro(Bergamo) Fax: 035/226552 
Bergamo-Longuelo  C/o Biblioteca Comunale 24100 - Bergamo Longuelo(Bergamo) Fax: 035/399425 
Bergamo-Malpensata  C/o VI0 Circoscrizione, Via Furietti n. 21 24100 - Bergamo Malpensata(Bergamo) Fax: 035/311735 
Biella  C/o Ass.ne Progetto Donna; 13900 - Biella(Biella) http://www.bancadeltempo.org//biella   E: biella@bancadeltempo.org
Bologna  Casella Postale 1342 Bologna(Bologna) E: usi-ait@iperbole.bologna.it
Bologna  C/o Radio Citt` del Capo, Mura di Porta San Felice n. 1 40100 - Bologna(Bologna) Fax: 051/557441 
Bologna E: bev0234@iperbole.bologna.it
Bologna-Navile  C/o Centro Famiglie del Quartiere Navile, Via Erbosa n. 20/2 40129 - Bologna-Navile(Bologna) 
Bologna-Reno C/o Centro per Famiglie, Via Rigola n. 17 40133 - Bologna-Reno(Bologna) Fax: 051/6194464 
Bologna-Savena  C/o Centro Spazio, Via Cavazzoni n. 2/C 40139 - Bologna-Savena(Bologna) Fax: 051/6249376 
Borgomanero  c/o Comune, Corso Cavour n. 16 28021 - Borgomanero(Novara) Tel. 0322/845206 Fax: 0322/845206 E: abdt@cdnet.it
Bovolone  C/o Via Baldoni n. 25 37051 - Bovolone(Verona) 
Bozen E: bober@LINK-BZ.comlink.apc.org
Brescia  Via Cimabue n. 18/B Brescia(Brescia) Fax: 030/372371 
Brescia  Via Corfy n. 100 25100 - Brescia(Brescia) 
Brescia  c/o Centro Socio culturale del Villaggio Sereno, Traversa 120 n. 58/a 25100 - Brescia(Brescia) Fax: 030/3544550 E: roberto@dracmanet.com
Bresso  Sede c/o Abitazione Coordinatrice Bresso(Milano) 
Brindisi  C/o Aula Multimediale dell'Istituto Tecnico Industriale "Giorgi", Via Amalfi n. 6 72100 - Brindisi(Brindisi) Fax: 0831/418882  
Buccinasco  Via Marzabotto n. 9 20090 - Buccinasco(Milano) Fax: 02/700410834 http://web.tiscali.it/bancatempobuccinasco   E: bancatempo_buccinasco@yahoo.it   
Busto Garofalo  C/o Comune, Piazza Diaz n. 1 20020 - Busto Garofalo(Milano) Fax: 0331/568703 
C.I.R.T. Cassa Di Investimento Risparmio Del Tempo Cuggiono  Via San Fermo n. 25/27 20012 - Vimercate(Milano) 
Cagliari  C/o C.I.F (Centro Italiano Femminile), Via Lanusei n. 23 09100 - Cagliari(Cagliari) Fax: 070/663320 
Cagliari  C/o Scuola Media annessa al Conservatorio Musicale 09100 - Cagliari(Cagliari) 
Cagliari  Via S'Arriu n. 6 09134 - Cagliari(Cagliari) E: informagiovani.pirri@tiscalinet.it  
Calderara Di Reno  10 Sportello c/o Municipio, Piazza Marconi n. 7 40012 - Calderara Di Reno(Bologna) Fax: 051/724130 
Calderara Di Reno  20 Sportello c/o Centro Civico di Longara, Via Longarola n. 33/a 40012 - Calderara Di Reno(Bologna) 
Camposampiero  C/o InformaGiovani della Ulss n. 15, (Biblioteca Comunale) 35012 - Camposampiero(Padova) Fax: 049/9301808 
Candelo  c/o Biblioteca, Piazza Castello 16 13878 - Candelo(Biella) 
Capriano Del Colle  C/o Sala di Lettura del Comune Capriano Del Colle(Brescia) Fax: 030/9747384 
Cardito  C/o Associazione DonneEuropee-Federcasalinghe Sezione di Cardito, Piazza Garibaldi n. 13 80024 - Cardito(Napoli) Fax: 081/8308384 E: mario.vespere@inwind.it 
Carmagnola  C/o Centro Sociale B. Longo, Via Torino n. 61 10022 - Carmagnola(Torino)  
Carpi  Via De Amicis n. 59 41012 - Carpi(Modena) Fax: 059/694050 http://www.voce.it  E: voce@baskerville.it 
Casa Sulla Roccia  Sede c/o abitazione socio Brescia E: michele_borgognoni@enolgas.it 
Casale Monferrato  C/o Centro Associazionismo Sociale, Via Mellana 17 15033 - Casale Monferrato(Alessandria) Fax: 0142/7417770 
Casalecchio Di Reno  C/o Associazione "Percorsi di Pace", Via Baracca n. 4/6 40033 - Casalecchio Di Reno(Bologna) Fax: 051/6132264 E: percpace@iperbole.bologna.it 
Casarano  Sede provvisoria Via Pietro Micca n. 11 73042 - Casarano(Lecce) Fax: 0833/513576 
Cassago Brianza  C/o Comune, Piazza Trento Trieste 22065 - Casago Brianza(Lecco) Fax: 039/9211009 
Cassina De' Pecchi  c/o Servizi Sociali del Comune, Piazza De Gasperi 1 20060 - Cassina De' Pecchi(Milano) Fax: 02/95343248 
Castel Maggiore  C/o Ufficio Anagrafe, Piazza Pace 40013 - Castel Maggiore(Bologna) Fax: 051/715532 
Castel Goffredo c/o Municipio, ufficio Messi, Piazza Mazzini n. 1 Castel Goffredo(Mantova) Fax: 0376/777227 
Castel Ritaldi, Gualdo Cattaneo, Giano Dell'Umbria, Montefalco E Trevi.  C/o Comune di Castel Ritaldi, Viale Martiri della Resistenza 06044 - Comuni Di:Castel Ritaldi, Gualdo Cattaneo, Giano Dell'Umbria, Montefalco E
Castelfranco Veneto  Sede provvisoria, Via Riccati n. 14 31033 - Castelfranco Veneto(Treviso) Fax: 0423/495595 
Catania  C/o Centro Sociale 1 della III0 Circ.ne, Via Guido da Gozzano n. 24 Catania(Catania) Fax: 095/448093 
Catania  C/o Ufficio Tempi e Orari del Comune, Via S. Maria del Rosario n. 18 95100 - Catania(Catania) Fax: 095/383173 
Cecina  C/o Fantasia Via Fratelli Rosselli n. 3 57023 - Cecina(Pisa) Fax: 0586/631031 E: cedre@mail.etrurianet.it 
Cernusco Sul Naviglio  c/o Auser, Via Manzoni 25 20063 - Cernusco Sul Naviglio(Milano) 
Certaldo  Via Matteotti n. 45 50052 - Certaldo(Firenze) Fax: 0571/660117 E: fiocco@nautilo.it  E: fiorella.bome@nautilo.it
Chieri  C/o Centro Anziani, Via San Giorgio n. 19 10023 - Chieri(Torino) 
Ciampino  C/o Comune Palazzo A, Viale del Lavoro n.55 00043 - Ciampino(Rome) 
Cinisello Balsamo  C/o URP, Via Frova 18 20092 - Cinisello Balsamo(Milano) Fax: 02/66011502 E: timeinvest@comune.cinisello-balsamo.mi.it
Circoscrizione C/o Centro Donne Artemisia, Via Inverigo, n. 28 00192 - La Xx Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: Fax 06/33616231 
Cirih  C/o Informagiovani, Via Rosmini n. 3/a 10037 - Cirih(Torino) Fax: 011/9202080 E: info.cirie@tin.it
Citt` Di Castello  Sede Centrale, C/o Centro Le Grazie, Largo Amedeo Corsi 20 Sportello c/o Ass.ne ACAT  06012 - Citt` Di Castello(Perugia) 
Clusone  C/o Spi - Cgil, Via San Defendente n. 8 24023 - Clusone(Bergamo) Fax: 0346/21016 E: olgaern@libero.it
Codogni  Via Leonardo da Vinci n. 4 31013 - Codogni(Treviso) Fax: 0438/795048 
Colle Val D'Elsa  C/o Centro sociale 'Dirio Ciani',Via Oberdan n. 42 53034 - Colle Val D'Elsa(Siena) Fax: 0577/901234 
Collesalvetti  C/o Uffici Servizi Sociali del Comune, Via Umberto I0, n. 38 57014 - Collesalvetti(Livorno) Fax: 0586/96241 
Conegliano Veneto  C/o Centro Sociale, Via Kennedy n. 19 31015 - Conegliano Veneto(Treviso) 
Cordenons  Via San Michele n. 13 33084 - Cordenons(Pordenone) Fax: 0434/932548 E: spaziogiovani.informa@pn.nettuno.it
Cornedo Vicentino  Piazzetta San Nicolr n. 2 36073 - Cornedo Vicentino(Vicenza) Fax: 0444/951949 E: bancadtempo@freemail.it
Cosenza  C/o Casa delle Culture 98 87100 - Cosenza(Cosenza) Fax: 0984/73214 http://adone.antares.it/tempomat
Coverciano C/o Circolo Andreoni, Via d'Orso, n. 8 50135 - Coverciano(Firenze) Fax: 055/602636 E: robyballo@freedomland.it
Crespano Del Grappa  C/o Biblioteca Civica 31017 - Crespano Del Grappa(Treviso) Fax: 0423/538238 
Crotone C/o Lega SPI-CGIL, Via Paternostro 88074 - Crotone(Crotone) Fax: 0962/24951 E: crotone@mail.cgil.it
Domodossola (Vb)  C/o Comune, Piazza Repubblica dell'Ossola n. 1 28845 - Domodossola (Vb)(Verbania) 
Empoli  C/o Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico del Comune, Via G. del Papa, n. 41 50053 - Empoli(Firenze) Fax: 0571/757910 http://www.comune.empoli.fi.it   E: urp@comune.empoli.fi.it
Enna C/o Assessorato P.I. del Comune, Piazza Coppola n. 1 94100 - Enna(Enna) Fax: 0935/500403 
Faenza  C/o Associazione "La voce", Corso Mazzini n. 74 48018 - Faenza(Ravenna) Fax: 0546/691283 E: comuneeconomia@faenza.provincia.ra.it
Fano C/o Associazione Argonauta, Via Malatesta n. 2 61032 - Fano(Pesaro) Fax: 0721/881810  
Ficarazzi  C/o Sezione A.D.V.S. -F.I.D.A.S., Piazza Padre Pio n. 2 90010 - Ficarazzi(Palermo) 
Filottrano  C/o Comune, Via Roma n. 6 60024 - Filottrano(Ancona) Fax: 071/7220089  
Finale Emilia  Via Cappuccini n. 20/a 41034 - Finale Emilia(Modena) Fax: 0535/93903  
Firenze Rifredi C/o S.M.S. - Societ` Mutuo Soccorso, Via V. Emanuele, n. 303 50141 - Firenze Rifredi(Firenze) 
Firenze/Santa Croce  Via dell'Anguillara n. 2/R 50123 - Firenze/Santa Croce(Firenze) Fax: 055/2767650  E: temps2@comune.fi.it
Fiumicino  C/o distretto Scolastico, Via del Serbatoio n. 32 00054 - Fiumicino(Rome) Fax: 06/6506207 
Florence Time Bank E: cecchelli5@tin.it
Forll  C/o Centro Famiglie, Via Tina Gori n. 58 47100 - Forll(Forll) Fax: 0543/31420  
Fossano  Sede provvisoria c/o abitazione socia della B.T. Fossano(Cuneo) Fax: 0172/633708 
Gallarate  Via Cadolini n. 6 21013 - Gallarate(Varese) Fax: 0331/777331 info@bancadeltempo.net  E: info@bancadeltempo.net
Galliate  Sede Provvisoria Via Falcone Galliate(Novara) E: urp@comune.galliate.no.it
Genova  Corso Torino n. 46/Int. 1 16124 - Genova(Genova) Fax: 010/565971 
Genova  C/o Liceo Scientifico Convitto "Colombo", Via Bellucci n. 4 16100 - Genova(Genova) Fax: 010/2512415 
Genova  Sede provvisoria,C/o Liceo Artistico "Paul Klee";Via G. Maggio n. 3  19131 - Genova(Genova) Fax: 010/3992965 
Genova  C/o Circolo Culturale Bagdad Cafi Salita Inferiore San Rocchino n. 4/R 16122 - Genova(Genova) Fax: 010/5531173 http://www.rpinformatica.it/bagdad   E: alf@confartigianato.liguria.it
Genova  C/o Centro Sociale e Circolo Ragazzi "Colle degli Ometti", Piazza F, Parri 16166 - Genova(Genova) Fax: 010/394426 
Genova  C/o Centro Auser, Piazza Acquaverde n. 5/2 16126 - Genova(Genova) Fax: 010/255267 
Genova Sestri Ponente  C/o circolo "Arci Tinacci", Via R. A. Vigna n. 62 Rosso 16154 - Genova Sestri Ponente(Genova) E: bdtlaclessidra@iname.com
Grosseto  C/o Circoscrizione III Gorarella ,Via Papa Giovanni XXIII 58100 - Grosseto(Grosseto) Fax: 0564/494797 http://www.gol.grosseto.it   E: fuferri@gol.grosseto.it
Guardiagrele Associazione "Punto Giovani" Via San Francesco n. 8 66016 - Guardiagrele(Chieti) Fax: 0871/800452 
Guspini  Sede Centrale, C/o Associazione Ginestra, Via Saba n. 6 08036 - Guspini(Cagliari) Fax: 070/974549 E: essedi.telecom@interbussiness.it
Imola  Via Aldrovandi n. 31 40026 - Imola(Bologna) Fax: 0542/28705 E: trama.terre@mbox.queen.it
Imola  C/o Centro famiglie del Comune, Via Casoni n. 42 40026 - Imola(Bologna) Fax: 0542/32108 
Imperia  C/o Scuola Media Boine, Viale Rimembranza n. 31 18100 - Imperia(Imperia) Fax: 0183/60876 
Inzago  Via Brambilla 6  20065 - Inzago(Milano) 
Isola Del Liri  C/o Uffici Servizi Sociali del Comune, Via san Giuseppe 03036 - Isola Del Liri(Frosinone) Fax: 0776/800836 
Ivrea  C/o Casa delle Donne, Via Dora Baltea n. 1 10015 - Ivrea(Torino) Fax: 0125/44547 fe.dim@flashnet
La Maddalena (Ss)  C/o Centro Aggregazione sociale, Via XX settembre 07024 - La Maddalena(Sassari) Fax: 0789/728090 
Lallio  c/o Comune, Via San Bernardino n. 8 24040 - Lallio(Bergamo) Fax: 035/200729  
Latina  C/o Caritas Diocesana, Via Torino n. 15 04100 - Latina(Latina) Fax: 0773/624025 
Lecce  C/o Cooperativa Sociale "Cittabella, Via Ofanto (ex scuola elementare "Livio Tempesta) 73100 - Lecce(Lecce) 
Lecco  Via Roma n. 51 23900 - Lecco(Lecco) Fax: 0341/350867 
Legnago  c/o Biblioteca Comunale "G. Bellinato", Via Ospital Vecchio n. 9 37045 - Legnano(Verona) Fax: 0442/600281 
