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071005 Youtube clips by Chris & Chad Csomor
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080229 turmel01-3 King of the Paupers #1/3  Part 2/3   Part 3/3
Presentation to Usury-Free Week at Brantford on Nov 17 2007

081102 kotp05 Loyal Engineer's 1997 Petition to Her Majesty
Parts of John The Engineer's 1997 Petition of Right to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

081111 kotp008 Federal Reserve Poem
Humans are stupider than ants - How they substituted interest-bearing Federal Reserve Bank notes for interest-free U.S. Treasury Greenback notes. From

kotp016 Oath Banking Systems Engineer
From the Ballad of the Banking Systems Engineer

kotp017 Usury Laplace Transform; Nickel; Chimps
From on high-tech proofs, lesson of the nickel loan, getting chimps hooked on money too.

kotp018 Actions political & legal (Metcalfe anti-foreclosure)
Actions of the Banking Systems Engineer in politics and law, 68 elections and hundreds of foreclosure stalls based on the Christ's parable of the talents including that of Jean Metcalfe, the totally-allergic woman from Smiths Falls.

kotp019 Challenger engineers; Treasury solution
From   on the failure of the Challenger Shuttle engineers, use of Treasury money.

081116 kotp020 Social Credit; Hitler; Argentina
End of the Ballad of the Banking systems engineer and hope from Argentina paying off its massive debt two years early in a way we could emulate too.

081205 kotp045 Robert Zimmerer Toeslist report
Robert Zimmer article on TOESLIST which banned Turmel articles

081210 kotp048 Atlas Shrugged Not to Ayn Rand #1
John The Engineer Galt, Atlas shrugging to hide out until the sheep overthrow the wolves.

081201 kotp049 Atlas Shrugged Not to Ayn Rand #2
John The Engineer Galt, Atlas shrugged, speech to the nation falls flat.

081210 kotp050 Proteus on the cause
Morris West's "Proteus" shows way to a U.N. address

081211 kotp051 Spartacus at Babylon to U.N. Kofi Annan
Morris West's "Proteus" inspired Spartacus of the debt slaves to demand UN address.

081219 kotp054 Bank Fighter Extraordinaire in foreclosure fight
Stiff-the-Bank Kit Instructions & Devecseri Family foreclosure

081219 kotp055 Jean Metcalfe Foreclosure Fight to Supreme Court
Total-Allergy Syndrome sufferer Jean Metcalfe starts eviction fight with the Jesus defence

081219 kotp056 Metcalfe foreclosure Jesus defence continues
Jean Metcalfe continues Jesus defence against foreclosure

081221 kotp057 Mrs. Metcalfe Abuses Bank
Smiths Falls Record News Editorial by Patrick Dare and Turmel reply on Stiff-the-Bank Kit abuse of process

081221 kotp058 Metcalfe to Charles, Diana, Supreme Court
Total-Allergy Victim Jean Metcalfe fights eviction to Supreme Court, pickets Charles & Diana

081221 kotp059 Bank a Gaming House?
First 1980 court attacks to Supreme Court on interest being an illegal fee for participation in a gamble, the death-gamble mort-gage.

081221 kotp060 Bank a Genocide House?
Next attack trying to force Crown to charge Bank of Canada with genocide to Supreme Court.

090104 ktop071-2 Great Canadian Character Anthology Part 1,  Part 2.
Hubert Bauch's 1984 story "He also ran... and ran... and ran..."

090116 kotp076 1995 Internet Kook of the Month
John "Turmoil" Turmel voted 1995 Internet Kook of the Month for arguing Christ spoke differential equations.

090119 kotp081 Protest-Instruction vs. Protest-Obstruction
A protest-instructor with an alternative to offer needs not resort to violence like the protest-obstructors who do not.

090430 ssof Stop Spending Our Future contest on Government Spending
What's your biggest frustration about the government's appetite for more spending?   Poem on King Henry's Tallies as Wise government spending

090721 kotp164 Barry Grey: Tehran and Tegucigalpa: A tale of two capitals
World Socialist Web Site article on the hypocritic double-standard of the Western media coverage of the election protests in Iran and the coup in Honduras.

090901 kotp186-8 CBC Dragon's Den torched by King of the Dragons
On May 31 2009, KingofthePaupers John Turmel appeared on CBC's Dragon's Den to pitch them on the idea of investing in their Toronto or Calgary Dollar community currency to make a quick 10% premium and help their town at the same time.
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