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TURMEL: Exemptees go for Kill to Repeal over No Juice or Oil

JCT: The government intention was stated with the MMPR, to shut down self-grow operations to augment the viability of  the MMPR, same reason Judge Manson gave for cutting half of the self-grower licenses. Aw, with all the hoopla of Manson extending all grow permits (expired or not) grandfathered back to 2013, it's never mentioned how he did not extend all possess permits but only those not expired thus cutting off half a year's renewals. So much cheering in the press about "All grow permits extended)" and the Left-Outs without Possess Permits remaining unnoticed. When the MMPR was struck down in Allard demanding self-grower concerns be addressed, did you really think they had given up on the original intention? Back in the early days, the new Health Canada examiners of applications were the pharmacists from the narc squad. Don't think the Narcs don't still rule. We see today's headlines:

Ottawa might try to prohibit homegrown pot

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government warns legalized recreational marijuana will be a strictly controlled substance - so much so that even homegrown weed may be prohibited. Bill Blair, parliamentary secretary to the minister of justice, noted "the science is overwhelmingly clear that marijuana is not a benign substance." He said that's why Ottawa will be "ensuring that an effective and comprehensive regulatory framework is put in place to control the production, distribution, and the consumption of marijuana."
JCT: And how long do you expect it to take for them to be able to provide juice?

By ROBERT BENZIE Queen's Park Bureau Chief
Mon., July 4, 2016
Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott said the government is "taking a public health approach to the matter of the legalization and regulation of marijuana," treating it like tobacco. But in Ontario - despite strong anti-smoking laws - growing tobacco for personal consumption is allowed. That raises questions about the efficacy of banning Canadians from cultivating marijuana at home for recreational use once it is legalized next year.
Kyle Bell, a medicinal cannabis advocate, said Monday that there is mounting concern that the federal Liberals may not allow anyone - even medical marijuana patients - to grow their own. Bell noted Ottawa has until Aug. 24 to address a Federal Court ruling in B.C. that it's unconstitutional to stop patients from growing cannabis and forcing them to buy it from Health Canada-licensed producers. "They're being very heavy-handed with it," he said of the federal government's moves.

JCT: Of course they're being heavy-handed because they're staying with their original intention. So don't expect the Aug 24 Medical Marijuana New Regulations ("MMNR") to be a wonderful solution. Consider the Narcs who are writing it, again. The Narcs wrote the 2001 MMAR declared absent by malfunction in 2003 Hitzig. The Narcs wrote the 2003 fix that was then declared absent by malfunction in 2008 Sfetkopoulos. The Narcs wrote the Sfet fix that was then declared absent by malfunction in 201? Beren. The Narcs wrote the Beren fix but the MMAR was yet again declared absent by malfunction in Smith. The Narcs wrote the MMPR that was declared absent by complete malfunction in Allard. And it's the same guys writing the new Regs. Har har har. And someone expects a different result?

But I expect never-ending attack on self-grows with the final as with the original intention. As you fought their MMPR attack on self-grows in Allard, get ready to face their MMNR attack as stated above. I'd wondered how they were going to pursue that agenda in their MMNR would be to say it'll take not the usual 10 weeks to process the new hundreds of applications they used to process but it will take 10 months to process the old thousands who now want back in. Or put in stringent production conditions, necessary testing of product, even labelling, ban outdoor-grow, whatever they can do to make it expensive for everyone but the rich. The Narcs have their shills at all levels of government following the party line. Shutting down dispensaries at the local level when trafficking to the patients in the streets didn't cause all that much bother they should complain, is another prime example of the resistance from the establishment who want the monopoly on production and distribution.

Yes, kiddies, get ready to defend against their next attack. Yes, get ready to defend. What else can you do? The Narcs intend to shut down private grows. What else can you do? So it's us against the Narcs and they've put us on Defence again. Of course, I have been developing an offensive move on the quiet burner until something like today's news could scare you with a jolt of reality. No matter how many kids puff at pot parties in the open demonstrations, the Barneys can still keep busting anyone they want to keep the courts busy. So rather than defence, time to go on offence. Forget waiting for the Trudeau fix. He promised us our dream. It wasn't Truethough. He's a Reneger. We should honor the people who got busted after Justin got in as Trudeau's Renegees! He's the Reneger of his promise and they're the victim renegees of his reneged promise.

This is therefore the ideal opportunity for a massive show of strength. Back in 2014, it took months to get the word out to over 300 "Gold Star" Plaintiffs for Repeal or Exemptions. The Crown labelled the April 29 Big Event videotelecast in 12 courtrooms in 10 provinces as "unprecedented," "remarkable" and "extraordinary" three times. The Crown and the Registry were mightily taxed by only hundreds of self-represented plaintiffs using the same forms. 

So the stake through the heart happens to be pioneered by Raymond Lee Hathaway. His statement of claim for repeal because he can't get fresh juice or oil products got past Phelan who couldn't use the Gold Star automatic stay on him. So Lee has sapped the court's defences and now it's up to everyone with a permit but who wants fresh juice or oil products to join him in his $2 quest for complete repeal or exemptions for provisioners. That's everyone in the chain of production who's protected. http://johnturmel.com/juiceoil  has 4-page Statement of Claim with instructions.