Legnano  C/o AUSER, Via Barbara Melzi n. 54  20025 - Legnano(Milano) Fax: 0331/547289 http://www.legnano.org/reteciv/associaz/sociale/bdt   E: bdt.legnano@libero.it
Lido Di Camaiore  C/o Pubblica Assistenza Croce Verde,Via Fratelli Rosselli 55043 - Lido Di Camaiore(Lucca) 
Lucca  Via Fillungo n. 158 55100 - Lucca(Lucca) E: alessandro.biagini3@tin.it
Lucera  C/o Assessorato ai Servizi Sociali del Comune Lucera(Foggia) Fax: 0881/521006  
Luino  C/o Societ` Operaia Mutuo Soccorso, Viale Rimembranze 6/c  21016 - Luino(Varese) Fax: 0332/530737 
Macerata 1  C/o Centro Sociale "C.S.A. Macerata", Via Alfieri n. 8 62100 - Macerata(Macerata) Fax: 0733/269022 
Mantova Sede provvisoria c/o ab. Presidente B.T. Mantova(Mantova) 
Marcello Pistoiese  c/o Biblioteca Comunale, Piazza Matteotti 51028 - Marcello Pistoiese(Pistoia) 
Martano  Via Castrignano De' Greci n. 51 73025 - Martano(Lecce) Fax: 0836/572183 http://www.isf.it/presenze/bancadeltempo.martano   E: paconet@libero.it
Mascalucia  C/o Scuola Media Leonardo Da Vinci, Via Regione Siciliana n. 12 95030 - Mascalucia(Catania) Fax: 095/7275763 
Massa  C/o "50 & PIU'- Organizzazione di Anziani", Viale E. Chiesa n. 2 54100 - Massa(Massa Carrara) Fax: 0584/499250 E: fenacom_massa@tin.it
Massa-Carrara  10 Sportello - Massa, C/o sede CISL, Piazza Mercurio n. 25/a   54100 - Massa-Carrara(Massa Carrara) 
Massa-Carrara  20 Sportello - Carrara, C/o sede CISL, Via Ceci n. 11 54100 - Massa-Carrara(Massa Carrara) 
Mathilde Tasinari, I- St. Arcangelo/Romagna Tel: +39-541-624 305 E: welcome@damanhur.org
Messina  c/o Associazione Antigone, Via Aurelio Saffi, Is. 91 98100 - Messina(Messina) Fax: 090/59917 
Milano c/o Associazione ANVE, Via Aldini 72 Milano(Milano) Fax: 02/3537557 
Milano c/o Ass.ne "Dell'Amore Fraterno" Quinto Romano, Piazza Madonna della Provvidenza 1 20153 - Milano(Milano) Fax: 02/92106908 
Milano c/o Scuola Materna, Via Banzilai n. 8 20146 - Milano(Milano) Fax: 02/4156873 
Milano Sede "Il Giardino delle Idee", Via Brunico n. 18 20126 - Milano(Milano) Fax: 02/2553103 E: nicoteo@tiscalinet.it
Milano c/o Centro ricreativo Anziani, Via Grivola n. 10 20162 - Milano(Milano) 
Milano C/o Associazione per la Famiglia, Via Tadino n. 3 20124 - Milano(Milano) Fax: 02/2043660 
Milano Centro Storico  C/o SPI- Cgil, Via Lazzaro Papi n. 10  Milano(Milano) Fax: 02/5517873 
Milano Rogoredo (Zona 14)  Via Monpiani n. 5 20139 - Milano-Rogoredo(Milano) 
Milano-Baggio  Piazza Stovani n. 5 20161 - Milano-Baggio(Milano) 
Milano-Citt` Studi  Sede c/o Studio Medico, Via Sangallo 18 20133 - Milano-Citt` Studi(Milano) 
Milano-Crescenzago (Zona 10) Via Palmanova n. 59 20161 - Milano-Crescenzago(Milano) 
Milano-Gallatarese (Zona 19) 20 Sporttello - Via Uruguay n. 11/12 20151 - Milano-Gallaratese(Milano) 
Milano-Gallatarese (Zona 19) Banca Del Tempo Di Milano-Gallatarese (Zona 19) 10 Sportello - Via Quarenghi n. 21 20151 - Milano-Gallaratese(Milano) 
Milano-Niguarda (Zona 9)  Via Monterotondo 10 20162 - Milano-Niguarda(Milano) 
Milano-San Siro  Via Mar Jonio n. 7 20149 - Milano-San Siro(Milano) 
Mirandola  C/o Progetto Famiglie del Comune, Via Castelfidardo n. 40 41037 - Mirandola(Modena) Fax: 0535/610898 E: e.ced.mirandola.comune@arcanet.it
Moda  c/o Scuola Ida Ferri, Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, n. 2 Roma(Rome) 
Modena  C/o Circoscrizione II Torrenova, Via Spontini n. 4 41100 - Modena(Modena) Fax: 059/367320 E: mtmascia@tin.it
Modica  Sede Centrale, Consorziale Cisterna Salemi 1/a 97010 - Modica(Ragusa) Fax: 0932/764761 
Moncalieri  Corso Trieste n. 23 - Borgo San Pietro 10024 - Moncalieri(Torino) Fax: 011/6406230 E: bancatempomoncalieri@libero.it
Monfalcone  C/o InformaGiovani, Piazza Falcone-Borsellino n. 7/R Monfalcone(Gorizia) E: monicaconte@yahoo.com
Monopoli  Associazione "Donne per la citt`", Via Magenta n. 79 70043 - Monopoli(Bari) Fax: 080/802576 
Montegrotto Terme  Sportello centrale c/o ex Scuola E. Filiberto, Via Caposeda 1 Montegrotto Terme(Padova) Fax: 049/8929147 
Montegrotto Terme  Sportello decentrato c/o Informagiovani, Via Diaz 82 35031 - Abano Terme(Padova) Fax: 049/812227 
Monterenzio  C/o Biblioteca Civica, Via Idice n.235 40050 - Monterenzio(Bologna) Fax: 051/929292 
Montespertoli  C/o Biblioteca Comunale 50052 - Montespertoli(Firenze) Fax: 0571/608747 
Monza  C/o Casa del Volontariato, Via Correggio 58 20052 - Monza(Milano) Fax: 039/2844467 
Morciano Di Romagna  C/o Unione dei Comuni della Valconca, Via Ronci n. 20 47047 - Morciano Di Romagna(Rimini) Fax: 0541/851014 
Mozzo  C/o Centro Sociale, Via Verdi 24035 - Mozzo(Bergamo) 
Muggir  Via Ferrario 3 20053 - Muggir(Milano) Fax: 039/2144326 E: crilex@tin.it
Musica  C/o Scuola Elementare Giulio Cesare, Via Alberto da Giussano, n. 56 00176 - Roma(Rome) 
Nichelino  Via Moncenisio n. 27 10042 - Nichelino(Torino) 
Noccioletta Di Massa Marittima  C/o Transcultural Agri-Center Podere S. Costanza 58020 - Noccioletta Di Massa Marittima(Grosseto) 
Nogara  C/o Comune - Gabinetto del Sindaco, Via Roma n. 1 37054 - Nogara(Verona) Fax: 0442/88333 
Nonantola  Via Marconi n. 18 41015 - Nonantola(Modena) E: oltrelab@tiscalinet.it
Novara  C/o Ass,ne MIR, Via Mossotti n. 6/d 28100 - Novara(Novara) Tel. 0321/388882 Fax: 0321/388882 
Novate Milanese  Via Resistenza n. 11 20016 - Novate Milanese(Milano) Fax: 02/3565809  
Nuoro  C/o Camera del Lavoro CGIL, Via Oggiano n. 41 08100 - Nuoro(Nuoro) 
Oleggio  C/o Comune, Via Novara n. 5 28047 - Oleggio(Novara) Fax: 0321/93315 E: anemaitepino@inwind.it
Oristano  C/o Auser CGIL Oristano(Oristano) 
Oltrarno  Via Sant'Agostino n. 19 50100 - Oltrarno(Firenze) 
Ovada  c/o Biblioteca Comunale, Piazza Cereseto 15076 - Ovada(Alessandria) E: enzoeffe@tin.it
Padova  Sede centrale c/o Assessorato Pubblica Istruzione, Via Raggio di Sole n. 2 35137 - Padova(Padova) Fax: 049/8204050 E: cir@provincia.padova.it
Padova  Sportello decentrato: c/o Azienda ULSS n. 16, Via San Giovanni XXIII, n. 13/Piano terra 35030 - Tencarola Di Selvazzano(Padova) 
Padova  Via Raggio di Sole, 2 - Padova Tel. 0039/ 49/820 40 56 Fax: 0039/049/8204050 E: cir@provincia.padova.it
Pantigliate  c/o Centro Donna, Via Risorgimento 15 20090 - Pantigliate(Milano) 
Parma  Via Mazzini n. 6 43100 - Parma(Parma) Fax: 0521/221023 E: uilppensionate@libero.it
Pasian Di Prato  C/o Commissione Pari Opportunit` del Comune Pasian Di Prato(Udine) Fax: 0432/691130 
Pedrengo  Via Giardini 6 24066 - Pedrengo(Bergamo) Fax: 035/661367 E: fcarbo@iol.it
Perugia  Sede Provvisoria presso Coordinatrice Perugia 
Pesaro  Sede provvisoria, c/o abitazione della coordinatrice Pesaro 
Pesaro-Centro  C/o Centro Civico della I0 Circoscrizione, Piazza Europa n. 16 61100 - Pesaro-Centro(Pesaro) 
Pesaro-Quartiere Pantano  Via Lamarmora n. 18 61100 - Pesaro-Quartiere Pantano(Pesaro) Fax: 0721/418077 E: ps3q96s@tellenet.pesaro.ps.it
Pesaro-Villa Fastigi C/o IV Circoscrizione, Via Fastiggi n. 96 61100 - Pesaro-Villa Fastigi(Pesaro) 
Pesaro-Vismara  C/o Centro Civico della IV Circoscrizione, Via Basento 61100 - Pesaro-Vismara(Pesaro) 
Pescara  c/o A.C.L.I. provinciale, Viale della Riviera n. 277 65125 - Pescara(Pescara) Fax: 085/76360 
Peschiera Borromeo  Sede provvisoria c/o abitazione socia della B.T. Peschiera Borromeo(Milano) E: a.paris8@comm2000.it
Pinerolo  Via Duomo n. 1 10064 - Pinerolo(Torino) 
Pioltello  c/o I.T.C. 'A. Gamsci sezione staccata, Via Milano 1 20096 - Tempo Di Pioltello(Milano) Fax: 02/92107741 
Piombino  c/o Circoscrizione "Salivoli-Montemazzano", Lungomare Marconi, n. 280 57025 - Piombino(Livorno) Fax: 0585/228482 
Piossasco  C/o Ass.ne Pro Loco, Via Palestro n. 60 10045 - Piossasco(Torino) Fax: 011//9065524 
Pistoia  c/o Circoscrizione V, Piazzale Belvedere 51100 - Pistoia(Pistoia) http://bancatempo.supereva.it E: bancatempo@supereva.it
Pomigliano D'Arco  C/o Associazione culturale "METAFORE", Via G. Verdi n. 23 80038 - Napoli(Napoli) Fax: 081/7347414 
Ponte San Nicolr  C/o Biblioteca Comunale, Via Aldo Moro n. 28 35020 - Ponte San Nicolr(Padova) Fax: 049/89622003 E: bibliotecapsn@provincia.padova.it
Ponte San Pietro  C/o Comune, Via Trento Trieste n. 24 24036 - Ponte San Pietro(Bergamo) 
Pordenone  C/o InformaGiovani del Comune, Piazzetta San Marco 33170 - Pordenone(Pordenone) Fax: 0434/392534 
Portici  C/o Teatro de "Rinnovati", Viale Tiziano n. 15 80055 - Napoli(Napoli) 
Pozzuoli  C/o Centro Donna, Via Nicola Fasano n. 15 80124 - Pozzuoli(Napoli) 
Prato  Via Pomeria n. 90 50047 - Prato(Prato) E: bancadeltempo@mbox.comune.prato.it
Preganziol  Via Rossini n. 1 (ex Municipio) Preganziol(Treviso) Fax: 0422/330871  
Presezzo  C/o Associazione "Riccio" Via Montessori n. 83 24023 - Presezzo(Bergamo) Fax: 035/462197 
Quarto Oggiaro  C/o A.N.P.I. Via Vittani n. 5 20157 - Quarto Oggiaro(Milano) Fax: 02/3550966 
Ravenna  C/o Circoscrizione I, Via Maggiore n. 122 48100 - Ravenna(Ravenna) Fax: 0544/482045 
Recanati  Chiostro S. Agostino 62019 - Recanati(Macerata) Fax: 071/7573574 
Reggio Calabria  C/o Associazione International House, Via Bruno Buozzi 5/e 89100 - Reggio Calabria(Reggio Calabria) Fax: 0965/812560 
Reggio Emilia  R.E.L. Rete di Economia Locale, Via Vittorangeli n. 7/D 42100 - Reggio Emilia(Ravenna) Fax: 0522/454832 
Rieti  C/o Centro"Peter Pan"; Ospedale Psichiatrico, Via del Terminillo 02100 - Rieti(Rieti) Fax: 0746/278440 E: gbuccio@tin.it  
Rimini Quartiere 2  C/o Centro Giovani del quartiere 5, Via Pintor n. 7/B 47900 - Rimini Quartiere 2(Rimini) Fax: 0541/383656 E: leoninagrossi@libero.it
Roma Della I0 Circoscrizione c/o Centro Anziani Testaccio, Piazza Giustiniani n. 4 00154 - Roma Della I0 Circoscrizione Fax: 06/5757663 
Roma Della Ii  c/o Ass.ne "Il Marsupio"; Via Eugenio Vajna n. 21/a - 00198 Roma Della Ii(Rome) Fax: 06/80690231 
Roma Della Iii0 Circoscrizione  c/o Bar Village, Via Cesare De Lollis n.22 00185 - Roma Della Iii0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/4462534 E: bdtc030@romacivica.net
Roma Iv0 Circoscrizione  C/o Oratorio Salesiano, Piazza Antonio Fradeletto s.n.c. 00139 - Roma Iv0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/87139959 
Roma Ix0 Circoscrizione  C/o Centro Anziani di Villa Lazzaroni, Via Appia Nuova, n. 522/A 00179 - Roma Ix0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/7827903 
Roma V0 Circoscrizione  c/o Ass,ne Mezzelani-Spazio Tempo-Coop ABC sos, Viale Mozart, n. 43 00100 - Roma V0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/4063885 
Roma V0 Circoscrizione  C/o Scuola Elementare Giulio Cesare, Via Alberto da Giussano, n. 56 00176 - Roma V0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/290247 
Roma X0 Circoscrizione  C/o Comitato del quartiere Piscine di Torrespaccata, Via Marco dino Rossi, n. 23 00100 - Roma X0 Circoscrizione(Rome) 
Roma Xi0 Circosrizione  C/o Ass.ne Polisportiva "Pian due Torri", Via dei Lincei, n. 93 00133 - Roma Xi0 Circosrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/51600699 E: bdtpianduetorri@tiscalinet.it
