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081225 kotp061 UNILETS Timebank in U.N. Millennium Declaration
Altenate time-based currency" to "restructure the global financial architecture."

090118 kotp078 UNILETS to Davos WEF & Belem WSF
Two weeks to save the planet urging Davos World Economic Forum & Belem World Social Forum adopt the UNILETS "Time Standard of Money" resolution

090118 kotp079 UNILETS to 2005/6 World Social Forums
Letter sent to 2005/6 WSF participants urging a UNILETS resolution

090118 kotp080 UNILETS at Davos World Economic Forum?
World Economic Forum at Davos needs UNILETS "Time Standard of Money"

090122 kotp083-4 Help to get UNILETS on WSF-WEF agenda? Part 1/2  Part 2/2
1) Abolitionists, crash effects, Shift A economics, islamic banking, LETS interest-free, money reformers, 2) movers,  usury, how you can help

090127 kotp099 John The Engineer to Davos WEF & Belem WSF for UNILETS
Opening plea for global interest-free UNILETS time-based currency banking to Davos World Economic Forum and Belem World Social Forum

090129 kotp101 Davos Economy Question
"Are you confident that global growth will be restored in 2009?"

090129 kotp102 Davos Environment Question
"Will the environment lose out to the economy in 2009?"   

090129 kotp103 Davos Ethics Question
"Should company executives have a code of ethics like doctors and lawyers?"

090129 kotp104 Obama rating Question
"Will Obama improve the state of the world in 2009?"

090131 kotp107 Davos censors 4 Turmel answers - 5 people answered all 4 questions on Economy, Environment, Ethics, Politics; 3 offered 2 different answers to 1 question. Turmel's intro at Economy was posted on Page 8 but then the answers to the 4 questions were not in any playlist. Attempting to upload them again gets "You have already submitted this video for this contest" for all four questions. So it was received but NOT posted! Did Davos censors suppress anyone else's post?   

090201 kotp110-1 Davos uncensors 4 Turmel answers after forum closes Part 1/2   Part 2/2
After repeated attempts to upload 4 answers, they appeared today after the close of the Davos forum dated "4 days ago". Better late than never and it gives the big shots another year before having to face the issues.

090204 kotp113 Bloomberg on Davos Delegates in Denial Craig Copetas - Christine Harper: Davos Delegates in Denial as $25 Trillion of Wealth Vanishes
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