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081112 kotp011 Christ's Golden Mules
Christ was not a poor carpenter, the Magi left him rich in gold. How he probably evaded a Roman execution writ.

kotp012 Old Testament usury
John Turmel reads from   about old testament injunctions against interest by Ezekiel, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Habbakuk, Leviticus, Haggai, Proverbs, Psalms

081112 kotp013 Christ on usury
John Turmel reading bible poetry on a new understanding leading up to the Parables of the Talents and the Minas.

081112 kotp014 Parables of the Talents-Minas
Explanation of the parables of the talents and minas as bank-resisting strategy.

kotp015 How Christ fought banks
Poem on what Christ said to do to fight usury (interest on money)

090123 kotp086 Usury: Simon Barrow at on Simon Barrow sermon Nov 16 2008 St. Stephen's Chuch in Exeter

090127 kotp098 Nehemiah Move on Usury God message that is ACTUALLY repeated throughout the Bible; salonesoterica Why and how usury has been imposed across the world; Financial Crisis - is usury the problem?; How do we sing sacred local economy?; benchescleared Ne.5: Nehemiah Aids the poor; Nehemiah - chapter 5 - verses 1-12

090205 kotp115 Satan's Usury or God's Dividend on Time
Heaven like Hell from Our Father Lord's Prayer, Parables of Talents / Minas; Isaiah 55; Day of Jubilation with cancellation of debts, unions buy out owners through communistic-capitalism; Emarketplace with merit badges for even "Not-so-Quick" Herbie; 80% wasted manpower diverted to help 20% working at production; clean energy affodable; God's Dividend as Timedollars buying more food for your money as technology gets better and better instead of Satan's Usury getting more money to buy food which inflates away. If you get something for nothing, someone else gets nothing for something.

090412 kotp130 Jesus' most 7-quoted definition is for usury!!!
Jesus' differential equation for interest on money, usury is cited 7 times: Matthew 13:12, 25:29; Luke 19:26, 8:18; Marc 4:25; Thomas 41; Apocalypse of Peter (VII,3) 83:27
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