Roma Xii0 Circoscrizione  C/o SPI-CGIL, Via Ignazio Silone (I ponte) 00100 - Roma Xii0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/50993121 E: xii@libero.it
Roma Xiii0 Circoscrizione  Via delle Baleari n. 90 00119 - Roma Xiii0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: Fax 06/5612257 
Roma Xix0 Circoscrizione  C/o InformaGiovani, Via Assarotti, n. 9/b 00135 - Roma Xix0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: Fax 06/30600457 
Roma Xv0 Circoscrizione  Viale Alessandro Cruto n. 43/III piano 00146 - Roma Xv0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/5577793 E: bdtc@freemail.it
Roma Xvi0 Circoscrizione  c/o ex Chiesa Bel Respiro, Via Vitellia n. 78 00146 - Roma Xvi0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/538336 
Roma Xvii0 Circoscrizione  Associazione Volontariato "Il Cerchio", Via Ruggiero di Lauria, n. 24 00192 - Roma Xvii0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: 06/39733347 E: avilcerchio@tin.it
Roma Xviii0 Circoscrizione  c/o Associazione Dinamo e Mezzelani, Piazza de La Salle, n. 3 00100 - Roma Xviii0 Circoscrizione(Rome) Fax: fax 06/66412390 
Rovereto  C/o InformaCittadini del Comune, Via Portici 38068 - Rovereto(Trento) Fax: 0464/452320 
Rovigo  C/o Sportello Donna del Comune, Via Pighin n. 22 45100 - Rovigo(Rovigo) Fax: 0425/29009 
Sala Baganza C/o Servizi sociali, Piazza Gramsci n. 1 43038 - Sala Baganza(Parma) Fax: 0521/834382 
Salerno  C/o A.R.C.I., Piazza S. Agostino n. 16 84100 - Salerno(Salerno) Fax: 089/253105
San Benedetto Del Tronto  C/o Centro Sociale "Primavera", Via Piemonte n. 124 63039 - San Benedetto Del Tronto(Ascoli Piceno) Fax: 0735/794503 
San Donato Milanese  C/o Istituzione Societ` Oggi /Centro InformaGiovani, Via Unica Bolgiano 20097 - San Donato Milanese(Milano) Fax: 02/55601028 E: istituzione@id.it
San Gennaro Vesuviano  C/o Ufficio Pubbliche Relazioni del Comune, Piazza Margherita 80040 - San Gennaro Vesuviano(Napoli) Fax: 081/8656849 
San Giovanni In Persiceto  C/o Consulta del Volontariato sociale, Via Rambelli n. 14 40017 - San Giovanni In Persiceto(Bologna) Fax: 051/825024 
San Lazzaro Di Savena  C/o Centro Informazione per Infanzia e Famiglia del Comune 48068 - San Lazzaro Di Savena(Bologna) Fax: 051/6271046 
San Mauro Torinese  C/o Sportello del Cittadino del Comune, Via Martiri della Libert` n. 150 10064 - San Mauro Torinese(Torino) 
San Miniato  "Informazioni presso URP del Comune"; San Miniato(Pisa) Tel. 0571/49614 http://www.comune.sanminiato.pi.it   E: urp@comune.sanminiato.pi.it
San Sebastiano Al Vesuvio  C/o Ciriello Ufficio Informagiovani, Piazza R. Capasso n. 1 80040 - San Sebastiano Al Vesuvio(Napoli) Fax: 081/7867136 E: infgiovani@hotmail.com
San Vito Al Tagliamento  Sede provvisoria, C/o Palazzo del Comune (Paiero), Piazza del Popolo n. 31 33078 - San Vito Al Tagliamento(Pordenone) Fax: 0434/833513 
San Vittore Olona  C/o Municipio, Via Europa n. 23 20028 - San Vittore Olona(Milano) Fax: 0331/519428 
Santa Giustina Di Rimini  C/o Centro Giovani del quartiere 5, Via Montiano n. 14 47821 - Santa Giustina Di Rimini(Rimini) 
Santa Lucia Del Mela C/o Ciak Time Music, Via Stefano Cattafi n. 2 98046 - Santa Lucia Del Mela(Messina) Fax: 090/9359139 
Santa Teresa Di Gallura  Informazioni c/o SPI-CGIL, - Cugini, Via Piave n. 46 07026 - Olbia(Sassari) 
Sant'Arcangelo Di Romagna  Via A. Costa n. 30 47038 - Sant'Arcangelo Di Romagna(Rimini) Fax: 0541/356300 
Santo Stefano Magra  C/o Biblioteca civica C. Arzel`, Piazza della Pace 19037 - Santo Stefano Magra(La Spezia) Fax: 0187/699769 E: s-st-bib@luna.it
Saronno  Via San Giuseppe n. 36 21047 - Saronno(Varese) Fax: 02/96701389 
Sassari  C/o Confesercenti, Via Bogino n. 25 07100 - Sassari(Sassari) Fax: 079/229370  
Savena  c/o Centro SPAZIO  Via Cavazzoni 2  40100 BOLOGNA E: deb7439@iperbole.bologna.it
Schio  Via Porta di Sotto n. 27 36015 - Schio(Vicenza) Fax: 0445/532149 
Selargius  C/o Associazione "Liberazione", Vico I0 San Nicolr n. 3 Selargius(Cagliari) Fax: 070/8488098 
Senago  c/o Libreria Eidos, Via San Carlo 9 20030 - Senago(Milano) Fax: 02/9242727 E: eidoslibri@libero.it
Seregno  C/o Centro Anziani del Comune, Via Schiapparelli n. 21 20038 - Seregno(Milano) Fax: 0362/220133 
Seriate  Via Paderno n. 42 24068 - Seriate(Bergamo) 
Sesto Fiorentino  C/o Centro comunale per le famiglie "Il Melograno", Via Fratelli Bandiera, n. 6 50019 - Sesto Fiorentino(Firenze) Fax: 055/4493688 E: ilmelograno@tin.it
Settimo Milanese  c/o Centro Sociale, Via Libert` 33 20019 - Settimo Milanese(Milano) bancadeltempo.E: bancadeltempo.settimomilanese@katamail.com
Settimo Torinese  Via Petrarca n. 20 10037 - Settimo Torinese(Torino) 
Siena  C/o Centro Polivalente Informazioni, Via Sallustio Bandini n. 45 53100 - Siena(Siena) Fax: 0577/241569 E: p.papi@orientamento.regione.toscana.it
Sinnai  C/o Consultorio, Via Eleonora D'Arborea n. 1 09048 - Sinnai(Cagliari) Fax: 070/782414 
Sondrio  C/o Auser/Spi-Cgil, Via Petrini n. 14 23100 - Sondrio(Sondrio) 
Soriano Del Cimino  C/o Uffici Servizi Sociali del Comune, Piazza Marconi, n. 8 01038 - Soriano Del Cimino(Viterbo) 
Sossano  c/o Palazzo del Municipio 36040 - Sossano(Vicenza) 
Spinea  C/o Comune, Via Roma n. 144 30038 - Spinea(Venezia) Fax: 041/5411201 E: roberto2@uol.it
SRI Sistema di reciprocit` Indiretta, Lo SRI h un Sistema dInterinformazione.  Via Costantino, 54 - 73025 Martano (Lecce). Tel. 0039 0836 575772: E: pantaleorizzo@mail.clio.it  E: gianbianco@libero.it  E: pellegrino2212@libero.it
Stezzano  C/o abitazione della Presidente Stezzano(Bergamo) 
Taranto  C/o Sindacato Pensionati Cgil SPI, Via Aristosseno n. 21 74100 - Taranto(Taranto) Fax: 0997/326823 
Telematica Per Anziani  c/o Centro Anziani San Giorgio, Via G. Bonichi n. 3 Roma(Rome) 
TEMPOMAT  c/o Cgil nazionale, 00198/ROMA; Corso Italia n., 25 Roma. Tel. 0039/06/8476.358 Fax: 0039/06/8476337 http://www.cgil.it/cittadinoritrovato/tempomat   E: tempomat@cgil.it
Terlizzi  C/o Associazione Pianeta Solidale, Via Foscolo n. 46 70038 - Terlizzi(Bari)  
Terni  C/o V0 Circoscrizione, Via Molise n. 17 05100 - Terni(Terni) Fax: 0744/549665  
Tolentino  C/o Centro "Pergiorgio Fossati", Piazza San Francesco n. 5 62029 - Tolentino(Macerata) 
Torino X Circoscrizione  C/o Ufficio "Sportello del Cittadino", Strada Comunale Mirafiori n. 7 10135 - Torino X Circoscrizione(Torino) Fax: 011/4435019  
Torino "Almaterra"  Via Noberto Rosa n. 13/a 10154 - Torino(Torino) Fax: 011/2056133 E: alma@arpnet.it
Torino Iv Circoscrizione  20 sportello Via Principi d'Acaja n. 12 10100 - Torino Iv Circoscrizione(Torino) 
Torino Iv Circoscrizione  10 sportello Via Valentino Carrera n. 82 10146 - Torino Iv Circoscrizione(Torino) Fax: 011/799785 
Tradate-Abbiate  c/o A.C.L.I. di Tradate, Via U. Foscolo n. 1 21049 - Tradare - Abbiate(Varese) 
Traversetolo Sede provvisoria, C/o Ass.to Servizi Sociali del Comune, Via V. Veneto n. 30 43029 - Traversetolo(Parma) Fax: 0521/844465 
Trento  Via Vittorio Veneto n. 24 38100 - Trento(Trento) 
Trevi (Perugia) Fax: 0743/252005 E: castelritalditour@krenet.it
Treviglio  C/o Cassa Rurale, Via Bartolomeo Rozzone n. 1 24047 - Treviglio(Bergamo) Fax: 0363/422331 0363/301585 E: moleri@imetec.it
Treviso  C/o CTM, Via Montebello n. 4 31100 - Treviso(Treviso) E: batts@tin.it E: sonjtcka@libero.it
Trieste  C/o Scuola Media Brunner, Via delle Ginestre n. 1 34135 - Trieste(Trieste)  
Trissino  C/o Pro Loco, Via Antonio Lora n. 129 - Stanza 9/I0 piano 36070 - Trissino(Vicenza) 
Triverio  C/o Biblioteca Comunale, Frazione Gualla n. 8 13835 - Triverio(Biella) Fax: 015/75026 
Udine-Cussignasco  C/o V0 Circoscrizione, Via V. Veneto n. 164 33100 - Udine-Cussignasco(Udine) Fax: 0432/601563 
Urbania  C/o Centro d'Ascolto Caritas, Via F. Terzi n. 2 61049 - Urbania(Pesaro) Fax: 0722/318821 E: cartis@info.net.it
Vado Ligure  Via Alla Costa n. 3 (Ex Monteponi) 17047 - Vado Ligure(Savona) 
Valdagno  Via G. Carducci n. 3 36078 - Valdagno(Vicenza) Fax: 0445/480466 
Venaria Reale  Via Zanellato n. 19 10078 - Venaria Reale(Torino) 
Venezia  Via Zattere Dorso Duro 1472 30100 - Venezia(Venezia) Fax: 041/5229326 
Venezia-Mestre  Sede centrale c/o Centro Civico, Via Poerio n. 1 30174 - Venezia - Mestre(Venezia) http://www.evo.it/radiobase   E: danzaore@iname.com
Venezia-Mestre  10 Sportello C/o Ass.to Politiche Sociali del Comune, Scuola Stefani - Via della Rinascita Ca' Emiliani 30174 - Venezia - Mestre(Venezia) 
Venezia-Mestre  20 SportelloC/o Quartiere Mestre Centro, Via Sernaglia n. 43 30170 - Venezia - Mestre(Venezia) 
Venezia-Mestre  30 Sportello C/o Quartiere Marghera-Catene, Istituto Sacro Cuore, Piazza Municipio Venezia - Mestre(Venezia) 
Venezia-Mestre  40 Sportello C/o Coop Adriatica, Negozio di Via Montenero n. 84 30170 - Venezia - Mestre(Venezia) 
Verona  Via Valeggio n. 48 37137 - Verona(Verona) Fax: 045/952212 
Verona  C/o Circoscrizione II Nord-Ovest, Via Villa n. 25 37100 - Verona(Verona) Fax: 045/8344253 
Verona-Montorio  C/o Centro d'Incontro dell'VIII Circ.ne Montorio, Via Penne Nere n. 1 37133 - Verona- Montorio(Verona) 
Verrucchio  C/o Associazione "Citt` per Lei", Via Hemingway n. 10 47040 - Verrucchio(Rimini) Fax: 0541/670410 0541/681108 E: leoninagrossi@libero.it
Viareggio  C/o I.T.C. "Carlo Piaggia Via Giannessi 55049 - Tempo Di Viareggio(Lucca) Fax: 0584/385650 
Vicenza  C/o Circoscrizione VI del Comune, Via Thaon de Revel n. 44 36100 - Vicenza(Vicenza) Fax: 0444/964030 
Vigevano  C/o Casa delle Associazioni di Volontariato, Via L. da Vinci 27029 - Vigevano(Pavia) 
Vignola  Via Ponte dei Muratori n. 6 41058 - Vignola(Modena) E: posta@grazianogalassi.it
Villa Del Bosco Di Correzzola  Via Cona n. 4 35020 - Villa Del Bosco Di Correzzola(Padova) 
Villafranca D'Asti  C/o Biblioteca Comunale,N.B. Attiva soltanto nell'Anno Scolastico Villafranca D'Asti(Asti) Fax: 0141/943885 
Villanuova Sul Clisi C/o InformaGiovani, Palazzo del Comune n. 1 28059 - Villanova Sul Cilsi(Brescia) 
Villasanta  c/o Sede Comunale, Piazza San giovanni XXIII 12 20058 - Villasanta(Milano) E: leoreinpiazza@virgilio.it
Vimercate  Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 28 20059 - Vimercate(Milano) Fax: 039/6659308 E: comune.vimercate@rete039.it
Volterra  C/o InformaGiovani, Via Roma n. 6 56048 - Volterra(Pisa) Fax: 0588/86438 http://www.comune.volterra.pi.it/retecivica/uffici/bancatempo.htm   E: infogi.volterra@sirt.pisa.it
Zafferana  C/o Associazione "Casalinghe Donne d'Europa", Via Roma n. 343 95019 - Zafferana(Catania) 
Zeitbankatempo  c/o Comune, Via Portici 192 uff. 48 39012 - Merano(Bolzano) Fax: 0473/250142 http://www.comune.merano.bz.it/servizi/esterno_banca_tempo.html   E: rladurne.merandb@gvcc.net
Explanation in Italian http://www.regione.emilia-romagna.it/ass_psociali/btempo/documenti/viaggio.htm
Damanhur Creditos http://www.damanhur.org/html/dh_economics.htm

