Doctors who sign MMAR Exemptions and not

These lists are generated by either sending the doctor's name
and town and province to

Doctors who did their research and will sign MMAR
forms to offer herbal as well as chemical treatment.


Abbotsford, Greenleaf Medical Clinic, #101 - 2296 McCallum Road, Tel: (604-859-3677) by appointment; they check your records (your famly doctor could do it cheaper) and if you qualify, for $400, you get a SKYPE appointment with a real doctor to prove you're the real you.
Kamloops: Medical Cannabis Resource Centre, Dr. Ian Mitchell Tel: 604.566.9391 Email: Fax: 604.909.1890 SKYPE APPTS
Kelowna, Donoharm Clinic;
Kelowna, Dr Kevin Jay Kanerva; Suite 421, 9-3151 Lake Shore Rd (250)860-3456 (250)764-1684f, 3 - 1745 Spall Rd. V1Y 4P7 250-860-3413 (250)212-4899 (250-764-1684f (private clinic which charges $2400 for a ANY SIZE exemption)
Nanaimo, Dr. Johannes Olivier, (Referral Only)
Vancouver: Dr. Arnold Shoichet, Dr. Caroline Ferris,
Dr. Roop Randhawa Medical Cannabis Resource Centre, 450 Nanaimo St, Tel: 604.566.9391 Email: Fax: 604.909.1890 SKYPE APPTS
Vancouver: Medical Cannabis Dispensary, 880 E. Hastings, 604-255-1844/5fax SKYPE appointments


Fredericton, Dr Gary Baker; 139 Brunswick Street E3B 1G7 (506) 450-3321 Pain Specialist Physical Medicine
Fredericton, Dr. Colleen O'Connell (Referrals only); Stan Cassidy Rehab Centre, 800 Priestman St E3B 0C7, (506)447-4294, (506)452-5681 (506)447-4749f, spinal cord, head and neurological injuries.
Fredericton, Dr. John Keddy; 1015 Regent St, E3B 6H5 (506) 458-0246, 506-458-0264f.
Fredericton, Dr. Douglas D. Smith;139 Brunswick Street E3B 1G7 (506) 450-3321   506-450-3371 Pain Specialist Physical Medicine
Fredericton, Dr. Paul Smith; 640 Prospect Fredericton, NB E3B 9M7 (506)455-2900 8(506)784-6300.
Perth-Andover, Dr. David Bell; 139 Brunswick Street E3B 1G7 (506) 450-3321 Pain Specialist Physical Medicine.
Perth-Andover, Dr. Larry Kennedy; 43 Hillcrest Drive, E7H 2G7, 506-273-9522, 506-273-6331f, Family Physician
Woodstock First Nation, Dr. Michael P. Perley, 139 Brunswick Street E3B 1G7 (506) 450-3321 Pain Specialist Physical Medicine.

Amherst, Dr. Thomas Hydorn; 16 Church St PO Box 128 Stn Main B4H 3Y6 902-667-2331 G.P.
Dartmouth, Dr. Stuart Holland, 959 Cole Harbour Rd., Trauma Healing Center, 844-429-6074
Halifax, Dr. Mary Lynch; Pain Management, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre, 4th Floor Dickson Bldg, 5820 University Ave., B3H 1V7, 902 473 6428/4126fax, Email: Jct: She has a 2-year waiting list. A rare good one. Sad.

Barrie, Dr. Henry Moller, 55 Dunlop W.,
Brantford, Dr. Dhillon, Ontario Health Clinics, 40 Shellington Pl. 519-754-2888
Cochrane, Dr. Li, Cochrane Minto Center, 705 272-4200 has recently signed for exemptions!!!
*Coehill, Dr. Kamermans; 613-337-8984 *Seems someone sent in an application with a forged signature for Dr. Kamermans so he's decided not do to any more until March.
Fort Erie, Dr. D. Henry;
238 Bertie St, Fort Erie, 905-871-6622 KEENER
Fort Erie, Dr. Kamatovic;
Georgian Bay, Dr. Danial Schecter, 705.433.1362
Hamilton, Dr. Rhydderch;
Hamilton, Dr. Price, <10gms 1-855-800-2226
Jarvis, Dr. Mark Miller, 2121 Main N, 519-587-2268
London, Dr. Patricia Morley-Forster,
North York, Dr. Tsvi Gallant 2797 Bathurst, 416-789-4376;
Ottawa, Dr Donald Kilby, 100 Marie Curie Pvt. 613-564-3950 only upon referral;
Ottawa, Dr Geraint Lewis, 1053 Carling, B3 613-798-5555 ext. 14169
Peterborough, Dr. Mary Lou Mamuri Dancel; 503-140 King St, K9J 7Z8, 705-745-8705   Patients under 22 years old
Sarnia, Dr. Glen Madison;
Sarnia, Dr. Lau;
*Scarborough, Dr. Latowsky, 207-3447 Kennedy Rd.416-332-2757/3747f; *Andrew Jackson reports
Latowsky is not taking new patients
St. Catherines, Dr. Lennox;
Toronto, Dr. Gordon Arbess, 41-0 Sherbourne, 416-867-3728;
Toronto, Dr. John Goodhew, 406-235 Danforth, 416-463-6929/6577;
Toronto, Dr. Colin Kovacs, 70 Carlton, 416-465-0856;
*Toronto, Dr. Naomi Lear, 2401 Yonge St. 416-322-9933; *Andrew Jackson reports
Dr. Lear is on Maternity leave, no apointments till July
Toronto, Dr. Saul, 201-80 Finch W. 416-221-3633/5599f;  retired
*I was told no Toronto doctors are now prescribing! Does anyone know one?
Woodbridge: Dr. R. Monson, ON, 905-856-2100

