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081215kotp053 Time Magazine cites LETS, not UNILETS timebank
Alternative currencies grow in popularity, Time Dec 14 2008,8816,1865467,00.html

090101 kotp066-7 El Paso nuns use Timedollars to down child mortality  Part #2/2
Centro San Vincente from Chap 12 of Edgar Cahn's Time Dollars ISBN 0-87857-985-0

090122 kotp085 Matthew Slater's DRUPAL LETS Marketplace
Matthew Slater want DRUPAL LETS

090126 kotp094 LETS Community Currencies
Articles from 2008/9 showing how people are preparing for the worst with LETS community currency economic lifeboats

090204 kotp112 Funny Money Cure for Depression? Toronto Star Lynda Hurst Toronto Star article: A cure for depression? Try Funny Money which details how the stamp scrip in the German town of Schwanenkirchen accomplished miracles before being shut down by the Nazis but didn't mention how Austria shut down Worgl and Roosevelt shut down American emergency scrips too. The only difference was that Hitler took over the printing presses to issue enough money to give everyone a job while Roosevelt and the rest of the world's politicians left the debt slaves to their private masters' yoke of oppression: usury.

090426 kotp132 Interest-free currencies in recent media
Articles on local alternative community currencies around the world from CNN; Fox News; ABC News; USA Today; The Economist; Reuters; Huffington Post; Detroit Free Press; Associated Press; Spiegel Germany; Irish Times; ABC11; Atlanta Examiner; Seattle Post-Intelligencer; Fayetteville Flyer; Sanford Herald; Intelligence Daily; Daily Paul Ron; Portfolio; Wild Singapore; WKOW-TV; Podrobnosti Ukraine; Baltimore Sun; Brooklyn Eagle; Southbend Tribune; DibSpace; Liberator Magazine; Distributist Voice; Post Chronicle; Business Insider; EconoChristian; Twitter; Facebook; Kilowattcards; and more.

090505 kotp140-1 1/2 Michiana Money suffering rare criticisms  
South Bend Tribune: Name of New Currency to be announced Friday article has critics who are really bent and need some straightening out.
Part 2/2 South Bend Tribune: Name of New Currency...article has critics who are really bent and need some straightening out; Doug Rushkoff comment on hacking the economy v. upgrading bank software.
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

090624 kotp151 Timebanks USA Conference 2009
While Americans drown in debt, a conference on building financial lifeboats with time-based currencies doesn't get covered by the media. So Kingofthe Paupers will give it a plaudit and a slap.

090720 kotp162 U.K. mulls Post Office People's Piggy Bank
BBC, Telegraph, Mirror, etc reports on a coalition of trade unions, business leaders, Parlamentarians calling for the Post Office to take in deposits like a new kind of piggy bank. Unfortunately, no one has any money to deposit anymore.

090720 kotp163 Michael Joseph engineers cellphone minute money in Africa
BBC report "Mutlal benefits of profits from poverty" on engineer Michael Joseph's "Safaricom" mobile phone network which permits users to transfer positive minutes from account to account in Kenya. Coming up, no doubt, transfering negative minutes owed too to all of Africa and the world. Putting the banks out of business.

090722 kotp165 Japan has highest use of interest-free currency on earth\show\366 is Richard Colman, JD: Cultural Contexts and Complementary Currencies explains why Japanese are smart enough to use complementary currencies while the rest of the world are too stupid.

090722 kotp166 Japan: Millennium City & Yamatsuri's Trading Stamp currency
Millennium City building eco-villages with community currency earned through volunteer activities; is Yamatsuri's Trading Stamps to pay Public Utility (but it's not constitutional to be smart and pay taxes with them to make them even more valuable too. Har har har)

090723 kotp169-70 #1/2 Alternative Currencies: Is Small the new Big? Stowe Boyd
Part #2/2 More with Richard Schulte commentary

090723 kotp171 When in doubt, create your own money St. John New Brunswick Telegraph Journal article by Kathleen Ohara on the Salt Sprint Island Dollars community currency helped by Randy Bachman

090723 kotp172 A Proposal to add a LETS to Madison Hours Jon Hains to improve the Madison Hours

090723 kotp173 Phoenix Bux Phux Up 23 Valley businesses to use new currency: Phoenix Bux dinky toy A Community Currency 'Discount Art Token' Opens in Phoenix
July 19 1997 Arizona Republic: The World's Richest Pauper

090818 kotp179 Kaua'i Kash & Madison Hours LETS
Jonathan Jay asks how to get the community currency right. 

090818 kotp181 Xavier Hermes: LETS barter
Oct 23 2008 Epost from Rumor Mill News Reading Room

090818 kotp185 Bernard Lietaer on B2B business-to-business currencies
Aug 8 2009 Michael Bauwens has interview
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