Abidjan E: selabidjan@yahoo.fr

JAPAN [JP] (39)
LETS in Japan http://www.co-intelligence.org/y2k_Japan_localcurrency.html E: shigeru@hokkai.or.jp
Q-Project http://www.q-project.org/  E: info@q-project.org  Q "local" currency anywhere by Makoto Nishibe http://www.nam21.org/~overseas/onLETS.html
WAT (Japan-wide) E: info@grsj.org
Aizu E: kurasige@akina.ne.jp
Azumino E: shalom@ultraman.gr.jp
Chiba http://www.seaple-n.icc.ne.jp/~murayama/letspeanuts.html E: murayama@seaple0n.icc.ne.jp E: morino@alles.or.jp E: mig@lime.plala.or.jp E: shalom@ultraman.gr.jp E: born@jca.apc.org  T: 043-206-7726
Chita Peninsula E: miea@chitanet.or.jp  T: 0569-29-4315
Dr. Eiichi Morino http://www.alles.or.jp/~morino   E: morino@alles.or.jp
Ecomoney NET http://www.ecomoney.net E: ecomoney@saratoga.nri-unet.ocn.ne.jp E: nakaya-m@tokyo.oa.ntts.co.jp E: ykzw@nri.com
Ehime E: webmaster@timedollar.or.jp
Fujimi Takahara http://homepage1.nifty.com/manabiya/maildec.html
Fukuoka E: futami@comenu.com  T: 092-263-7787
Hara Village E: kazenomori@swm.root.or.jp   T: 0266-74-2616
Hokkai http://city.hokkai.or.jp/~ishikoro/garu.html
Hotaka http://www.ultraman.gr.jp/~vop/lets.htm E: ns1222@mb.infoweb.ne.jp
Kanto E: info@rainbow-ring.net  T: 0468-37-8649
Kenji-no-gakkou (all Japan): http://www1.neweb.ne.jp/wa/kenji/okane.htm
Kitakoma-gun E: tom@gardencity.or.jp
Kuromatsunai E: zun96@anet.ne.jp  T: 0136-72-3124
Kusatsu http://www.kusatsu.or.jp/coupon/index.html E: npo@kusatsu.or.jp E: ohmi@kaikaku21.com  T: 077-562-1153
Kyoto E: kyoto_lets@geocities.co.jp   T: 070-5651-3206
Matsuyama Timedollars http://www.timedollar.org/programs/japan/index.html E: masako-k@ari.bekkoame.or.jp
Nagano http://www.ultraman.gr.jp/~vop/lets.htm
Nagasaki E: tosmat@try-net.or.jp
Nagoya E: tokai@kankyoshimin.org  T: 052-933-5380
Omuta email: brian@io.ocn.ne.jp  T: 0944-56-9417
Osamu Ishizuka http://city.hokkai.or.jp/~ishikoro/LocalMoney.html
Osaka City E: v_rougin@d4.dion.ne.jp  T: 06-6583-4006
Oumi http://www.kusatsu.or.jp/ohmi/index.html
Sendai E: michinoku@pos.to
South Shinshu E: tekuteku@avis.ne.jp  T: 0265-53-5980
Suita E: momonoie@jp.bigplanet.com  T: 06-6337-8330
Tachikawa E: kenji-gakkou@ma.neweb.ne.jp   T: 042 523-7112
Takamatsu E: tn-satou@pop21.odn.ne.jp
Tama E: office@como.gr.jp  T: 070-5456-1886
Tomakomai E: ishikoro@hokkai.or.j  T: 0144-34-2385
Ueda City E: info@uedasi.com
Yatsugatake-Daifukucho http://www.gardencity.or.jp/~tom/daifukucho
Yokkaichi T: 0593-63-4990
Yokosuka Rainbow Ring http://www.geocities.co.jp/WallStreet-Bull/1964/LETS.htm E: rainbowring@geocities.co.jp
Yufuin E: yufukiri@fat.coara.or.jp  T: 0977-85-5003

KOREA (KR) (6)
Green Monetary System http://www.ngu.or.kr/sarang/
GHanbat LETS http://www.tjlets.or.kr/
Taejon Hanbat LETS http://www.tjlets.or.kr/
Minaisa Club http://www.herenow.co.kr/
Seoul Gojan LETS http://www.pumasi.org/
Seoul Chung-ang University http://stbank.giveu.net/

Kordall http://webplaza.pt.lu/public/fran/index.html E: fran@pt.lu
Lamadelaine E: fran@pt.lu E: Barricade@skynet.be  T:00352 50037

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As T: 4764944966
Aurland T: 5763 3289 Höydal
Bergen http://home.online.no/%7Efivh-b/byttering/   E: fivh-b@online.no E: Lars_korff_l@hotmail.com
Bjornemyr E: kilden@kilden-okosamfunn.no   T: 66910105
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Sorgenfri (Lillehammer) T: 4761262006
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Revuca Asociacia permakultury E: konchko@ke.telecom.sk   T/F:09414421880
Rajecke Teplice E: ozkultura@nextra.sk   T/F:08235494021
Pliesovce Pospolitost harmonickeho Pivota E: ichy@changenet.sk

Komenda E: timi.ecimovic@siol.net

South African New Economics Foundation http://sane.org.za/ E: sane@iafrica.com E: ardl@iafrica.com
Bothas Hill,Dr.Irwin Friedman, P.O.Box 140, Tel.:(27)31751494
Kuthumba E: kuthumba@global.co.za (Patti Ovenstone)