Charlottetown, Dr. Desmond Colohan; GONE. None now in PEI I'm told.

Prince Albert, Dr. Landwa;

ME, Hallowell, Dr Dustin Sulak; 104-47 Water St 04347 (207) 512-8633.
ME, Augusta, Dr. Woytowicz; 15 East Chestnut St 04330 (207) 626-1894.

Doctors who won't do research and will not sign
MMAR forms so don't waste their time or yours:

Calgary, Dr. Fred Zapasnik;
Canmore, Dr. Mark Hawkins;
Swan Hills; Dr. Olivier,
Calgary, Dr. Barrow used to but no longer
Calgary, Dr. Marc Klasa used to but no longer

Kelowna, Dr Tersia Lichtenstein; 1605 Gordon Dr V1Y3G8 (250)763-1183.
Vancouver, Dr. Peter Tak Mo Ko, Champlain Square 3188 54 Ave. e.
Nanaimo, Dr. Robin Love;
Nanaimo, Dr. Thorsteinn Njalsson;
Nanaimo: Dr. Jennifer O'Farrell
Dr. Gerry Vaughn (hasn't done any research)
Vancouver, Dr Mario Baff;
Vancouver, Dr.Craig Jacobsen & Dr Elaina Ho   4060 Cambie St
"marijuana wasn't approved by the college and was not listed in the CPS so the two of them were not signing or having anything to do with that.
Victoria, Dr. Anita Buriloski,

Moncton: Dr. Gerald MacDonald

Halifax, Dr. Campbell; North End Community Health Centre, 2165 Gottingen St. 902-420-0303 back specialist

Ayr, Dr. Vlaar;
Dr David Koczerginski
Brantford, Dr. Bannister;
Brantford, Dr. Spicer;
Burlington, Dr. Wania;
Campbellford, Hillside Family Medicine, Dr Paul Andrew Williams, 119 Isabella Street, K0L 1L0,
Cornwall, Dr. A.J. Khan,
Cornwall, Dr. Kawsar,
Cornwall, Dr. F.R. Lala,
Cornwall, Dr. Gilles Laferriere,
Cornwall, Dr. Brian Young
Etobicoke, Dr. Marketa Olah, 6 Beamish Dr. 
Fort Erie, Dr. Patricia Teal;
Georgetown, Dr Abdul Malik, Unit 106 - 99 Sinclair Av, ON L7G-5G1
Hamilton, Dr. Yar;
Lindsay, Dr. P.L. Anderson
Lindsay, Dr. Eric Ready;
London, Dr. Diane Hawthorne;
Moose Creek: Dr. Daniel Lacroix
Oakville, Dr. Samy Beshay
Oakville, Dr. Amany Makar
Port Colborne, Dr. Proulx
St. Catherines, Dr. G. Fitzpatrick;
St. Catherines, Dr. Henry;
Windsor, Dr. Ahmed Zhaker;
Hawkesbury, Dr. Landa;
Kingston Dr. Elizabeth Grier 
Kitchener, Dr. Szozda
Malton, Dr. Scott Morehouse,
Niagara Falls, Dr. J. Gill;
Oshawa, Dr. Lorne Stephen
Peterborough, Dr. D. O'Hara;
Port Perry, Dr. Gordon Mercer;
Richmond Hill, Dr. Joel Eisen;
Sarnia, Dr. Ajayi-Obe;
Scarborough, Dr. Bobby Esbin,
St. Catharines, Dr. Waler,
Sudbury, Dr. MaCalum;
Thorold, Dr. Geoff Sinton;
Thunder Bay, Dr. W. Fidler;
Thunder Bay, Dr. N. Krupa;
Toronto, Dr. Jacques H. Dubins;
Toronto, Dr. David Hill;
Toronto, Dr. Mary MacDonald;
Welland, Dr. De Wet;
Welland, Dr. O'Donnell;
Windsor, Dr. Viel;
Windsor, Dr. Chuck Smith;
Windsor, Dr. Patrick Smith;
Windsor, Dr. Viel;
Dr. Francois Theoret;

Boisbriand, Dr. Suzanne Lalonde;

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