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090117 kotp077 Stephen Colbert duped by Niall Ferguson on piggy banking Niall Ferguson's Ascent of Money says banks lend out savers' funds like piggy banks. NOT.

090119 kotp082 Stephen Colbert volunteers work for no pay
Not knowing about rewarding volunteers with Timedollars, Alan Khazei of or gets Stephen to urge the Colbert-nation to volunteer to work for no pay, one day!

090123 kotp088 Ron Paul: Printing Money Only Prolongs The Pain
Ron Paul, okfrank, Vincent Gioia all worry about Shift A inflation, too much money

090124 kotp089-90 Arin Farrington: 1/2 When the money isn't flowing: Invent your own currency  Part 2/2
Oct 13 2008 Arin Farrington article on community currencies

090123 Re: Kalinda Stevenson: How banks create money out of thin air
Kalinda Rose Stevenson Ph.D. tries to explain how piggy banks create money.

090123 Re: Peter & Joe: How banks create money
Peter and Joe from St. Mary's try to explain how piggy banks create money. I explain NOT.

090126 kotp097 Michael Moore short on what to do
Michael Moore's great ideas about helping survive if we only had enough money.

090128 kotp100 Forgive Sir Evelyn de Rothschild calling on poor to pay?
BBC News - Sir Evelyn de Rothschild calls for action  and gets the boots put to the brain.

090222 kotp119 Ron Paul on Bill Maher offers liquidation as solution
Feb 20 2009 Ron Paul appeared on Bill Maher's show and could only offer liquidation as a solution to the crisis. In the Great Depression, 7 million of 120 million were liquidated by poverty. 18 million of 300 million should be now. Liquidation is no solution. A new standard of money, Time, is. I point out recent articles about timebanks being set up in US: Echo Park, Sobrante Park Calif., South Bend Ind., Durango Co., Eureka Ark., Portland Or., BMW Timebank in South Africa, N.Y. Daily News on Timebanks, Timebank Conference June 25-7 in Madison Wis., UK: new Sneinton Time Bank, SEL on France media, Jerusalem "Youth in the City" timebank (9 more in Jerusalem), Russia: Charles Stewart Mott $150,000 grant for Timebank training to Nizhni Novgorod and surrounding regions. I hope Ron Paul can be persuaded to accept the Time Standard as well as a yellow or silver or other rock Standard of Money.

090905 kotp191 Michael Moore's Banking Systems Engineering Thesis?
Trailer for Michael Moore's banking systems engineering thesis on what's gone wrong and what's to be done right at Venice film festival.
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