SPAIN [ES] (4)
Banc del Temps de Salt: http://bancdeltempsdesalt.blogspot.ca/
Barataria Madrid Project 3rd Sector http://www.barataria.org E: 3SECTOR@nodo50.org
Barcelona La Troca E: mickybar@redestb.es
Girones Sibol's  http://www.pabordia.com/lets E: admin@imagicweb.co E: aliciallosas@pabordia.com E: albertp@airtel.net 
Madrid LETS, El Trueque, C/Manuel Badia 13, tel: 3802245

SWEDEN [SE] (34)
Bergsjon (Goteborg) http://hem.passagen.se/pererik/politik1.htm   E: peejohan@online.no  T: 2228 9831 T: 031485740 T: 031-46 62 97
Bildades T:033580001
Billingen E: hasse.henriksson@telia.com T:0706686380
Bolnas (Bobs) T:0278163638
Botaton E: asamaria.hedman@solleftea.mail.telia.com
Branno http://bip.concept.se/user/braennoe/braennoe3.html E: Bo.Ljungqvist@ctv.gu.se T: 031971783 T: 031973050
Eskilstuna http://ringeneskilstuna.cjb.net E: info@ringeneskilstuna.cjb.net
Foreningsgatan (Linkoping) T:013104039 T:013141862 T:013145140
Gjarna E: ragnhild@helasidor.nu
Goteborg E: karin.pleijel@goteborg.mail.telia.com E: ulf.wessblad@flint.sdk.gu.se T:031911929 E: peter.markusson@goteborg.mail.telia.com T:031131192
Grindslanten E: bo.ljungqvist@ctv.gu.se
Gronolle E: gronolle@mail.nsb.norrkoping.se E: kjove@ns.nsb.norrkoping.se
Hallingsjo Rydis T:030143433 T:030143394
Jak http://www.jak.se/ E: jak@jak.se
Jamtland http://hem1.passagen.se/iteko/ E: iteko@algonet.se T:064510402 T:064241066
Jumkil T: 46(0)18362007
Karlskoga T:058655571 T:051231241 T:058638215
Kirseberg (Malmo) E: matsolofh@hotmail.com T:040294925
Krylbo E: stella@kuai.se T:22313627
LETS Sweden E: halden@hem2.passagen.se E: cs@cs.pp.se
Ljusdal T:065116860
Lunda http://www.go.to/lundalets E: vir107v@tninet.se
Lundby http://hem.passagen.se/brunhage/lundby/index.html E: ekoshop@algonet.se E: brunhage@hem1.passagen.se E: knaperiknus@hotmail.com T:031230203 T:031222596
Malmo http://www.bytesring.nu  E: bytesring@nx.net  T: 040 - 672 9662
Majringen E: py.andersson.liselius@ordrum.com E: miljoimajorna@hotmail.com E: sven.wallin@gfs.gu.se E: guneliza@hotmail.com T: 031-146104 T: 244535 T: 140109
Nordiska http://www.nordspar.se
Orebro E: sara.ester.maria@mailcity.com T: 46(0)19323263 T:019107377
Ottepoolen E: hulterud@privat.utfors.se T:057020194
Skattungbyn E: melvin@algonet.se T:025051268 T:025051158 T:025051222
Skarpnack  T: 46(0)8932563
Stockholm E: stud.kth@post.com E: maria@lovfors.se T:084299525 E: karin.pleijel@ivl.se
Stockholm Hofford E: Dhofford@NN.APC.ORG   T: 46(0)8978963
Uppsala E: robert.walinder@occmed.uu.se T: 46(0)18130390
Vasteras http://home.bip.net/peruno/aros-klirr.htm   T:021143229 T:0708781654

LETS Austria-Germany-Switzerland http://www.talent.ch/adr/lets.htm
Aarau E: renato@box.echo.ch
Lausanne E zoutaboubi@hotmail.com   T:41216165615 T:41216536372
Luzerner Tauschnetz  http://www.tauschnetz.xodox.ch E: tauschnetz@gmx.net
TALENT-Experiment in der Schweiz http://www.talent.ch E: incontact@inwo.org
Winterthur http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Crete/4331/Va_Indx.html E: AndreasSommer@gmx.ch E: richard.zuesli@datazug.ch
Zurich http://members.xoom.com/talent_zh/ E: murmel@swissonline.ch
Zurich: http://www.talent.ch/adr/letslist.htm

SZECIA [] (1)
http://www.inwo.ch/dokumente/tagung/10.htm E: contact@inwo.org E: mahi@litho.ch

TSTSEL: http://tstsel.wordpress.com/  E: gluugx@jsimoa.com

New Taipei Garden City Flower    Money Club meg.chang@mail.gio.gov.tw

Thai Community Currency Project http://ccdev.lets.net/thai.html
CUSO http://www.cuso.org/coops/powell/e-cuso.html E: luc.girard@cuso.ca E: tccs@loxinfo.co.th E: ldi@loxinfo.co.th
Ban Tha Lat E: tccs@loxinfo.co.th
Ban Sok Khumpoon E: tccs@loxinfo.co.th
Ban Santisuk E: tccs@loxinfo.co.th
Ban Kut Hin E: tccs@loxinfo.co.th
Ban Khokklang E: tccs@loxinfo.co.th
Kud Chum http://ccdev.lets.net   E: tccs@loxinfo.co.th