So this is our chance to flood the Registry with possibly 60,000 to 120,000 (I've heard both) current exemptees and every new one who gets a permit in the future. The big difference now is that back in 2014, the Gold Star bandwagon started small, people telling friends. Now every dispensary has a large databases of known permit holders! Since the purpose is to get exemptions for the dispensaries, I hope they'll see the advantage of signing their patients up to the $2 online protest for Juice and Oil or Repeal. Can you imagine how this would paralyze the Justice system if a first dispensary, then a second, then another and another sign up all their patients demanding fresh juice and oil products. If we semi-paralyzed them with 300 Gold Stars last time in a couple of months, given they deal with about 3,000 cases a year, it could be possible for the marijuana community to give them a couple of decades of work in just a few weeks. Right now, I expect every Gold Star to sign on for their second Gold Star: Repeal over Supply and Repeal over No Juice-Oil.

The Power Card is "No Fresh juice." LPs can import pot to provide oil but can't provide fresh juice at all without local growers. So claiming the non-high juice is the winningest card. They have no alternative but repeal or exemption immediately. You've seen how fast we can get through the courts when not stalled and how I Keep It Super Simple, usually to the one or two winning trump. But Juice-Oil is not only the winning vital argument which judges can "fail to see" as often as they close their eyes. The real winning power here is once again what freaked both the Crown and Registry last time, the volume.

Let's say 200 of the 300 Gold Stars did file their Statements of Claim online last time. It should be easy to do it again. But now, knowing so many other legal users, actually get them filed online. Just add their info to the form, take a picture of their signature and insert, save to PDF and take 3 minutes to upload it to the Court computer. A dispensary could sign up every patient who walks in. For any who can't use computers that well, email me an image of your signature and I'll file it for you. Anyone can file it for you, you just pay the $2.

That means if you learn how to do the online filing with your Ipad, or if your friends send you their signature, you can get their Statement of Claim filed. Then they handle the call for the $2 payment. I'm contacting every Gold Star and expect them to take the 10 minutes to get in on the kill. And pleading that pushing your dispensaries to sign up tens of thousands of patients demanding fresh juice to swamp the Crown and Registry is the winning move.

With the aid of dispensaries, this Claim for Juice-Oil will cripple the government's attempt to shut down self-grows. And even a self-grower shouldn't have to process oil himself. Don't carp about having to make your own juice though. On Monday, I filed Sharon Misener, Ron and Linda Yule. So there are now 4 on Hathaway's Juice-Oil bandwagon. Hope the dispensaries can give us a hand getting them exemptions to provision. Might not be such a tough sell. Besides, someday, someone may ask why you didn't claim for Juice and Oil with the smart ones.

These instructions are for filling out and online filing of a Federal Court of Canada Statement of Claim for both damages for being improperly shut down by the unconstitutional MMPR at http://johnturmel.com/mmprsc.pdf or http://johnturmel.com/mmprsc.docx (if you can't amend PDFs) or the Claim for Repeal or Exemption for provisioners of fresh juice or oil products at http://johnturmel.com/juiceoil.pdf or http://johnturmel.com/juiceoil.docx . Instructions for filling out and online filing of a Federal Court of Canada Statement of Claim.

The Statement of Claim for Juice and Oil is at http://johnturmel.com/juiceoil.pdf  for those who can insert their signature into PDFs and http://johnturmel.com/juiceoil.docx   who can’t and can insert the signature into a Docx and save as PDF.  http://johnturmel.com/juiceoilb.pdf is a paper copy with blanks you can fill in by pen should you want to mail it in with your $2.

It is in 12-point courier Bold with 1.5 line spacing. Just replace the blanks for your
- [NAME] First Last (back page too)
- Para.9: [COUTRHOUSE] town near you
- [TOWN] where you sign it and [DATE]
- [SIGNATURE] insert image or picture. If too big, shrink by dragging a corner button
- [INFO] Name, Address, Phone, Email (back page too)
You can delete spaces in the Header "Style of Cause" to properly space the paragraphs on the page and "Save As" "yourname" .PDF

Open your Action by bringing or mailing 4 copies of the Statement of Claim to the Registry in Toronto at 180 Queen St. W. Toronto M5H 2N6 with the $2 fee, 3 for the Court, 1 they certify with a gold star for you. The Court serves the Attorney General the originating document. It’s far easier to save the print and travel costs by preparing and saving it as PDF and filing with the Court’s Online Service. They'll call you for the $2. Your Affidavit with any of your personal facts comes after the Crown files a Statement of Defence. 

From the Federal Court of Canada "Home" page sidebar, click "Electronic Filing
Click "Federal Court Electronic Filing System"

Click Initiate New Proceeding

Click English
Proceeding Type: Click Federal Court
Proceeding Subject: Click Against the Crown
Proceeding Nature: Click Others Crown (v. Queen)[Actions]
Click Ordinary Action
Click Next


Click Add Party
Role: Click Plaintiff
Type: Click Individual
First Name: Type yours
Last Name: Type yours
Click Save

Click Add Party button
Role: Click Defendant
Type: Click Other
Full Name: Her Majesty The Queen
Click Save
Click Next


Click Add Document
Type: Click Statement of Claim (Section 48)
Document Language: Click English
Browse to choose file  yourname.pdf
Handling Instructions: None.
Filing Party: Click your name
Click Save
Click Next

Enter the Filing Party Contact Information (red stars)
Choose a Registry Office nearest you.
Don't click Urgent Statement of Claim.
Click Next

If you are satisfied, click Submit.

They'll call you to collect the $2. Credit card is easy. Otherwise, do whatever you have to.

 http://johnturmel.com/kits is the start of everything.

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