Zumbara Timebank http://www.zumbara.com/

Time Dirham http://www.timedirham.ae 


UK: ENGLAND [UK] (356)
LETSLINK UK http://www.letslinkuk.net E: lets@letslinkuk.net
British Council #50000 LETS grants http://www.britishcouncil.org/bis/about.htm E: general.enquiries@britcoun.org
Albans T:01727764694
Alston T: 01434 381013
Ambleside T: 015394 33831
Andover http://www.hants.oryyyg.uk/istcclr/cch02889.html E: hantsweb@hants.gov.uk T: 01264 333645 T:01264359370
Ashburton T: 01364 653530
Ashhurst Wood http://www.egnet.co.uk/groups.html#lets E: eginfo@egnet.co.uk T: 01342 822109 or 327685
Aspatria: E: peter@grayburn.u-net.com
Avon T:01179731308 / 9427355
Aylesbury Timebank E: aylesburytimebank@yahoo.co.uk   T: 02073585248 M:07813350575
Aylsham (Norfolk) T:01263732523
Banbury (Oxfordshire) T: 01295 268775
Barking & Dagenham T:IG11020-8491-5401
Barking Redbridge E: richardbyrne98@yahoo.com   T:IG2020-8554-2205
Barnes (London) T: 0181 878 8062
Basingstoke (Hampshire) T: (01256) 64498
Bath caroline@envolve.co.uk T: 01225 319117 or 442156 or 336385
Beccles (Suffolk) T:01502714661
Bedford T: 01234 262920
Bere Peninsula (Cornwall) T: 01822 840731
Bilsthorpe (Nottinghamshire) T01623870256 - 870491
Birmingham Northfield T:01214777505
Birmingham South T:01214495272
Bishops Castle (Shropshire) T:01588638535
Bishops Stortford (Hertfordshire) T: 01992 893701
Blackburn (Lancashire) T:01254696058
Blackmore Vale E: lewis@clara.net T: 01747 811938 or 01258 472822
Blackwater http://members.aol.com/tonywoodtw/bvlets/ E: lthexton@cix.compulink.co.uk
Bolton Winter Hill http://www.zyworld.com/winter_hill_lets/Home.htm
Bourne Valley (Surrey) T: 01252 725015
Bovey Basin; Peter_Nina@Compuserve.com   T:01647221470
Bowness and Windermere (Cumbria) T: 015394 88261
*Bracknell http://homepages.nildram.co.uk/~mhillier/Simple/Home.htm E: letsbracknell@crosswinds.net T: 01344422623 Dir
Bradford (Yorkshire) T:0127477124506 - 593871
Brent E: michael.stuart@virgin.net   T:NW6 020-8451-4696
Bridport (Dorset) T: 01308 420995
Brierley Hill T:0384573670
Brighton http://www.brighton.co.uk/commune/brights.htm E: r.n.griffiths@bton.ac.uk T: 01273 676860 T:01273705013 - 207622 - 501378
Bristol LETS http://www.bristollets.org.uk/index.htm
Bristol T: 0117 973 1308 or 942 7355
Bristol Avon T:01179424844 - 9696599
Bristol Ashley T:011795561
Bristol East E: jane@bedminster.freeserve.co.uk   T:01179021815
Bristol Hotwells-Clifton E: karaline@freeuk.com   T:01179268390
Bristol Kingswood T:01179610783
Bristol Southville http://www.bristol.digitalcity.org/org/community/lets/lets.html E: jane@bedminster.freeserve.co.uk   T:01179231039 E: soph@srichards45.freeserve.co.uk   T:01179231039
Bristol Umbrella http://www.musicmelts.com E: Kieran@kieran98.fsbusiness.co.uk   T:01179853913
Brixton http://ds.dial.pipex.com/brixton.lets E: brixton.lets@dial.pipex.com Dir
Bromley E: chelsfield@onet.co.uk   T:BR601689-838-819
Burnley (Lancashire) T:01282450536
Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) T:01284767252 T:01284728974
Bushey (Hertfordshire) T: 01923 230704
Buxton (Derbyshire) T:0129870016 - 78868
Calderdale http://www.calderdale.gov.uk/community/agenda21/lets.html E: greencurrency@breathemail.net E: localcurrency@aol.com T:01442846115
Calstock (Cornwall) T: 01579 50783
Cam-Dursley (Gloucestershire) T:01453860058
Camborne & Redruth (Cornwall) T: 01209 712911/2236
Cambridge http://www.cam.net.uk/home/Nimmann/camlets/CAMLETS.HTM E: Nimmann@home.cam.net.uk E: suzanne@heron92.freeserve.co.uk E: 106215.3050@compuserve.com.uk E: mawk22@dial.pipex.com E: celsau@globalnet.co.uk
Camden (London)  E: psawbridge@yahoo.com T:NW3020-7722-8195 T: 0171 916 8148
Camden E: june.campbell@btinternet.com T:NW6020-8459 7710
Canterbury LETS (Kent) http://www.canterburylets.org.uk E: canterbury-lets@bigfoot.com  T:01227700771 or 788889 or  T:0122770077
Cardiff Taffs (old LETS) http://www.cardifftaffs.org.uk/
Chagford (Devon) T: 01647 432616
Chelmsford (Essex) T: 01245 422209
Cheltenham (Gloucestershire) http://www.letsgo.f9.co.uk   T:07971633467 or 01242245 T: 01242 578652
Chester (Cheshire) http://www.chesterlets.org.uk   E: chester_lets@hotmail.com   T:01244378795
Chesterfield Time Bank E: ctimebank@tiscali.co.uk
Chichester (West Sussex) T:01243575303
Chinnor http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/sh.idc-p=781139613b.htm E: rbx04@dial.pipex.com T:01844354096 T:01844351546
Cirencester (Gloucestershire) T: 01285 658272 or 860744
Cleveland T:01642598530
Colchester (Essex) T: 01206 540447
Coventry http://www.coventry.org.uk/community/lets/index.html E: hyrbh@csv.warwick.ac.uk T:01203450152 or 45305 T:02476636424
Coventry South West T:01203672037
Cramford (London) T:01819935026 T: 0181 384 1998
Crediton (Devon) http://www.crediton-lets.freeserve.co.uk E: info@crediton-lets.freeserve.co.uk   T:0136384374 - 77531
Crewkerne (Somerset) T: 01460 242168
Croydon http://www.croydon.gov.uk/croy-ind.asp http://www.croydon.gov.uk/la21/lets.htm E: rnheath@gn.apc.org E: local_agenda21@croydon.gov.uk T: 0181 655 1393
Culme Valley (Devon) T: 01884 841289
Cyfle Cymru Welsh Umbrella group http://www.teifitaf.freeserve.co.uk/cymru/cyfle.htm
Deal (Kent) T: 01304 362862
Derby (Derbyshire) T:01332344260
Devon Local Agenda 21 http://www.devon-cc.gov.uk/agenda21/devworld.html E: cjohnsto@ch.devon-cc.gov.uk E: agenda21@devon-cc.gov.uk
Diss (Norfolk) T:01379644005
Dorchester (Dorset) E: dorchesterlets@waitrose.com   T:0130588999 T: 01305 889995
Dorking (Surrey) T: 01306 884618
Durham T:01913782885 - 3830153
Ealing - Northfields (London) T:01819651999 - 5796090
East Cleveland T:01287624843
East Wight (Hampshire) T: 01983 406921
Easton (Bristol) T: 0117 941 4920 or 942 84991 or 935 4856
Ely T: 01353 662 986 or 741 221
Enfield (London) E: yes@cepo.freeserve.co.uk
Evesham T:0138648448
Exeter http://www.ditco.co.uk/altex/info/lets.html E: f99@ditco.co.uk T: 01392 85151 T:01392254150
Exeter Timebank: E: timebanktvrs@hotmail.com
Exmouth (Devon) T: 01395 222033
Fareham (Hampshire) T: 01329 662072
Falmouth http://www.letsf.co.uk E: falmouth-lets@letsf.co.uk T:01326319097 - 250305 - 374397 Dir
Felixstowe T:01394283791
Felsted (Essex) E: griffiths.felsted@ntlworld.com E: Kim@griffiths2001.freeserve.co.uk
Flitwick Bedfordshare Time Dollar Institute E: toni.vicars@vt.com
*Forest of Dean http://web.ukonline.co.uk/freshwater/lets.htm E: freshwater@ukonline.co.uk T:01594835229 T:01594834019 E: glennstar@ukonline.co.uk   T:01594832879
Forest of Dean Monmouth http://www.fodlets.co.uk/ E: letsgo@fodlets.co.uk  T:01594834019
Four Shires (Warks/Oxon/Glos/Worcs Borders) E: coilin.nunan@tinyonline.co.uk
Frome E: helen.f@ukonline.co.uk T:0137352586 - 451386
Gaia T:01926338805 or 422497
Gipping Valley http://www.g-vis.co.uk/gvls/index.html E: ron@g-vis.co.uk T:1449721152
Glastonbury (Avalon Fair Shares) E: avalonfairshares@glastonburycdt.plus.com T:01458210350 T: 01458 831020 or 832287
Gloucester Fair Shares UK E: fairshares@cableinet.co.uk
Gloucester LETS T:01452505384
Godalming (Surrey) T:01483417922
Grantham Lincolnshire Timebank E: df.selvage@ntlworld.com
Green Money Network (London) T: 0171 625 8804
Greenwich: Bexley T:DA6020-8301-3447
Greenwich Council Anti-Poverty Team http://www.croydon.gov.uk/la21/lets.htm E: webteam@greenwich.gov.uk
Greenwich: Ferrier T:SE3020-8856-2095
Greenwich LETS http://www.letsgreenwich.org.uk   E: info@letsgreenwich.org.uk
Greenwich: Middle Park T:SE9020-8859-8205
Greenwich: Network T:SE18 020-8854-2266
Greenwich: T:SE18020-8854-8888 x8263
Greenwich: Waterfront T:SE2020-8310-0447
Guildford (Surrey) T: 01483 67849 or 810843
Hackney (London) T: 0171 354 4923 or 0181 985 3048
Halesworth http://www.planetbrett.fsnet.co.uk   E: webnb@BTInternet.com T:01728648248 Dir
Hammersmith&Fulham E: hafad@dial.pipex.com   T:020-7610-9666
Hammersmith&Fulham Mostyn-Owen T:020-7603-3982
Hampshire County Council http://www.hants.gov.uk/istcclr/cch32995.html E: hantsweb@hants.gov.uk
Hampton Hill (London) T: 0181 398 9528 or 979 9662
Haringey Equal Hours T:N15020-8802-0329
Haringey Tower Gardens T:N17020-808-0785
Harrow http://www.harrowlb.demon.co.uk/lets.html T:HA102088647180
Hastings T:01424438798
Hastings / St Leonards  http://www.pcthorpe.freeserve.co.uk/ E: hereandnow@talk21.com T:01424423687 T:01424851220
Hemel Hempstead (Hertfordshire) T: 01442 216647
Henley In Arden T:01564795501
Hereford / Hay On Wye T:01981251135 - 274409
Hereford Wye T:0198154066
Herne Bay (Kent) T: 01227 360208
Hillingdon (London) http://www.hillingdon.org   E: com.cafe@btclick.com  E: hilets@cheerful.com E: andy@artmc.freeserve.co.uk  T:01895430751  T:HA4020-85610872
Hockley (Essex) T: 01702 206381
Hotwell http://www.btinternet.com/~hope.centre/commune.htm E: hope.centre@btinternet.com
Hounslow  (London) E: hegen01@aol.com   T:TW802088/472383 T: 01813841998 or 862 5144
Hounslow T:01813989528 or 5470507
Huddersfield T:01484422920
Hull T01482224912 - 471106
Huntingdon (Cambridgeshire) T:01480383062
Hyndburn Council http://www.la21net.com/Hyla21.htm E: agenda21@hyndburnbc.gov.uk T: 01254 243228
Ilkley T:01943816934
Ipswich (Suffolk) T:01449720214
Islington Finsbury Park T:N19020-7263-9627
Islington North London E: meg.gd@virgin.net   T:N19020-7281-0919
Keighley (Yorkshire) T:01535661535
Kelvingrove http://www.gla.ac.uk/Clubs/Green/lets.html E: cgginfo@udcf.gla.ac.uk
Kendal http://www.kendal-lets.freeserve.co.uk/ E: webmaster@kendal-lets.freeserve.co.uk T: 01539 727937 Dir
Kendle (Cumbria) T:01539720805
Kidderminster T:01562751043 - 515331
King's Lynn and West Norfolk (KwinLETS) http://www.cerise.org.uk T:01553624473
Kingsbridge (Devon) E: Beverley@finca.demon.co.uk  T:01548854028 T: 01548550253
Kingston (London) T: 0181 398 9528 or 547 0507
Kirkby Stephen (Cumbria) T: 017683 72033
Kirklees http://www.hud.ac.uk/local/kitp/kirklees-net/klets.html E: a.s.pollitt@hud.ac.uk T:0161875 2891 - 683885
Knighton Mid-Border T:01547528009
Lambeth T:SW90800-0151027
Lancaster T:01524842700 - 843225
Launceston (Cornwall) http://www.glenkeller.co.uk/lets.htm   E: jacki@glenkeller.co.uk   T:01566774904 T: 01566773233
Leamington Spa T:01926427773 - 338805 - 422497.
Leicester (N.W.) Time Bank E: janleictimebank@aol.com   T:01162252233/07748378278
Leighton Buzzard http://www.letsbuzz.org.uk   E: enquiries@letsbuzz.org.uk E: letsbuzz@argonet.co.uk Dir
Leominster (Hereford) http://www.greengate.org.uk/leolets/ggleolets.htm E: steve@hereford-starlab.co.uk E: kyrle@luston.freeserve.co.uk T:01568750462
LETS Global Education Centre T:01772252299
LETSLink London http://www.letslink.org   E: letslinklondon@freezone.co.uk   T:01716077852 T:0198521787
LETSTalk for UK&Europe http://nt.oneworld.org/lets/ E: LetstalkMail@BigFoot.com
Lewes (East Sussex) T: 01273 487377
Lewisham Fule T:SE12020-8851-7024
Lewisham E: JohnKateGB@aol.com   T:SE4020-8469-3360
Ligtmoor E: LD-TE-WINKWORTH@MCR1.poptel.org.uk
Lincoln T:01472398163
Little Clacton (Essex) T: 01255 860626
Liverpool http://ds.dial.pipex.com/liv.cpu/cdeu/lets.htm E: liv.strategy@dial.pipex.com T:01514984881
London Borough of Greenwich T: 0181 854 8888 & 8263
London Exchange E: network@mail.bogo.co.uk   T:095632646  http://www.onwebsite.co.uk/on.html E: onmail@writeme.com E: network@bogo.co.uk T:0956326460
London: South East T:01689838819
Long Melford (Suffolk) T:01787880884
Looe & Liskeard T: 01503 250215
Loughborough (Leicestershire) T:01509267608 - 266560
Louth (Lincolnshire) T:01507578332
Maidstone (Kent) T: 01622 673109
Maldon (Essex) T: 01621 853680
Malmesbury (Wiltshire) E: jill.peacey@lineone.net T:01666503089 T:01666840892 or 824335
Malvern (Hereford) T:01531670298
Manchester http://www.u-net.com/gmlets/ E: rsl@letsgo.u-net.com T:01619534115 T:016195341
Manchester Durham T01612245309 - 4348712 - 2371630.
Manchester North T:01617723524
Mansfield (Building Blocks) E: graham@findyoursolution.co.uk   T:01623 672060
Marlow http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/maidenv/madlets.htm E: quendi@globalnet.co.uk T:01628484231
Marlow & High Wycombe LETS (Buckinghamshire) T: 01628 484231
Medway (Kent) T: 01634 250297
Melton Mowbray (Leicestershire) T01664500394
Merriott (Somerset) E: christine@chrisob.freeserve.co.uk
Merseyside T:01517341919 T:01515251954
Merton (London) E: merton.lets@virgin.net T: 0181-240-1517  T:01815427851
Mid Kent http://midkentlets.cjb.net/ E: philralph@yahoo.com T: 01622 718874
Middlesborough (Lancashire) T01642606287 - 618114 - 230246
Midhurst Haslemere & Petworth T:01730821640
Mildmay Timebank E: mildmaytimebank@btconnect.com   T: 02072495373
MillBrook (Cornwall) T: 01752 822747
Milton Keynes http://www.go.to/mkletnet E: mkletnet@yahoo.com T: 01908 227215
Naari (Leicestershire) T01162528638 - 2367546 - 2515144
Newbury (Berkshire) T: (01635) 42446
Newent Fairshares: http://www.fairshares.org.uk/newent.htm E: fairshares@cableinet.co.uk T: 1531 822946
Newham Job-LETS http://www.newtel.org.uk/volunteers/jgrieve/Jobnew.htm T: 0181-555-8759 - 285360
Newhaven (East Sussex) T:01273514181
Newquay (Cornwall) T: 01637 871326
Newton Abbot (Devon) T: 01626 63354
Norfolk T:01379644005
North Cotwolds Timepounds  http://www.geocities.com/ophiuchvs2000/NCCTB/TimeBank.html E: jon_at_wlpnp@hotmail.com
T:01608 812338
North Devon T: 01271 850626
North Dorset E: Colin.Ferguson1@Virgin.net
North Herts E: celsau@globalnet.co.uk  T: 01462 631 330 or 455835
North Hull http://www.curdev.hull.ac.uk/comweb/newinfo/ncif1/house/h1-hat/whatlets.htm E: andy@ititc.demon.co.uk
North Norfolk T:01328878260
North Weald (West Sussex) T:01403255525
Northampton T:0160432415.
Norwich http://www2.norwich.gov.uk/norwichcc/actionplan.nsf/current?OpenView&Start=1&Count=30&Expand=4 T: 01603 720804 T:01603761507
Nottingham http://www.innotts.co.uk/~rainbow/usergrps.htm E: lets@veggies.org.uk T:01159585666
Oxford (Oxfordshire) T: 01865 727882
Oxon http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/sh.idc-p=781139613a.htm E: community.groups@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Peninsula (Cornwall) T:01822840731
Penrith (Cumbria) T:0176868086
Penzance E: penzancelets@hushmail.com E: mattjsmith@lineone.net
Peterborough E: mawk22@dial.pipex.com T:01733394864
Plymouth (Devon) E: mayfly@mcolebrook.karoo.co.uk   T:01752220423
Poole & Bournemouth (Dorset) T: 01202 422157
Preston http://www.vivienne001.u-net.com/lets/ E: hayes@vivienne001.u-net.com T:01772865200
Purbeck (Dorset) T: 01929 425627
Radstock, Shepton, Wells (Somerset) T: 01761 437754 or 01749 880466
Reading http://www.readinglets.btck.co.uk/    E: readies@hotmail.co.uk 0118-942-2437
Rhayader Mid Powys T:01597810136
Richmond (North Yorkshire) T: 01748 825732
Ringwood T: 01425 474622
Rugby (West Midlands) T:01788537760
Rushey Green Timebank E: shelleymckowen@yahoo.co.uk
Rutland and Stamford http://www.peterborough.gov.uk/community/kb/CIKB0037.html T:0178086744
Rydale (North Yorkshire) T: 01439 771463
Saffron Walden (Essex) T: 01799 524665
Saint Albans (Hertfordshire) T: 01727 764694
Saint Austell (Cornwall) E: greensplat@ic24.net   E: neshaver@gn.apc.org  T:01726850065
Saint Ives (Cornwall) T:01736794525
Saint Neots E: 106215.3050@compuserve.com
Salford http://www.networkuk.com/salfordlets/rules.html E: shuttles@networkuk.com
Salisbury (Wiltshire) E: diana@gardenias.fsnet.co.uk T: 01722 332980 or 330323  T:01722332633
Scunthorpe (Humberside) T:01724861150 - 531308
Sedbergh (Cumbria) T: 015396 21495 T:01539621307
Sherborne (Dorset) T: 01935 872382
Sheffield (Yorkshire) T:01142303355
Shipley http://www.bradtap.legend.yorks.com/members/Lets.html E: ld-wy-clifford@mcr1.poptel.org.uk
Shotley Peninsula T:01473327743
Shrewsbury (Shropshire) T:01743244459
Slough (Berkshire) T: 017533 578589 or 01753 578589
South East Essex http://www.seelets.org.uk E: gburnett@unisonfree.net
South East Hampshire T: 01705 596674 or 261985
South East Hants http://www.hants.gov.uk/istcclr/cch32995.html E: hantsweb@hants.gov.uk T: 01705 251332
South Oxhey (Hertfordshire) T: 0181 386 1819
South Somerset T: 01460 73898 or 30177
Southhampton: http://www.hants.gov.uk/istcclr/cch04534.html E: hantsweb@hants.gov.uk T:01703735448 - 334760
Southwark (London) E: SLETS@bigfoot.com T: SE5 020-7274-9444  T:01717083156
Southwark Hours E: LeeRGarrett@yahoo.co.uk   T:SE15020-7639-4506
Stains (Surrey) T: 01784 460860
Stoke-on-Trent (Staffordshire) E: j.j.barry@pol.keele.ac.uk E: merlintp@lineone.net T:01782751950
Stonehouse Fairshares: http://www.fairshares.org.uk/stonehse.htm E: fairshares@cableinet.co.uk T: 1453 791199
Stort Valley (Essex) T: 01279 432591 or 01992 893701
Stourbridge (West Midlands) T:01384440622 - 396384
Stowmarket (Suffolk) E: lets.exchange@virgin.net T:01449774566
Stratford (West Midlands) T:01789415244
Stroud (Gloucestershire) E: fabket@madasafish.com   T:01453755008 or 824654 or 753107 or 750798 or 762412 or 756319 or 884416
Sudbury http://ds.dial.pipex.com/red.jester/lets.htm E: red.jester@dial.pipex.com T:01787311195
Suffolk (15) LETS http://www.suffolkcc.gov.uk/press_releases/archive/p98_190.html E: webmaster@suffolkcc.gov.uk
Sunderland T01915492424
Surrey West & North (Middlesex) T: 01784 60860
Sutton Centre for Environmental Initiatives LETS http://www.a4u.com/cei/winnews2.htm
Swanage (Dorset) T: 01929 425627
Swindon (Wiltshire) T: 01793 825085 or 771080 or 526161/4855 or 644472
Tavistock (Devon) T: 01822 854442
Teesside http://www.bigwig.net/lapwing/l-home.htm E: lapwing@bigwig.net E: Peter.Goodwin@onyx.octacon.co.uk Greens http://www.gn.apc.org/negreens/tee-join.htm
Teignmouth (Devon) T: 01626 866561
Tendring http://members.tripod.co.uk/adm/popup/roadmap.shtml
Thameside (London) T:01818534538 T:(SE1)01713775696 T:(SE4)01816919944
Time Dollars in England http://www.fairshares.org.uk   E: fairshares@cableinet.co.uk
Tiverton Culm Valley E: pberger@gn.apc.org
Todmorden (Lancashire) T01618393218
Tonbridge (Kent) T: 01892 825049 or 01622 890601 or 01453 755085
Torrington (Devon) T: 01237 478833 or 01363 866122
Totnes (Devon) http://clik.to/TotnesLets T: 01803 867098 or 867099 or 01364 644116
Totterdown & Knowle (Bristol) E: mirandakellas@120cotswold.junglelink.co.uk   T:0117909349 T:01179776307
Tower Hamlets E: gandhilion@hotmail.com   T:E3020-8981-8409
Tranmere (Merseyside) T:01516498017
Tring (Hertfordshire) T: 01442 879925
Truro (Cornwall) T: 01872 40555
Tyne & Wear T:01912684964 - 2575544
Uckfield (East Sussex) T: 01825 890928
Ulverston (Cumbria) T: 01229 583569
Uxbridge E: davewilliams@vossnet.co.uk
Wadebridge and Bodmin http://www.telinco.co.uk/lets/index.htm E: Lets@Wadebridge.telinco.co.uk
Wakefield (Yorkshire) T:0192425949
Wallingford http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/sh.idc-p=781139613c.htm E: community.groups@oxfordshire.gov.uk T: 01491 836654
Waltham Forest http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~cradbent/lets.htm E: cradbent@dircon.co.uk
Waltham Forest E: loganpeter@hotmail.com   T:E11020-8558-6072
Wandsworth/Surrey E: merton.lets@virgin.net   T:SM4020-8240-1517
Warminster E: 104047.2250@compuserve.com   T:01985217871
Warrington http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Enterprises/8151 E: wlets@geocities.com
Watchet (Somerset) T: 01984 31156 or 34001/31156
Watford Council Time Swap http://www.wbc.watford.net/wpbg/wpts.htm E: NickC@watford-council.gov.uk E: MariaC@watford-council.gov.uk E: LT007@watford.net
Welcombe (Devon) T: 01288 331270
Wellingborough (Northamptonshire) T:01933278818
Wellington (Somerset) T: 01823 400132 or 400192
Welwyn Garden (Hertfordshire) T: 01707 336514
Wessex http://www.bournemouth-dorset.com/wessexlets.html   T: 01202 394741
West Cumbria T: 01900 826037
West Exe (Somerset) T:01643821768
West Mendip (Somerset)
West Somerset http://www.westexelets.org.uk E:webmaster@westexelets.org.uk
West Wight (Hampshire) T: 01983 753231
West Wiltshire T: 01225 764690 or 762630
Weston-Super-Mare T: 01934 412171
Weymouth Timebank E: budds@buddbank.freeserve.co.uk   T:01305-759443
Whaddon Fairshares: http://www.fairshares.org.uk/whaddon.htm E: fairshares@cableinet.co.uk
Wheatley http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/sh.idc-p=781139613d.htm E: community.groups@oxfordshire.gov.uk T: 01865 872430
Whitby (North Yorkshire) T: 01947 810866 or 01904 616860
Whitchurch http://whitchurch.org.uk/your-community/lets/ E: beth.wright@live.co.uk T: 895 064
Whitstable (Kent) T: 01227 273608
Whitwell (Hertfordshire) T: 01438 871361
Wigan Borough http://www.wiganmbc.gov.uk/pub/leis/info/tourism/events/local.htm E: infounit@wiganmbc.gov.uk
Wimborne (Dorset) T: 01202 884825
Winchester T: 01962 866430 or 01703 611561
Windermere & Bowness (Cumbria) T:015390488261
Winter Hill T: 01204 695 618 or 524262
Witney (Oxfordshire) T: 01993 775157
Woking http://www.surreyweb.org.uk/wdlets/ E: wdlets@hotmail.com T:01483487753 T:01932340008 - 720605
Woodbridge (Suffolk) Framlingham T:01728663706 T:01386883
Woodthorpe (Sheffield) Time for Health Bank http://www.woodthorpedt.co.uk E: enquiries@woodthorpedt.co.uk  E: peggy@woodthorpedt.co.uk
Worcester http://www.worcesterccas.freeuk.com E: worcesterccas@freeuk.com T:01905352848
Wrekin (Shropshire) T:01952590687
Yarmouth T:01493300444
Yeovil (Somerset) E: J.D.Lefeuvre@tesco.net
Yate E: Granville.olive@catsoft94.compulink.co.uk T: 01454 315566
York (North Yorkshire) T: 01904 651773 or 646965

*LETSLINK Scotland E: letslinkscotland@bigfoot.com   T:08454584180 http://www.letslinkscotland.org.uk   E: DavidRobertson@bigfoot.com E: davyrobertson@lineone.net T:01786464517
*Aberdeen (Scotland) http://members.tripod.co.uk/AbLE/index.htm E: Aberdeen-LETS@welcome.to T:01224722296 Dir
Aberdeen http://members.tripod.co.uk/AbLE/ E: sjmoll@callnetuk.com  T:01224890670 Dir
Arbroath E: AndreaSalvona1@Breathemail.net   T:01241879326
Argyll Kyles of Bute T:01700811809
Ayr (South Ayrshire) E: letsgetcracking@yahoo.com T:01292619600
Ayrshire T:01292671032 - 610524
Badenoch  T:015282245
Bath  http://www.bathlets.org.uk/  info@bathlets.org.uk T: 07974 827 004
Bathgate West Lothian E: lets@pages.clara.net   T:01506632728
Brodick Arran LETS T:01770 302475
Cairnie T:01466760202
Castlemilk Timebank E: gloriajunemurray@yahoo.co.uk
Castle Douglas T:01556680420
Catacol (Isle of Arran) E: richard@lane.prestel.co.uk
Dalkeith MidLETS E: mike.perks@freeuk   T:01316631173
Dalmellington Ayrshire LETS E: renoufmiller@x-stream.co.uk   T:01292550393
Dornie T:0159985215
Drumchapel T:01419449090
Dumfries T:015813397
Dundee http://www.dundeecity.gov.uk/orgs/orx1044.htm E: dragons@dundeelets.org.uk T:01382738040 E: srmeek@easynet.co.uk
East Lothian T:01620829117 T:01368863211
Edinburgh E: Edinburghlets@hotmail.com   T:01312257511E: edinburghlets@ploughshare.demon.co.uk T:01315575921 - 2293560
Ellon E: scotleith@madasafish.com   T:01358742430
*Falkirk http://freespace.virgin.net/r.wensum/lls/systems/falk.html E: fredabrodie@cableinet.co.uk http://freespace.virgin.net/r.wensum/lls/links.html E: fvarc@scvo.org.uk T:01324874286
Fife Creeltrade E: francisca.noblesse@ukgateway.net
Findhorn & Kinloss T:01309691308 E: edpeach@freenet.co.uk
Forres, Findhorn, Nairn & Elgin E: Info@newmoraylets.org.uk   T: 01309676128
Glasgow, (7) LETS http://www.enviroweb.org/greenaction/lets.html E: csvgec@gn.apc.org
Glasgow, Garnethill T:01413533395
Glasgow, Gorbals Time Bank E: mcgowancolin@hotmail.com
Glasgow, Kelvin Grove T:01413531546 - 3325206
Glasgow, SOCS Barataria  http://www.envirolink.org/ E: ruthw@gn.apc.org Dir
Glasgow, Strathbungo E:strathbungolets@yahoo.com.co.uk   T:01414237756
Glasgow, West E: michael.glancy@btinternet.com   T:01419448636 T:01413393064
Hamilton T:01698286902
Helensburgh E: r.morrison@helensburgh.co.uk   T:01436672592
Huntly T:01466720340
Inverness E: MoragDrew@talk21.com T:0134961000
Keith T:01343569440
Kincardine T:01259731174
Kleppsattel E: sarahk@lauriestonhall.demon.co.uk   T:01644450689
Lochmaben Annandale & Eskdale LETS T:01387810355
Longhope Hoy Orkney T:01856701266
Moray T:0134385660
Mull & Iona  T:01680300487
New Moray E: Forreslets@Bigfoot.com
North Fife http://www.northfifelets.org E: chair@horthfifelets.org T:01333422115
Perth T:01738443532
PigLETS (children's school) E: Fruach@Aol.com
ScotBarter (18 LETSystems) http://www.scotbarter.org   E: ruthw@scotbarter.org
Scottish Organizational Currency System (SOCS) http://www.socsystem.org.uk/ E: ruthw@gn.apc.org
Shetland E: patricia.dugard@tesco.net T:01806503348
Skye T:014713321
Stirling & Alloa http://letsmakeitbetter.co.uk   E: esocial@talk21.com
Tayside / Fife T:01382553109
Tweed T:01890883408

UK: WALES [UK] (20)
Aberystwyth  http://www.aberlets.org.uk   E: aberlets@mail-x-change.com   T:01974241480 T:01974261227 Dir
Bangor  T:01248351821.
Barry & Vale http://homepage.ntlworld.com/helen.free/home.htm E: barryvale.lets@ntlworld.com T:01446733034 - 745080
Cardiff Adamstown  T:01222462858
Cardiff East T:01222361581
Cardiff North T:01222222140
Cardiff West T:01222457871
Carlisle http://www.cittr.demon.co.uk/c_letsin.html E: c_lets@cittr.demon.co.uk E: colin@cittr.demon.co.uk
Carmarthen T:01437563622
Dinefwr T:01269845083 - 850566
Haverfordwest T:01437731579
Llanidloes E: llets@lrc.ruralwales.org   T:01686413639/412563 T:01686413461
Machynlleth T:0654702718
Oswestry http://www.trumphurst.com/odlets/ E: odlets@trumphurst.com T:01691652193 - 73626 Dir
Pennard T:01792233254
Presteigne T:01544267997
Rhayader Green Economy  T01597810929
South Powys Wales E: jar@gn.apc.org T:01874711147 T:01874711382
Swansea (Wales) T01792653498
Teifi Taf, Wales http://www.teifitaf.org    E: cyfle@teifitaf.org   T:01239710905 - 563622
Wales Institute for Community Currencies E: john.rogers@newport.ac.uk   T: 01495 350744

Friendly Favors 62,000 members in 196 countries http://favors.org/FF/
Akron OH Summit Hours http://www.afsc.org/glrhome/summit.htm E: afscole@aol.com
Albany NY Hours E: 75221.1262@compuserve.com
Allentown PA Timedollars (MESH) E: dancing112@yahoo.com
Amesbury MA HOURS E: chtodd@seacoast.com
Ann Arbor MI Washtenaw Talent Exchange E: edwoll@comcast.net
Arcata CA http://www.thejack.org/10-27-99/community/comm_currency.html E: barefoot@humboldt1.com
Asheville NC LETS http://www.ashevillelets.org/
Ashfield MA http://rcredits.org/
Ashland WI E: we1471@wheeler.northland.edu
Athens GA Timebank: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Athens-Time-Bank/162812763751705 online
Austin TX Dillo Hours E: rainfall@swbell.net
Bainbridge Island WA Bucks E: shelb@worldnet.att.net E: wjones2610@classic.msn.com
Baltimore MD E: larcom@bcpl.net
Baltimore MD Hands Helping Hands E: twyla_owns@hotmail.com E: hhtdnw@prodigy.net
Berkeley CA Barter E: aikya@ix.netcom.com
Berkeley CA Hours http://www.breadhours.org E: info@breadhours.org E: johnca@ourpla.net E: MiyokoS@aol.com
Bethlehem PA Lehigh Valley Hours E: GMGray@CedarCre.edu E: ads4@lehigh.edu
Boise ID Hours E: neysajensen@compuserve.com
Bloomington IN Hours http://www.bloomington.in.us/~blmghour/printdir.html E: blmghour@bloomington.in.us Dir
Bolinas CA Sand Dollars E: grupmind@well.com E: JWhitcroft@aol.com
Boston MA: http://www.dsni.org/local_currency.htm E: gwatson@dnsi.org E: priddick@dsni.org E: mlouie@dsni.org E gfidalgo@dsni.org E: reverdell@dsni.org
Boulder CO Hours http://bcn.boulder.co.us/community/servexchange/ E: pierremal@yahoo.com
Boulder CO http://www.time-exchange.net   E: info@time-exchange.net T:3032283404
Brattleboro Time Trade VT http://www.brattleborotimetrade.org/
Brekenbridge CO http://mtnhours.com
Bremerton WA Kitsap Hours: E: phoffman@linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us
Brooklyn NY Greenbacks E: cseeman@earthlink.net E: ecobooks@interport.net E: whodini@earthling.net E: treichler@ecobooks.com
Brooklyn NY Elderplan E: mblech@mjhs.org E: mcardina@mjhs.org
Buffalo NY Hours http://www.buffnet.net/feit E: jt512@buffnet.net E: feit@buffnet.net
Cambridge MA Universal Trade Hours E: dcg3@ix.netcom.com
Carbondale CO Spuds E: paradise@sopris.net
Charlottesville VA E: feb4q@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Chicago IL E: east4wind@aol.com
Chicago IL Time Dollar Tutoring http://www.timedollartutoring.or   E: think@ix.netcom.com  E: clpearce@mindspring.com  T:7732334442
Cleveland OH Cuyahoga Hours: E: dellison@igc.apc.org E: daryl@igc.apc.org
College Park MD E: sl139@umail.umd.edu http://www.hourworld.org/bank/Join.php?hw=1023
632 E. Main St. Cottage Grove OR 97424 Phone: 541-543-5735
Columbia MO Hours E: dscherub@mail.coin.missouri.edu
Columbus OH Simply Hours E: bwelker@iwaynet.net E: jwbrown@envirolink.org E: adwyer@ee.net
Cottage Grove Time Exchange: http://www.hourworld.org/bank/Join.php?hw=1023 http://www.kval.com/news/business/Services-for-services-and-leave-the-cash-at-home-144999565.html?tab=video&c=y
Coupeville WA Family Self-Sufficiency Program E: mmonnett@whidbey.net
Denver CO E: allenbutcher@juno.com (Living Room & Camping)
Des Moines Time Dollar E: mvs117@hotmail.com E: mroussos@ised.org
Detroit MI Great Lakes Hours E: mgalvin@cms.cc.wayne.edu
Eugene OR E: jonlib@aol.com E: rmartin@europa.com
Eureka CA Humboldt Hours E: georgek@tidepool.com
Flower Mound TX http://www.tele-works.com/brochures/flower.htm
Floyd VA http://www.floydhours.org   T:540-745-5994Fresno CA E: johnwrouse@hotmail.com
Gainesville FL Hours E: s.vani@worldnet.att.net E: DarrenB@aol.com E: globalnet@mindspring.com 1BR
Glen Burnie MD: Partners in Care Time Dollars: http://www.partnersincare.org E: partners@partnersincare.org
Grass Valley CA Sierra Time Exchange (SITE) http://www.nccn.net/~site E: site@nccn.ne
Greenfield MA Valley Dollars http://www.valleydollars.org E: vtc@shaysnet.com E: tbm@educ.umass.edu
Hadley MA Hartsbrook School Scrip E: waldorf@shaysnet.com
Hardwick VT Buffalo Mountain Hours E: dbriars@world.std.com
Hawaii HI http://www.microweb.com/planet/lets E: shanti@aloha.net
Houston TX Abilities Exchange http://www.bcm.tmc.edu/ae/ E: ghbaker@bcm.tmc.edu
Houston TX Hours: http://web.utk.edu/~smiile/houston/directory.html E: smiile@psynet.net
Hubbard OH Mahoning Watershed Timebank  http://tbmw.org/
Humboldt Bay CA http://www.northcoastweb.com/comcurrency/commcur.htm E: hbccp@northcoast.com
Humboldt Hours CA E: georgek@tidepool.com
Huntington Beach VA E: cedetimedollar@aol.com
Indianapolis IN Barter Bucks E: icaindy@aol.com
Indianapolis Sumo T$: E: vickiloyd@msn.com
Ithaca NY http://www.lightlink.com/hours/ithacahours/ E: hours@lightlink.com Dir
Kauai HI http://www.hawaiian.net/~cbokauai/essays/kbucks.html
Kensington E: colabtek@vdn.com
Kent Portage Hours OH E: jfsnbeck@waonline.com
Kettle Falls WA Hours E: gabekerr@triax.com
Lawrence KS Hours E: jharring@falcon.cc.ukans.edu E: jassch@falcon.cc.ukans.edu
Lehigh County PA E: arogers@enter.net  E: dancing112@yahoo.com
Lemon Grove CA POWER E: shelleye@POWEROpps.org
Lincoln NE E: slarrick1@unl.edu
Los Angeles E: sisterhemp@aol.com  Tel: 323 232 0935
Madison WI Hours http://www.madisonhours.org E: postmaster@madisonhours.org E: barisonj@merr.com
Maine ME Timedollars http://www.mtdn.org/ E: info@mtdn.org
Manhattan NY E: kaplewin@aol.com
Mars Hill NC Mountain Money E: annew@madison.main.nc.us
Maui HI http://garden.maui.net/lets/ E: scott@aloha.net
Mendocino SEED http://www.mcn.org/k/seedmoney/home.htm DIR
Mesa United Way Time Dollars E: dan.duncan@uwa.unitedway.org
Milwaukee WI Hours E: avictory@execpc.com
Miami Beach FL E: td2000ana@aol.com
Missoula MT Hours E: kwit@marsweb.com E: bdm@montana.com E: mcneal@selway.umt.edu
Modesto CA Harvest to Hope E: pudge297@yahoo.com
Montpelier VT Green Mountain Hours E: isecvt@igc.apc.org E: treefriend@aol.com
Mount Desert ME Timedollars E: calligrapher@prexar.com  E: lalaland@acadia.net  E: hourpower@downeast.net  T:207288-0086
Napa Valley CA http://www.y2knapa.com/localcurrency.html E: comments@y2knapa.com
New Berlin South NY Chenango Hours E: stedick@juno.com
New Brunswick NJ (3 Bedrooms) E: moswil@rci.rutgers.edu
New Orleans LA MoMoney http://members.aol.com/ALinNOLA/MoMoney.html E: ALinNOLA@aol.com
New York NY WomanShare http://www.angelfire.com/ar2/womanshare E: wshare@aol.com
Norfolk VA E: BAMAC45@aol.com
North Bend WA Time Bank Cooperative E: Familycenter@CSSV.org
Oakland Bay CA Area Bucks E: cbrouillet@igc.apc.org
Ohio Simply Hours: http://www.simplyliving.org/sl/simhours.htm E: hours@simplyliving.org
Olympia WA http://www.olywa.net/roundtable/sound_hours/exchange.html E: roundtable@olywa.net E: wahlk@elwha.evergreen.edu E: stlbeck@aol.com Dir
Palo Alto CA pfc@thecity@sfsu.edu E: visons@olywa.net
Paonia CO North Fork Helping Hands E: yage@wic.net
Peninsula OH Time Dollar Way Newsletter E: tthonnings@juno.com
Philadelphia PA Easter Hours E: oegeberg@capaccess.org
Philadelphia PA Equal Dollars http://www.angelfire.com/on2/equaldollars/index.html E: jonathan@rhd.org E: vanessa@rhd.org E: rfishman@dynanet.com E: 0004250245@mcimail.com
Portland OR http://www.horizonmag.com/incomm/incomm.htm E: letterhead@enterprisefoundation.org
Portland OR Cascadia Hour Exchange E: donh@aracnet.com
Portland ME E: timetraders@rosecdc.org   E: rosett@teleport.com   T:503788-8052x103
Portland ME Maine Time Dollar Network E: info@mtdn.org E: twalsh@ccmaine.org E: rgrock@earthlink.net
Rockland ME E: combuild@ccap-me.org   T:(207)596-0361 (800)585-1605
San Diego CA http://home.earthlink.net/~rflyer/localcurrency.html E: rflyer@earthlink.net
San Diego CA POWER E: sonyabolton@hotmail.com E: cpie@pacbell.net
San Francisco CA California Rural Legal Assistance E:chowellnsf@ifreedom.com E: bmoy@crla.org
San Francisco CA Community Resource Bank (CRB) E: Bokop@aol.com
San Francisco CA E: pfc@thecity.sfsu.edu
San Luis Obispo CA http://www.hopedance.org/article3.htm E: dhull1cpa@aol.com E: Hopedance@aol.com
Santa Barbara CA http://www.silcom.com/~sustain/SBHours/ E: sustain@silcom.com E: CoHearts@aol.com
Santa Fe NM Hours E: sfgreens@sifna.com E: guest@zumacafe.com
Santa Monica CA Hours klaidman@hsc.usc.edu
Seattle WA Timedollars E: rhiga97213@aol.com
Severna Park MD Partners In Care E: maureen117@excite.com E: bhustonsgl@aol.com
Shasta Lake CA Time Dollars E: openarms@snowcrest.net
Skagit WA Dollars E: thamiter@ncia.com
South Puget Sound WA http://www.olywa.net/vision/ E: vision@olywa.net Dir
Springfield IL E: fl1001317@netscape.net
St. Charles MO E: sherry@iverb.org
St. Louis MO Hours E: mlleh@home.stlnet.com
St. Louis MO Grace Hill E: LarryH@gracehill.org E: bettym@gracehill.org E: annes gracehill@org.com E: jbandroxie@aol.com E: NancyS@gracehill.org
St. Paul MN Hour Dollars Service Exchange E: beth@hourdollars.org   E: thecabin@mn.uswest.net
Stillwater MN http://www.pressenter.com/~exchange/ E: exchange@pressenter.com
Stillwater, MN Timedollars http://www.volunteercvs.org    E:cathy@volunteercvs.org   T: 651-439-7434
Tacoma WA People Helping People E: PHP1234@aol.com
Timedollar Homepage http://www.cfg.com/timedollar/Welcome.html
Timedollar Institute: http://www.timedollar.org/ E: info@timedollar.or
Tucson AZ Traders http://www.tucsontraders.org   http://azstarnet.com/~circ/tuctrade.htm E: tortuga@sw-center.org
Tulsa OK Hours E: kenhess@ionet.net
Ukiah CA Hours http://www.greenmac.com/hours E: greenmac@pacific.net
Vashon WA http://www.vashon.com/vashontime E: stevev@pobox.com
Waldo ME http://members.mint.net/troberts/waldohrs.html E: garyrobb@uninet.net & http://www.greens.org/maine
Washington DC http://ushc-online.org/html/ccn.html E: ushc@erols.com
Washtenaw Talent Exchange E: edwoll@comcast.net
Willimantic CT Thread City Bread E: kevnna@neca.com E: dnicolino@juno.com E: johnschwenk@juno.com
Woodland Hills CA Time Dollars E: mmm4433@aol.com

LETS in Uruguay http://www.chasque.apc.org/aharo/trueque/ E: trueque@i.com.uy E: sm0kco@yahoo.com T: 6957799 Dir
Montevideo http://ccdev.lets.net/urueng.html


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